Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bakasyon Grande/ Coming And Going

Can you imagine fetching $95.2 million for this?

Dora Maar with cat

Second most expensive painting sold - ever.
Picasso (1881-1973) must have been a genius, or a fool with a brush with a copious amount of luck.


I've been on vacation since Thursday last week.
6 unadulterated days of pure R&R.
This is the life.

Oh yeah, and its paid.


Goodbye, Candy. You will always have a special place in my heart. Our days in the office are memories worth keeping.

Goodluck in Dubai. May you find an oasis in the fair sands of the desert.

I will miss you a lot. And you better keep in touch.


Candy had her despedida last Sunday. It was so much fun. The (almost) entire cast of my officemates were there.

When we were heading out to Candy's place in Cavite, my friend Ross decided to bring her Magic Sing just for kicks. When we got there, what do we see?

A videoke machine, rented out for the whole day.

It was a riot. Francis even managed to bang up one of the microphones.


Welcome to the world, Alexi Dominique Abalos.
My Bestfriend Forever, Cris just gave birth to a bouncing baby.

And lucky for baby Alexi because the goodfornothing father, what he lacks in the grey matter department, he more than makes up for it in the looks.

Amazingly, Alexi is such a beautiful child.

It is in my sincerest hopes that you take after your mother's intelligence.

Shit, I can see myself as your future stage godfather, egging you on in every contest that you'll be joining. :)


I'm back to work. Blech. hehe.


Oh and just in case you're curious as to what is the most expensive painting ever sold, its this:

Boy with a Pipe

Sold for $104.2 million.
5 freakin billion pesosesoses!

Guess who's the artist?

Yup. Picasso.


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