Thursday, February 23, 2006

Make Me Over

I'm feeling a bit creative. As always, Aya Kato's art keeps me enthralled. Here's my take on her creations.


It pisses me off every time I get one of those asinine chain text messages. Complete with dire treaths to your life, your mom's, or heck even your pet's life if you "break" the chain.

Last night I was about to doze off when one of these random texters from G4M (its like Friendster, only devoid of the female kind) sent me something to this effect:

c0ncernd lng ak0!
"shinina akafai aeknog!"
dats an old african curse
pag hndi mo finorward to
sa 5 tao malibn sakn w/in
1 hr, ma3tay mothr mo.
d0nt break d chain.
tot00 to. may namtay na!

My response?

If I were in the mood
I would have told to you
to Fuck Off, but I'm
feeling mighty generous today.
You better not send me anything
as ridiculous as this ever
again. Or else.
People dying because
of a curse thru SMS?
How idiotic.
Tell you what, lets try this:
"I will grow more brain cells".
Help spread intelligence! Pass
this to the one who sent you the
chain text. Totoo to! Gumagana!

Syempre, I didn't care if it cost me more than a peso. If it helps solve idiocy, then why not? I found his text highly tasteless, especially in light of recent events (sumalangit nawa, Cliff), it caught me at an awkward time. At idamay ba ang pinakamamahal kong ina?


Speaking of make overs, we're doing one for the house.

As in extreme makeover. I have lots of plans for it. Ako pa.

[Music of the Moment: You Don't Miss The Water - Craig David ]
[Mood: war mode ]

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