Thursday, June 15, 2006

He's Out


Spiderman outs himself to the press
In the latest edition of the Marvel comic "Civil War" on sale, Spiderman does the unthinkable and removes his Spidey mask to publicly reveal his hidden identity.

"I'm proud of who I am, and I'm here right now to prove it," the legendary webslinger tells a press conference called in New York's Times Square, before pulling off his mask and standing before the massed ranks of reporters as newspaper photographer Peter Parker.


Unheard of. Well, in the DC universe that is. Although I'm more of a Marvel geek, this is a gargantuan event in any series. Ok, dork mode off.

I'm rushing to the store (or online) to have myself a copy of this series:

Civil War

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Monday, June 12, 2006

What Holiday?

For all its worth: Happy Independence Day.

Yup. No exclamation point there.

Pero ito ang tanong:
Kelan tayo makakalaya sa mga manlulupig na nagmumula mismo sa ating bansa?

Bihag ng sariling mga suwail na anak. Nakakalungkot.


Hay. Kahit na ganun, life goes on.

I found this amusing piece of work online.

Gives a whole new spin to "Sugod mga kapatid", doesn't it?


Man, I'm so psyched for the Playstation 3 (linkify). If things go well for me, I'm gonna have this baby by early next year. Oh, and as well as that 1080 progressive scan plasma tv I've been saving up for. ;)


Really sorry now,
They weren't to know.
They got caught up in your talent show,
With you pernickety little bastards in your fancy dress,
Who just judge each other and try to impress,
But they couldn't escape from you,
Couldn't be free of you,
And now they know there's no way out,
And they're really sorry now for what they've done,
They were three Wise Men just trying to have some fun.

Look who's alone now.

Mr. Blunt, you are indeed, a piece of work. :)

I'm working on my new blog layout. Yup. The fourth one. I'm planning on having a different version for my Blogger, Blurty and Livejournal. Theme of the quarter? Its blue. Royal, cool, and seductive blue.


Rumor mill:
Zsa Zsa Zaturnah related. It seems that with all the hoopla about the casting, it seems that there is a silver lining. Rustom Padilla is now back in the running as Ada. I'm not 100% sure with him, but the thing is, he could make the movie interesting and a definite box office hit. Why? Because people would flock to see his coming out role.

I think he can pull it off. And no, I don't have any shred of hate for him with that whole "using Big Brother as a launching pad" thing. Its a double edged sword, if he doesn't come out, people will hound him with rumors until his gray fairy days. But when he braves the odd, people will call him pretentious, hypocritical, and whatever mud they could throw to him. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. I feel for him on this.

Eventhough the new director is relatively a step down from the original one, it doesn't hurt to hope that it pans out for the best right?

However I would always say this time and time again. Walang panama yang si Kris Aquino, si Ruffa Mae, si Zsa Zsa Padilla, heck to some extent even Eula Valdez, sa manok ko:

Melanie Marquez as Zsa Zsa.

AMAZONIC (which is verrrry important to the role)

and last but definitely THE MOST:
Bakla to the bazillionth power.

Join me in my campaign. :)

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dakota, Clark and Me


Terri Hatcher will voice the mother and the "other" mother. I'm not much into her, it should have been Michelle Pfiefer as initially casted, but Neil said she'll be doing Stardust (another Gaiman work) so I'm not complaining.

Dakota Fanning would be perfect for Coraline.

I sooooo excited.
Oh and for Gaiman haters out there, I'll be more than willing to lend you my entire collection.
Know his works first before you criticize.


In other news:
Idol Fever had reached these shores.
I don't think it would be such a big hit at first but Philippine/Pinoy Idol seems interesting.

I just don't know what were they thinking when they were casting the judges though:

Ryan Cayabyab - a big OK for me. Much respect for this man.
Pilita Corales - WTfandango? Isn't she 100 years old now? Ok so maybe old people can get away with any comment they can think of, but come on. I always felt that Dessa is perfect for this.
Francis Magallona - ooo..mmmm...gggg. Now I'm lost on what they are trying to prove. If he so much as utters one "We got a hot one tonight" I'm gonna strangle some random monkey.

Nevertheless, the Idol honchos gave the nod to these people (the last two to be exact). Either they're making a huge mistake, or they know something we don't know.


Ano kayang feeling maging anak ni Brad at ni Angelina?

Ano kayang feeling na cygote ka pa lang, superstar ka na?

Ano kaya ang feeling ng you have in you the genes of the finest specimen of man and woman?

Ano kaya ang feeling na magkaroon ng United Colors of Jolie-tton na mga kapatid?

Ano kayang feeling pangalanang Shiloh Nouvel?

Hay. I guess, I'll never know.


I would like to send a shout out to my bobby.

He had just been promoted. Yup. Again.

Sa wakas, pwede ko nang maexperience ang buhay na tinatamasa ni Gretchen Baretto. (choz)

Me = beaming proud.


My tito just came from Canada (where the whole year, its winter). And he gained a lot of weight. (peace)

He brought us lotsa chocolates. Pero bat ganun, kahit lumamon ako ng sandamakmak, pag nagcheck ako ng timbang, ganun pa rin? Am I perpetually cursed to be patpatin? (well, not really patpat, but you get the point) Ayoko namang maging kapatid sa pananampalataya si Nicole Richie.

Anyways, he brought us something that instantly became my newest obsession: Truffle chocolate. Ang chocolate na hindi pang tropical country. You could literally see it melt in front of your eyes if you just take it out of the freezer and expose it to room temperature (read: room temperature ng 'Pinas).

Ang bango niya talaga. At nakaka gigil. I didn't notice that I was finishing an entire pack already. When this runs out, I swear I will be hunting all the supermarkets here in the Metro for anything similar to it.


I've always known that X-Men will flop. Well, quality wise, that is. Bratner could never fill Singer's shoes. No matter how much it earns, its still a flop in my eyes.

Virtually every single character development the previous director set was replaced by irrelevant character cameos and visually stunning, substance lacking effects.

Dark Phoenix, latent powers of Jean? Puh-leease. The bastardization of all things Marvel.

I'd rather have one character fleshed out than a plethora of soulless drones who make you go ooh one second and meh the other..

Here's waiting for Superman.


Take this love and let the night begin
(I want to give it all to you)
Time for you to show the way you feel
(You know how long I've waited)
I need a reason, a meaning in my life
So open up and take this love tonight

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