Friday, February 10, 2006

Numbers And Tyra

This is fun. Sorry Rej, I just had to take this.

She did not put the instructions, however it seems elementary. Just from the top of your head, list down 20 people. No need to think hard and deep. Just list them down in the order that they come in your mind. Then, answer the questions below. Here's mine.

1 Criselda
2 Ian
3 Becky Paolo
4 Paulo Suello
5 Mama Roan
6 Juhn Juhn
7 Macky
8 Martin
9 Roxanne
10 Mama
11 Joyce
12 Jackie
13 Jayzee
14 Celia
15 PsPko
16 Junville
17 Miko
18 Yneshca
19 Iza Calzado
20 god

1. How did you meet 13? (Jayzee) At the office. He used to be from Feople Suffort* (take that online spiders!) but he moved on to Citibank. He's my loloh.

2. What would you do if you have never met 5? (Mama Roan) She's a very wonderful woman. My days in the office would be a lot less colorful.

3. What do you honestly think of 10? (My mom) Mama ko? Well, I'm everything she is, and vice versa. We're so much alike, its eerie.

4. Would or did 19 and 8 date? (Martin and Iza) Hahaha. Hindi pwede! First of, si Iza Calzado ay ang dyosa ko (crush ko siya. Tipong I'd go definitely straight if given a girl like that). And secondly, Buckley si Martin! Through and through! He wouldn't touch a girl with a 10-foot pole. heheheh

5. Did you ever like 4? "like" in the romantic sense? (Paulo) Dati I like him, coz he fits the mold of my type. Pero not in the romantic way ha! Pagtingin lang. And since we're like the best of friends now, it can't be any better. (hoy pag nabasa mo to, wag ka na lang magreact! hahah).

6. Have you hooked up with anyone 1-20? #2 my bob. And I think, this may have been the very best thing I've done so far.

7. Would 2 and 11 make a good couple? (Joyce and Ian) No way. #2 is mine! hehehe. Sorry, Joyce!

8. Describe 7 in 3 words. (Macky) Sobrangfunny, sobrangmaitim, superfriendkosincewaywayback! ahahah.

9. Do you think 6 is hot? (aso ko) Oh my gaw! ahahha. Si Jhun Jhun? Ang sosyal na askal? ahahha. Definitely! He's sizzling hot!

10. would 1 and 16 make a lovely couple? (bex and JV) Criselda and Junville? oh, definitely. When pigs fly. hahaha. Junville wants bananas. :)

11. Tell me something humiliating about 16? (JV) He's the Hari/Reyna ng sablay. And just recently, JV, Pao and I had been held up - together. Now if that isn't humiliating, I don't know what is.

12. Do you know any of 3's family members? (Buckley Paolo) Good question. Actually, no. Well, I've heard about his older brother who was an ex-seminarian. Does that count?

13. Whats 20's favorite band? god? Its ME. And it plays angelically melodious on some dates and hellishly appalling on others. There are some meh days as well, but he always sticks around for the good ones.

14. On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 14? (celphone ko) Celia? She's a 9.6. However that rank fades over the months. Depreciation shit.. Pero definitely a 7610 is one of the cutest out right now.

15. What would you do if 15 just confessed his or her love to you? (Playstation Portable) I'd freak out, because inanimate objects can't profess love. Or maybe they can? (Psycho theme here)

16. What language does 19 speak? (Iza Calzado) Avisalla! Sheda! Pashneia! In short: Encantadian!

17.Who is 8 with? (Martin) Some beautiful boy I forgot the name of.

18. Does 9 get around? (sibling) Oh yes she does. My sister. From the same bark. 'nuff said.

19. Have 18 and 10 hooked up? (my mom and that dog) Hahah. This is getting funnieer and funnier. Of course not! He's Ian's dog!

20. How did you meet 15? (PSP) he arrived packed in a Balikbayan box. I asked for him from my Tita. Akala ko di siya kakagat e. Ayun, paguwi nila, spanking new electronics for yours truly.

21. When was the last time you talked to 12? (my girl, Jackie) Oh gawsh, like last century when men were still in camisa de chinos and ladies were in baro't saya!

22. What is 2's favorite band? (Ian) he has no favorite. Its all relative, he says. (or maybe a good answer to this would be me, on videoke night. hahaha)

23. Does 9 have any siblings? (Roxanne) Duh, diyosa kapatid niya. Ako. Choz. :)

24. Would you ever date 5? (Roan) No!!!!!!!!! Why? Kasi mamah ko siya sa office! hahaha.

25. Would you hook up with 13? (Jayzee) coincidentally, people had been asking us if we were ever together, coz it surely seems like it. But no. I'm not his type, he's not mine. But he's hot. :)

26. Is 11 single? (Joyce) Freshly.

27. What is 19's last name? (Amihan) Its not Calzado, malamang. I bet its something along the lines of Dimaano, Boborol, or something stinky.

28. Have you ever kissed 5? (Roan) Beso beso.

29. Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 3? (Paolo) haha. Ako ang official pimp niya, how can I have a relationship with him. On that note, he's 5'10, chinito, gwapo, muscular in all the right places and VERY available. Any takers?

30. How close are you to 18? (Yneshca) not at all. she, being a dog, who lives a hundred miles away and all.

31. What does 2 do for a living? (Ian) He's a supervisor in a callcenter in Makati, he's finishing up on his degree, and he's Derek's bobby.

32. Where does 17 live? (Miko) Ortigas? Pasig, I'm not sure. hehe.

33. Would you make out with 1? (Criselda) If I was drunk. Stranded on an island. Then drugged. Don't get me wrong, Criselda is definitely one hot package (beauty, brains, body to die for), but hey I don't swing that way. hehe. (I love you, bex!)

34. How close are 5 and 6? (Roan and my dog) Like the sun and moon.

35. Is 12 older than you? (Jackie) yes.

36. Is 5 the sexiest person alive? (Roan) Oh MAH GawD! hahahaha. Katabi ko lang siya, tapos tinanong ko sa kanya anong gusto niyang isasagot ko dito. Sabi niya ilaga ko, depende kung anong araw! ahahha.

37. How do you feel about 20? my personal god. He has no edifices, no hallowed walls to live in; he has no dogmas, other than to live your life as you are; he has no prejudice towards me or my beliefs; he is everywhere, he is everything. And he gives me what I need..

38. Are 5 and 2 special to you? (Roan and Ian) Wow! Parang sinadya tong question na to dito? #5 is Roan, the most cheerful hot mama I've ever met and she takes care of us like we're her real children, so yes she's special to me. And #2 is Ian. If I put down into words how very special he is to me...

39. Who's hotter 20 or 12? (Jackie and _) Jackie. god is fluid.

40. Who do you love more 1 or 2? (Criselda and Ian) Sabi nga ni Rej: "that's not fair. i love them with equal intensity, but in different ways". Best friend or bobby? Parang tinanong mo na rin ako ano ang mas importante, water to drink or air to breathe.

This meme rocks!


Cable TV is love.

My current addiction:

I do find her episodes somewhat...campy - quirky- charming. A day ago, I saw one about America's Next Top Model, only with a twist. All "contestants" are transexuals. How cool is that? Take note, these ladies are so hot, they could run circles around most female models out there.

Oh andI love the fact that Tyra is so true to herself. Nang ookray siya pero in moderation naman (and she's got a wicked sense of humor too! There goes the 'all models are dim witted' theory out the door). Kala ko she has this uber diva attitude, wrong model pala iniisip ko (*ahem Naomi Campbell ahem*).

I'm looking forward to that next episode.

*--my company is paranoid and all, we can't even type the name on any blog entries...

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