Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Misplaced Ideals

Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Stop it!
Bickering, conspiring, destabilizing...

What have we been hearing on the news over the past few days?
Nothing but utter rubbish.

Hindi lang identity wala ang bansang ito.

Lahat ng nasa kapangyarihan, naghihilahan.
Dito, doon, dito, doon.

Tayo naman, nagpapahila.

God give us a gigantic remote controller that, like shutting off the TV when there is nothing good to watch, can shut up the monkeys running the cogs of society.

Hindi na ba tayo makakatikim ng Golden Era?
Ang dami dami namang matatalino sa bansang ito. Bakit ganun?

Ang konti lang nilang mga naka upo kumpara sa atin, pero bakit ganun?

Whether the highest official in the land still has moral ascendancy to lead the people is no longer the question.

They should ask themselves, if they proceed with their plans: who will they crown as the successor? Will he/she be any better? Will he/she be as clean a slate as they would want us to believe?

A great man once said: "Let the one with no fault, cast the first stone."
I don't see any stones a-flying.

But these questions are but second string to this most important one:
Will this country move forward?


Yanno what ticks me off? People who say "po", like its some filler word.

Hindi naman ako naiinis dahil feeling ko matanda na ko, its just...the delivery itself.

Feeling niyo ba, nagiging cute kayo pag nag po-PO kayo?



At dahil nagparamdam ka in an almost mysterious way:

Shout out to one of my favorite Buckleys* who has gone AWOL.

Athan! I miss you, you bitch!!!!!

Bumalik ka na, buckley ka!!!!! hehe.

*Buckley = baklita. ;)

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