Monday, July 10, 2006

Rosario, DSL and Other Files

Mr. Paquiao (sp?) is getting a whole lot stand offish lately. I think his head's bloating from all his wads of cash.

Why can't he just suck in his gut and just say that "Yeah, that hurt a bit." instead of that "Wala yun. Parang nagtraining lang ako." Why can't he take a page out of that popular Filipino boxer of bygone years who uttered: "I just got luck [sic]" followed by a toothless grin.

Manny, just so you'd know, humility pays a lot more dividends in the long run than your cheesy product endorsements.


Roan (or as her alter ego, Donita Rosario) is the older sister I never had. I met her in the office just last year. She was this very outspoken lady who is always in the center of attention. At first, I didn't think we would jive because everytime I see her she's with her "posse" of "anak-anakans". I, for one, am not really into those games people "play" wherein just because somebody's a bit older than them, they call them kuya/ate, or gasp, even nanay/tatay. I don't see anyone in brackets. I just tend to see them as what they are to me regardless of weight, age or whatever status.

When we were assigned to sit beside each other, we noticed we had the same tact. The same views. The same mindset. Most importantly, the same panache for verbally abusing a person behind their backs. In short, pareho kaming laitera. hehe. The first conversation we had started when we noticed this heinous outfiit of this other girl in our account. And the rest was history.

It came as no surprise that we have a common group of friends. She's a fag hag in every sense of the word. But more than that, as our friendship grew fonder, I learned that she's a proud mother of four, a loving wife of a very papa-licious husband and a very shrewed operator. She wouldn't let you down and if anyone is bearing down on you, expect her to come to your side. And boy, this girl talks the talk.

She taught me a lot of things. Lessons I'd treasure for the rest of my life. When my bestfriend Criselda left the company, I really thought that fate is unkind. However I was wrong. The muses are good to me. Loving people surround me.

We had a lot of happy moments together. We had a whole bunch of mischievous ploys that we managed to pull off. Just recently, she came upon a decision. She's leaving the company for greener pastures.

We all have to go our separate ways one time or the other. I'm just a lucky guy, I think, because life or that higher power up there always place me in collision with amazing individuals. It's twisted when I look at it this way, the more people pass by, the more I find myself and become better.

And the most comforting thing? Its that they don't really leave. They are just there. Spatial distance is the only thing separating us.

Time to move on again. Sis, you will be missed.


mydslI was just telling Macky (ang dyosa ng duhat) about the time I felt I was phone scammed. I was at home one early morning when I got this call from Charito, a supposed agent from PLDT who's selling me myDSL. At first I was hesitant, but then, being a veteran of phone pranks, I asked her a whole slew of technical questions and by george, she even had a mini lecture on what type of architecture they use.

If this was a scammer, she sure did her homework. The thing that made me go "I'm sold" is when she confirmed my dad's billing info (the phone line is in his name). Every damn detail. So I said, yeah I've been dying to get a fatpipe to handle my streams (read: porn, i mean, music, ebooks, vids, etc). She told me she was gonna drop by our house that afternoon to have me fill up a form. I just need to submit a copy of my dad's valid ID and a utility bill.

So I called up my dad to ask permission. He consented in the condition that I assure him I foot the bill. He gave me his SSS ID number and since I forgot to ask for a payslip, I got my bank statement number instead. Afternoon came and she still hasn't arrived. Then around 5pm, she called me and told me that she is stuck in a meeting and can't come anymore, but if I wanted I can just give her the information over the phone.

This was my GMA moment. Lapse of judgement when I gave her the info. Hastily, I might add, like a kid drooling for candy. Can you say I'm desperate for broadband?

And that was it. For 4 days, I didn't hear anything from her. Damn. I felt like such a buffoon. I should have raised the red flag when all of a sudden she can't come to my house. And in a little bout of lucidity, I remembered that little moment when she fudged up my Dad's name. She thought Daniel was his first name (the same thing I encounter each and everytime I fill up a document, people tell me that I got the First and Last name interchanged, which is usually met with a blistering retort from me like "I'm sorry if my last name doesn't reek like yours does." or something to that effect.)

4 days later I was trying to console myself into thinking that she can't do anything with my bank statement number, because, hello, its just a statement number and as for my dad's SSS id: this isn't the U.S of A. where your whole life can be stolen just by knowing this. The most they can do with is is steal his monthly contributions. Which I even doubt is possible. However I had to suffer the barrage of my mom's nagging asking me how can I be such a numbskull to fall for this.

But on the 5th day?

I came home, my mom, who has this ridiculous grin on her face, called me to the room where we have the PC, and told me to type in any multimedia intensive site. Ok, so I went along. I typed in (which is a daily bible for me). And for something that took a day and a half to load on 56k (try jumping to that site right now), it took an amazing 10 seconds! Cool. We're hooked up.

"They came to connect it a while ago." she said (in my mind, with a toothless grin).

If you may excuse me, I have some internet loving to do. :)


House DvdOh, and the moral lesson of this story of this is: there is more good in people than we would want to believe.
Kinda like that episode of House wherein Dr. House, in his usual cynical self wanted to have his senator patient (who's running for President) 'fess up to being gay because he's got AIDS. To rub salt to the injury, imagine being forced on your deathbed to 'fess up to something you're not. It turned out his patient was telling the truth and he was just relapsing from a rare form of chemical toxicity. This caused the bitter cynic to have a change of view about how he deals with people.

Darn it, why can't they make more of these shows?

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