Friday, April 07, 2006

Stereotyping Pinoy / Summer Time

So, I was just surfing a while ago, you know the usual stuff online. And like the majority of people in the queendom of the Philippines, my first page goes to And guess what?

We're still brown monkeys to them. Whoopeedo. I didn't see that coming. [/end sarcasm].

Yeah yeah, maybe I'm reading in between the lines a little bit too much, but whatever.

Shame on you, Yahoo.

Oh and to rub salt to the injury, them smart 'uns at Yahoo thought of coming up with a game. I'll give you one good guess what's it about.


Food Tip:
If you're hungry and have a wee bit of money to splurge with, haul your fat (or skinny) ass over to FUZION. I know theres one in every mall, but go try the one in Greenbelt 3. Its Fab, Fab, Fab. They have this lounge area with huge chaise sofas. I had a light yet hearty meal with Miss Ronald (hahah, the uber diva) last Wednesday. Their food is scrumptious and the smoothies are divine, albeit a bit pricy.


Its summer already and I still don't have any concrete plans on where to go. I initially wanted to go back to Boracay on the last week of April, however everyone I know backed out at the last minute. I could do it commando mode again however, I don't think I'm feeling the vibe.

Then there's Roan who invited me to go to Cagayan de Oro (hello Camiguin!!). New place for me. Sounds interesting.

Hay. Basta, I need a break.

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At 8:12 AM, Blogger sky said...

kung tarsier man lang sana, matatanggap ko pa. hehe.


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