Friday, May 19, 2006

Kay Lamig

Apple just opened its ultra posh store in Manhattan. Imagine a full store of only Apple. Next to Sony, they're my favorite tech maker. Now if I only got that damn visa approved, I'd be hopping on the next flight out. Oh well, gotta wait a few more centuries.

"I don't know...its got too many windows." gahahah get it!? not funny? oh ok..suck rotten cantaloupes.


Don't you just love it when you're snuggling in this nippy weather? I hate the rain when I'm outside because ruins any plan, but when I'm at home, give me a thousand nights of it.


I love my mom. I love my sisters. I love Junjun (ang askal na sosyal). Thank you for giving me daily bouts of craziness.


Speaking of Junjun (ang askal na sosyal), my mom and I had an itty bitty row the other day. I was aghast with the infestation of bubwits (mini rodents) so I wanted to buy one of those rat poisons that come in rainbow colors (dont ask). Mom cut me off because she inferred that these deadly pellets blind first before poisoning hence the teeny buggers look for the light and die. She says Junjun (the askel na sosyel) might mistake them for food and end up getting poisoned too.

To think that the digusting little rodents are there because of Junjun (A.A.N.S) to begin with! What with all his food stuff lying every single nook and cranny of the house. So frustrating.

Pero ok na kami ni ma. We compromised. We got those archaic mouse traps set up. (as if naman gagana)


Most of my officemates are being pirated by that little known company called, ahem, Dell. And most of them are taking the bite. With offers like that? Who in their right minds wouldn't?

Hmmm...ako kaya? Evil snickers.


Ang hindi pumunta sa opening ng SM Mall Of Asia sa Sunday liliit ang boobs. (o pututuy)

[Music of the Moment: Parce qu'on vient de loin - Coneille ]
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