Monday, February 06, 2006

pop Culture


1. Budoy Marabiles - m16 ng samar (?)
2. Rudy Fernandez (not d actor)- iron man of asia (again another ?)
3. Keanna Reeves- kilabot ng senado (! oh lord, the freak show begineth!)
4. John Pratts- dance floor dynamite (kill me now)
5. Rustom Padilla - prodigal son of showbiz (syempre may token gay guy na naman. Uma deux)
6. Aleck Bovick - bombshell in distress (hay...)
7. Bianca Gonzales- y speaker of the hose (isang malaking CHECK!)
8. Christian Vasquez - hunk daddy (blech)
9. Angela Calina- wild flower (?)
10. Rico Robles - hearthrob dj (I think...nah, nevermind)
11. Gretchen Malalad- karate chick (?)
12. Roxanne Barcelo- divang kolehiyala (isang malaking YUCK)
13.Zanjoe Marudo- coverboy ng batangas (huh?)
14. Mich Dulce - lA FASHIONISTA (hmm...)

Pweh. I just puked in my mouth. Bat naman yang mga yan. Except for Bianca (coz intelligent girls rule), I don't give a a damn.


I would like to commend Channel 7 for having class in its treatment of the Ultra tragedy last Feb. 4. Less words, more sincerity.

Well, everyone except Joey de Leon (who, in his usual tactless nature, even had the guts to kid about those who met their untimely demise). Of course, I'm not surprised because I've half expected this of him. Oh well.


Bakit ba ang mga balikbayan, hindi maalis ang Achy Breaky Heart squaredance sa mga family gatherings?

Last Saturday was my lola's 80th b-day celebration (80!! can you imagine that?). And the theme was (hold your breath) Luau.

I had a blast though. And since I was in the "warm and fuzzy" family mood, I hopped in and joined the square dance. ahahah. Ang saya saya.

Ngayon ang mga paa ko ay na di L.D.S. (Last Dance Syndrome, kapatid ni L.S.S)


Can't wait for BareBrokeback Mountain! :)


Nag refresh na ang leave allotments namin. Happy days are here again!


Lemme just say this: I LOVE 6CYCLEMIND!!! Sige. Yun lang.


Last Friday I was at UST (bob's alma mater) to watch Mediartrix's (theater org) Les Miserables.

Props to the director and the rest of the ensemble. If anyone could unleash the inner faggot in me and make me sing in the audience all the timeless pieces (I've memorized them by heart) of this classic, then it must be something really good.

The young man playing Marius stole the show. Shet, baka nga magaling pa siya kay Michael Ball (I'm not exaggerating).

[Music of the Moment: Biglaan - 6cyclemind ]
[Mood: amourous ]


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