Sunday, July 02, 2006

Look! In the Sky, Its a, Its a, Its...

Brandon Routh's crotch!

crotch withheld for the kiddies

Haha. First blog entry in quite a while and I'm already oogling crotches. I'm sorry blog baby.

Went out with Ian yesterday to catch Superman Returns at the Promenade in Greenhills (still the best cinema for me). We were supposed to watch it at the Gateway in the Globe Theater. You know, the Lazy-Boy cinema. However by some stupid design, they do not have seats available for walk in customers because apparently, its been sold out -for the whole week- through online reservations. That wouldn't be as dumb if they could actually be sure that these reservations would be occupied. Why not take only a certain percentage for reservations, then the rest for walk ins? I think the concept eludes their brilliant minds.

So in frustration we decided to rush off to 'used to be ghetto, now soullessly-spanking new" Greenhills to watch it at the Promenade instead. But before that we dropped by at Taco Bell to grab some munchies. I don't get why America's so gaga over it. Its not that good. Add the fact that you would have to have a disposition of shamelessness because eating it so damn messy.


And so it happened. One of the things I've been fearing.

My bestfriend just made me a godfather.

A PRINCIPAL one at that.

I've always been on the defensive side whenever conversations between me and my friends (who will be having children) goes into the, ahem, extended family category. I tell them offhand that they shouldn't bother inviting me because I'll be the worst ninong ever.

Theres an old midwives tale that its bad luck to refuse. So by asking them not to invite me equates to not refusing, then its a win-win situation, right?

But dang, she's my bestfriend. And she's got the cutest baby on the face of this planet. Shiloh Nouvell Jolie - Pitt who?


Superman was good.

No cancel that, it was satisfyingly good. It was grand in all the right places. And no, I'm not talking about Brandon Routh's physique.

Its definitely one of the better movies of the year but its not perfect.

I reaaaaly love Kevin Spacey, however his role as Luthor is soooo unnecessary. Heck, he is not even villanous, just plain crazy. What a pity because Spacey can give so much more. His character must be the dumbest villain ever with the most idiotically contrived world domination plan. I won't spoil what it is, but bottomline is, its just plain assinine.

Ok, this can't be avoided. Let me ask this:
==spoiler alert, stop reading if you don't want me to mess it up for you==

Although I didn't see the "Lois got pregnant with Clark's baby thing" coming (mainly because, its one of those unnecessary plotlines), I feel that its just so tacked on. Executives must have thought that just the Man of Steel alone doesn't equate to profitable sequels. There should also be a Son of Steel! Barf.

That aside, I really enjoyed the rest of the movie. Bryan Singer makes amazing action sequences. And the movie is all about the emotions set forth by the characters. He brings Superman closer to home by showing his vulnerable side, his humanity. I really like the hospital thing.

Oh and Cyclops (James Marsden) was killed in X-Men 3 because he jumped ship! heheh. Although he's a babe himself, in this movie, he looks an average joe when he's beside the greek god Brandon.


This bothers me:
What brand of hairspray (or in his case, hair CEMENT) does Superman use to preserve that "kiss me" (that curl in the middle)?

He got banged up, stabbed, fell from dizzying heights and its still perfectly curled.

Its virtually indestructible.


Greenhills is a mutant. Its half new, half Bohemia. I just found out yesterday that there's still a portion of old Greenhills tucked away in the seams. That alone gladdens my heart.

[Music of the Moment: Blue - Joni Mitchell ]
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