Friday, May 26, 2006

Idol's Final

Sa wakas, somebody I rooted for won American Idol. :)


SM Mall of Asia is an amazing piece of infrastructure. Hiningal talaga ako (which is rare) just walking inside. Pictures to come up in a few. Di ko pa ma upload e.


Btw, speaking of Mall of Asia, everything else is great, but the IMAX theater is a gi-normous let down. Sabi na hindi ako maniniwala sa mga chizms na 8 floors to e. Make that 1/8 of that! Siryoso. At hindi pa widescreen! Coming from a videophile, thats a huge insult. Add to the fact that the screen has this horrible viewing angle. It makes some parts of the whole picture unintentionally dark. Sobrang letdown talaga.

So I guess, the Gateway (Lazyboy cinema) and the Promenade Cinemas still top my list of the best here in the Metro.


A.I. related:

Although, I can't say its perfect, the finale packed so much punch. From the start, I knew that my boy Taylor would be taking home the crown, however the intermissions were surprisingly good.

Let me just give my highlights:

-Al Jarreau performed with Paris! Who kidnapped the squeaky voiced kid and replaced it with this power belter? I love her in that performance.

-A humongous WTF???!! at Meatloaf! He is the personification of a HAM singer. Whats with the eerie vibrato? The histrionic? And then Katherine comes in. WTF.

-Wolfgang Puck and Kelly Pickler clicked. And for the first time, I actually laughed with Kelly (not: at) :)

-Chris had this duet with his favorite band. Classic moment: Chris and Ed Kowalczyk (the lead singer) looked at each other and sang "It's a mystery, how you turn me on." hahahahhaha. Bald (semi) hot dudes going at it.

-Toni Braxton (remember her? no? well me too...almost) trying hard to still come off as sexy. Someone should give this girl her career back.

-Brokenote Mountain montage. At the start of the season, I was rooting for this cute cowboy. Well, he got booted off early on, but he got his chance to perform. Adorable.

-Golden Idols? Its completely irrelevant. Its not even funny. Although they used it to segue to the wannabes performing onstage

-Ohmay gowd, Clay Aiken looks like KD Lang! ahahah. The look on the wannabe Clay's face was priceless. That or that wannabe is just a damn good actor.

-Clay is sooooooo gay. And whats up with his eyes? It like you cant see the orbs, because all you see is black. Creeeeeeeeeeepy!

-Group performances! The guys were damn hot in their tux and the ladies' "let's sing every god damn song with the word W-O-M-A-N in it" was, in the very least, worthwhile.

-Mandisa. Make that MANDISA. Her stylist must be really, really mad at her. Tight fitting pants? However her voice is just amazing.

-Burt Bacharach! Classic act.

-Lemme qoute my friend: Kevin Covais singing "What's New Pussycat" was almost as hysterical as Clay Aiken's hair.

-Elliot's A House Is Not A Home is fantastic. I thought Anwar would be forever my fave, but I guess E just does it better. Such control in his upper registers. I love this guy. He should have made it.

-Why was David Hasselhoff crying in the audience? That was so... random.

-Another Elliot moment: singing One (that song from U2) with Mary J Blige (who apparently would not allow anyone to upstage her). Mary, dear, its not your show, nevertheless, you hogged it. Nevertheless, I could have stopped watching and it would be complete.

-And then Ryan Seacrest comes up ready to announce the winner and that the total tally of votes, yadda yadda yadd---oh snaps! Its Prince! (he has supernaturally retained his look from 1987.) And so funny, after his performance he just strutted off the stage, immediately. Without even acknowleding Ryan. What a Divo. Hahah.

-Oh and yeah, Taylor won!

Overall, this was the best finals ever. And I mean how the show was handled, not necessarily the finalist. Useless fillers were kept at a minimum. And the pacing was good. I would have wanted Elliot to be up there, though. But Taylor is still unique and most importantly: FUN. So its ok, I guess.


My friend Ron surprised me the other day. The bitch (as well as his posse) is in Boracay. If I didn't have work, I would have hopped on the next flight outta the city.


Friday na naman! Wahoo!

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