Thursday, February 16, 2006

Taken Away Too Soon

In Memoriam

Valentines came and went. A red letter day that had a different meaning to us working in Pe0pl3 Supp0rt. One of our colleagues died. Murdered.

Cliff. Its ironic that only now that I know that that is your name. The many months that we've been working together...

He is...was a Peer trainer in the other account. I've seen glimpses of him every once in a while. He's very hard to miss. Or rather yet, its hard to not give him a second glance.

The first time I saw you was over a year ago, back when we were still located in Phil Am building. Remember me? I was that boy who made puppy dog eyes to you. The first time I saw you, I lost the word I was about to say to a customer. You looked real good, with your hair slicked back so neatly and your get up that begged to be respected. I used to call you Yellow 4. You know why? All the instances that I saw you come up to our floor, you were wearing the same plaid polo (which is of course colored yellow, duh). Oo naman, alam ko nagpapalit ka ng damit no, pero nagkakataon lang talaga.

Cliff was an office heartthrob. Que babae, que lalake. He seems oblivious to this fact, which makes him all the more "crushable" to the lot. Admittedly, I went thru a phase. But I got over that several moons ago when I found out he has a girlfriend. I don't do straight guys. :)

I have to tell you this: I secretly wished you were gay. hehe. I even told some of my closest confidants that you were. I'm sorry.

I didn't intend this to be a eulogy, but I just want to have this posted for posterity.

Your death was extremely senseless. I pray that the perpetrator be put to justice.

Cliff, I hardly knew you. I wish I did. But as far as I can tell, you were a good son, a hardworking employee, a dedicated man, and a good person.

You added a dash of color to my days at work. For that,
I Thank you.

You will be missed.


[Music of the Moment: Goodbye's Not Forever - Ella Mae Saison/ Erik Santos ]
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