Friday, July 14, 2006

Moments Like These

I'm at your back door
with the earth of a hundred nations in my skin
you won't recognize me
for the light in my eyes is strange

it was years ago, god knows
when you strained to tell me your whole truth
that you were not mine to save
that you could not change

carry the weight
i'll carry the weight of you this time
carry the weight
i'll carry the weight of you

would it be enough to go by
if we could sail on the wind and the dark

cut those chains in the middle of the night
that had you pulled apart

would it be enough to go by
if there's moonlight pulling the tide
would it be enough to live on
if my love could keep you alive

i've built a lot of castles
i've built a lot of blazing speed-of-light machines
but it doesn't matter, you know
they all crumble in the winds of change

so i turned back to breathing
i learned a few good reasons to cry
and i finally called home
praying you weren't out of range

so will you let me come in
mosquitoes have found me
and they're crowding 'round my blood
at least offer me a drink
or a breaking of the ice
i'm wanting your anger
i only want to see if i can
shake you out of sleep
and bring you out under this flooded sky

at any price

so carry the weight
carry the weight of me in your heart
carry the weight
carry the weight of me

would it be enough to go by
if we could sail on the wind and the dark
cut those chains in the middle of the night
that had you pulled apart

would it be enough to go by
if there's moonlight pulling the tide
would it be enough to live on
if my love could keep you alive

~Enough To Go By
Vienna Teng


Raining profusely. Our roof had sprung a few leaks here and there. The wind howls outside my window, almost eerily like a wailing child wanting to be let in. Lucky I have my pillow to keep me warm.

I haven't been out of the house for a week now. If you don't count accompanying my mom to the Mall Of Asia (which is literally a few steps outside my door) for a round of bingo, then I haven't been out for 2 weeks. To me feels like a year.

Don't you just love and hate the rain in equal proportions?


Let me just say, I LOVE BROADBAND!

I've been satisfying my online cravings for the past few days. As a matter of fact, I think I'm running out of Hard Drive space. My music files are filled to the brim, the porn is unrelenting, the missing ebooks now found, and the movies are streaming lightning fast. [tee hee I just said porn somewhere up there.]

Heck, I might even turn this into a profitable venture. The black market is always a viable option. :)


My mom and I was happily traipsing thru the mall when several meters away, we saw someone wearing a shirt that's identical to a shirt my dad has. He has my dad's gait, my dad's hair and they even have the same semi bulging waistline (although, he's not guapo). He was holding hands with this bimbo and obviously they went a-shopping.

I asked my mom as a jest, what if it was really my dad and his slutty mistress that we bumped into, what would she do?

Her response?

In a jocular tone "Oh I don't mind. I would just look at the bitch from head to toe then just walk ahead. He just better call it even when the time comes and he catches me in the arms of a man of my own."

You go Ma! hehe. Why get mad, right? Get even.

I don't really mind, my sisters and I are all mature enough to realize that there comes a point wherein we have to accept things like this. I'd rather have a blushing, blooming mother who's genuinely happy than an emaciated, bleeding heart wimp who's rending her clothes and hair in bitterness. There's no use wallowing in despair. Drama is for those who can't.

If men can do it, women can too.

That's why I went un-straight.


Yesterday, I was in the kitchen, cooking up another recipe of mine. Whoever thought that a mishap could turn out to be majorly delicious?

Taking a page out of br0wn_c0w's cooking misadventure, I was attempting a beef stew with subtle Japanese-sorta-like-terriyaki flavor topped with buttered mushrooms.

I marinated the sirloin in my own blend of secret ingredients (well, mostly hard to look for spices) and then prepared the buttered mushrooms on the side. I left the beef in boil because I wanted to bring out the broth.

However, as I was waiting it, I was distracted by this show on Jack TV. 25 minutes later, our maid ran to the kitchen panicking coz she knows the beef is burning.

I ran like a crazy fool and found out that it didn't really burn. Just a bit singed on the sides because the broth had either evaporated or had been absorbed. Its something akin to being fried and grilled at the same time.

I know, its weird. But then with the sauce and spices all absorbed, it has this really garlicky, sorta steak like taste to it.

The household gobbled it up. They were asking me what it is. I told them I don't know yet. I'm still coming up with a name.

Next time, I'm going for a "controlled" burn. hehe.

[Music of the Moment: Waking Hour - Vienna Teng]
[Mood: busog]


At 5:42 PM, Blogger markus said...

Ei ei! New look! 'Been a while!, what's up?

At 8:06 AM, Blogger Jot-jot said...

eist..isang magandang look ulit...nice colors..oo nga eh ulan ng ulan this past few days..masarap sana gumala..kaso nawawalan ako ng pera kasi walang pasok nung monday at tuesday..kaya yun..exacto na lnag allownce ko ng wednesdat.wala ng panggala tlga...1st time ko mag MOA last sunday..masaya naman..malaki..heheh

At 4:51 PM, Blogger Lyka Bergen said...

Bongga ang mama mo! Ang taray! Lyk ko sya!

At 7:32 PM, Blogger dakuykoy said...

oo nga.. bago na pala.. hehe.. ambilis mag-load ng page!

At 4:14 PM, Blogger migs, the manila gay guy said...

wow your mom's soooo cool! sana ganyan din si mama! magpa-parlor kami together! hahaha... nice blog by the way. i enjoy your writing! mwah!

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