Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Night At PETA/ Zsa Zsa is Love

We arrived at the PETA theater 2 hours earlier than the curtain call. Can you say excited? Hahah. Syempre bukana pa lang ng Theater laman na the whole rainbow of sexual orientations. Mga hetero, mga baklitas, mga pamhin, mga lesbis. The whole gamut. Alam mo na what to expect.

I've come across Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah over a year ago. Actually, it was a curiosity pa lang sa National Bookstore. Nung una akala ko bagong komiks series na Darna rip-off lang. Yeah it was, in a way. However, the twist is the stone fell in the manicured hands of Ada, ang baklitang probinsyana.

I didn't really know what to expect. Ian, however knew the story by heart. So kahit papano someone was able to fill me in.

Pasaway ako nung dumating kami sa theater. Pumasok na kami wala pang tao at all. haha. Pero na shock ako kasi super liit ng stage. As in parang pang Vagina Monologues lang. Yun nga lang medyo may slight difference, may mini walkway siya sa gitna. Sort of like something for rampmodels. Shempre una kong tanong, how can they pull it off?

After the show I was so much in awe. Hindi mo mafi feel ang limitation ng stage, because these actors really know how to work it.

For those not familiar, Zsa zsa turns into a literal wonder WOMAN when he gulps down the magical stone (a humongous one, at that). And I was so much impressed with Eula Valdez. Its like I had a newfound devotion to her. Definitely an upcoming gay icon, if she isn't one yet. She's so alluring, so natural in her acting skills, so convincing and most importantly, she can literally sing her butt off. And take note, hindi basta basta ang boses niya.


The PETA theater was abuzz with laughter throughout the entire performance. I don't want to spoil the surprises for those who are yet to see ze muzekal. It takes roughly 3 hours from beginning to end. And in that time, you'll be regalled by topnotch Filipino performances. Watch out for Didi. She steals the show sometimes. Watch out for Wilma Doesnt. So funny. For Dodong's nipples, for the baklang zombies, the Ate Vi, Ate Shawi, Ate Nora, Ate Dina subordinates, For Maru and her interminable British accent. And definitely watch out for Eula.

If theres anything I can fault Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah ze Musekal is the fact that -although the melody and the words are very upbeat, poignant and uberly gay - the songs doesn't leave you with that "stuck in your head" feeling after the show. I didn't get the or the "I Dream A Dream ala Les Mis", the "All I Ask Of You ala P.O.T.O. or"Seasons of Love ala Rent" feeling. You know, the "I'm still humming it a few days later" vibe.

That or maybe I should see it again, or buy the soundtrack. Whichever comes first. :)

Nevertheless, its so much fun.


I therefore conclude na kapag hindi ka maputi, wag na wag kang tatabi kay Eula Valdez sa picture para hindi ka mag mukhang katulong. Take it from me. Promise, masakit sa damdamin. Pero kinakailangan ko ng token shot with her. hehe.

Mahal ko na siya.


What are you waiting for? There are still 3 or 4 performances left! Hurry. Click on the banner above. Don't miss this.

And bob, thanks for giving me this night. ;)

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Monday, April 24, 2006


You just have to see it to believe the hype.

It was so much worth the price of admission.

blury pic for now. I'm uploading my pics from my phone and finishing up on my write up.

Ah basta, love ko si Ada, si Didi, at higit sa lahat si Eula/Zsa Zsa! Panalo!!!!


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Monday, April 17, 2006

Holy Weak?

The Lenten Season just passed me by. Can you imagine I have to go to work last Thursday and Friday? Oh well, I'm not complaining for they paid me double for each day. (Wahoo)


Happy Easter everyone! Speaking of new leases on life:

Doesn't she look lovely? You go, girl!
(And I love her and her music WAY better than "Momma Popstar's")


Last Friday, I had a "slumber" party with the girls. Miss diva of all diva gays Ron "Beronce" Knowles-Lopez invited us to his posh Paseo Park View Condo for a night of utter faggotry. hehe. It was so much fun. I brought a ton of DVDs, diva CDs, my PSP and my PS2. Lemme just sum it up in 4 words: it was a blast!

Ron, who just arrived from the land of milk and honey (specifically, New York!) was such a fabulous host-ess. Eventhough we hit a few snags before the party (ie, Pau backed out because he had to stick with his Val - rolls eyes-.)

We gorged on a ton of pizza and ice cream, made chika till the morning light, and was supposed to have a night swim that turned into a day affair. hehe. hay panalo talaga.

Nakaka nosebleed lang talaga si Ron kasi naman ang bruha hindi makapagsalita ng kahit isang tagalog word (well, maybe you can count "Diba?" with a slang. hehehe). Sa sobrang nosebleed ko, hindi na bleed: Nose Clot na. hahahahah. Todo todong inglisan ito.

At siyempre ang lolah mo, lumaki sa ghetto D.C., ang bunganga parang 10 black women combined in one. Nakakatuwa kasi, if you don't know her,este him you'd be running for your life if you happen to cross him. There was this one point in the night when they were playing, uhm, dress up when he asked us if by wearing violet he looks like a grapefruit. Ang lokang Junville humirit ba naman, "Oh honey no. You look more like a huge plum!" Omg, ang lolah mo nanlisik ang mata at nagbungangaan sila to the highest heavens. Di ko kinaya. Hahah.

Alam mo yung kasabihan na you meet people for a reason. Here I made a friend who's way of thinking is a huge 180 degrees from mine. People who grew up in the States have this overpowering level of assertiveness and self-confidence, that if you're really weak of heart, baka isuka mo na siya. Pero at the same time, he's very inspiring. He grew up in his community as the only plus sized (as he wants to be labeled) Asian boy...who happens to be as gay as the Queen of Fairytopia.


Guess what?

Not once...

Not twice....

BUT for the Third-freakin-time!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw RENT (again would be an understatement) ahahahahha.


I'm very exZited for Zaturday. :)

Zee you in LibiZ!

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Stereotyping Pinoy / Summer Time

So, I was just surfing a while ago, you know the usual stuff online. And like the majority of people in the queendom of the Philippines, my first page goes to And guess what?

We're still brown monkeys to them. Whoopeedo. I didn't see that coming. [/end sarcasm].

Yeah yeah, maybe I'm reading in between the lines a little bit too much, but whatever.

Shame on you, Yahoo.

Oh and to rub salt to the injury, them smart 'uns at Yahoo thought of coming up with a game. I'll give you one good guess what's it about.


Food Tip:
If you're hungry and have a wee bit of money to splurge with, haul your fat (or skinny) ass over to FUZION. I know theres one in every mall, but go try the one in Greenbelt 3. Its Fab, Fab, Fab. They have this lounge area with huge chaise sofas. I had a light yet hearty meal with Miss Ronald (hahah, the uber diva) last Wednesday. Their food is scrumptious and the smoothies are divine, albeit a bit pricy.


Its summer already and I still don't have any concrete plans on where to go. I initially wanted to go back to Boracay on the last week of April, however everyone I know backed out at the last minute. I could do it commando mode again however, I don't think I'm feeling the vibe.

Then there's Roan who invited me to go to Cagayan de Oro (hello Camiguin!!). New place for me. Sounds interesting.

Hay. Basta, I need a break.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Do You Have 525,600 Minutes To Spare?

I love, love, LOVE this film.

I know, its got a ton of divided reviews. But most of the dissing comes from the diehard critiques of the musical. I haven't seen it on Broadway, of course (I only have the DVD) but after seeing this adaptation, can you say: New York, here I come? hehe.

Well, in its core, its a barebones story that was a little bit ahead of its time. Nowadays, AIDS-themed films are but commonplace, but when this show was first shown on stage, it broke taboos.

Its Bohemian life and struggles less the glamourized look of Moulin Rouge. And its set in post modern 1989 in the seedy part of Manhattan.

Tom (er..) Collins , Angel, Mimi, Roger, Joanne, Maurice, Mark

Funny thing, I was SUCH a fanboy, that I was singing along in the audience every single time! And this guy beside me, who was so obviously a fag was trying so hard to restrain himself from breaking out into a song and he was looking at me like I'm the queenest of the queens. I don't care. Let him stay in his closet. I'm having fun. hahaha.

I just love the simplicity of the songs. Its nothing fancy, nor pretentious. And the melody was just so catchy. I'm more of the Les Mis, orchestra musical type, but I love the urban rock theme of the songs. It was such a welcome change.

My friend Paulo wanted to see Ice Age 2 last Saturday. Hell no, I wouldn't pay P160 just to see a 1 hour CGI that I could see for free on HBO a few months down the line. So Ian and I scurried away and saw this instead. Sorry Pau! hehe.

Rent = love. Go see.

Oh and for haters, eat me. hehe.


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