Monday, July 10, 2006

Get Together

Seen this vid?
fancy no?

Eventhough I'm not digging the granny Madonna vibe, I like how this video looked. Very doobie-induced-nirvana-kinda-retro-ey and I love, love, love the colors. Amazing. Makes me wanna make one of my own. Or implement it on my blog layout/

And you gotta admit, 20 years were taken off Maddona's face. Well, since all you see is effects and all.

Props to the producer of this vid.


Ok, Madonna fans, start defending:

"[Inspiration] is about paying attention. For instance, I saw David LaChappelle's movie Rize, and it has incredible dancers in it. I found out who the dancers were and put them in my next video. I have an insatiable hunger and curiosity to find out about new things. Inevitably those things find their way into my work. I think that's what we all do as artists and creative people: We're all plagiarizing!"

- Madonna tells the new issue of U.S. OK! magazine.

Ahaha. So she finally admits it.


In a crazy fit, Donita Rosario and I went to SM Mall of Asia for a day of gallivanting and pigging out. As I blogged before, she's moving to a different company. Its that little well known company owned by that little known billionaire, Michael Dell. Yup. Small time.

For anyone who's not yet aware, their office is located on the entire 2nd floor on the North Wing of SM Mall of Asia. Its huge, I tell yah. However, I've always been put off by the idea of having your office situated inside a mall but M.O.A. is a different story.

We went there on the pretext of availing the freebie of Dell to their employees: free tickets to the IMAX showing of Superman Returns. You read that right, I-freaking-MAX! Lucky bastards.

Actually, I've seen the movie already and since Roan - I mean Donita - is not a fan of the silver screen, we decided to just spend the day rummaging the mall. We gave the ticket to her hubby, Marvin who happily obliged.

Since this is Donita's first time in the mall, I toured her around. And boy, our feet wanted to bitch slap us for making them walk to death. Donita kept on asking "are we there yet?" hehe.

One thing about M.O.A. that can never ever be rivaled by other malls? The seaside al fresco restaurants. If you're not really scrimping on your budget, then its got a whole slew of ritzy establishments set in a perfect location. I can imagine seats will be as rare as honest politicians here during the late afternoons, especially during sunset. Perfect date place.

And since I didn't want to go overboard in spending we just headed to the most affordable resto we can find, Gerry's Grill. When we went in, it was still 11am yet its almost at full capacity. You know one thing I hate when dining out? Waiters/waitress suggesting where you sit. I mean, I know they have to factor in the possibility that others would come in, 'but I'm here, right now, nobody else is still occupying that seat, and I want it.' That doesn't sound unreasonable, does it? I know, I'm a brat. But hey, its a window seat, so back off.

Anyway, the food was great. Pusit, Bicol Express, veggies, crab rice...yum! Of course the chizmis session can not be far behind. Pigged out on food and mongering. hehehe.

Looking forward to our next session here. There's like a bazillion restos more. :)

[Music of the Moment: no, definitely not Madonna. Slow Down - Morcheeba]
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