Friday, February 10, 2006

Grammy's, A.I. and Other Matters

Having a day shift is a god send. Aside from having a normal life (and the perks of the industry), I get to see all the primetime shows to my hearts content.


Grammy's 2006

Quite predictable.

It was funny watching Mariah sing, though. She's not that great anymore but it was an admirable effort. If she could just stop flailing her arms like a mad monkey on uppers then she'd be less annoying to watch. And in fairness, she didn't lip synch this time. Don't miss Terri Hatcher's sarcastic retort after Mariah's performance. Bruha talaga tong Terri na to, pero natawa ako dun. Mad Mariah

Lola Madonna opened the show pero I'm really not digging the tanga look. Its like...seeing my mom gyrate in front of millions of a skimpy piece of her late 40's.. In short, its terrifying.

I was so pleased to see a live performance of one of my most favorite songs ever: One by U2. Mary J. Blige may not be a looker, but hey, she's very easy on the ears. I love her soulful voice.

My fave performance for the night was Kelly Clarkson's. I really felt her. see here

Kanye, btw, is hot.

Overall, I felt like this award giving body is not much different from what we have in the home turf. When somebody goes up on stage and the only reaction you can elicit is a WTF?, the only answer is...Its all in the politics. They spread the award around. Its like watching FAMAS or the Urian, only with caucasians and blacks and hispanics and whatnots in the audience (oh and one fabulous stage, of course).


Gulong ng Palad got my household hooked. Well, almost everyone at home except me and Junjun (the sosyal na askal). I really don't get whats to be fascinated about with this show. If there was any ideal flagbearer of the hodgepodge of all the cliches in Philippine drama (ie, rich boy loves poor girl but can't because it goes againsts his family's wish.. etc etc) this show would take the ball, drive it home and keep going 'til the credits roll.


Pasok lahat ng manok ko sa A.I.!!

Pasok si rocker na kalbo!
Pasok si long hair na balladeer!
at higit sa lahat, pasok ang cowboy ko! (walang kokontra!) ((now, I have to learn their names))

Nakaka irritation lang talaga yung negrong kambal na obese at may goatee na parang kay Nostradamus. NAPAKA feelingero na por que't sila na daw ang pinaka talented ever na tumuntong sa kasaysayan ng contest na to. At hindi pa tumigil dun, wala daw talent yung ibang nakapasa (ie my cowboy), pati na yung nanalo last year na si Carrie. Pweh talaga tong taong uling na to. Maganda lang boses niyo pero lose the diva attitudes.

Nevertheless, this looks like a very promising Idol season.


Hypothetical question lang: supposedly, may kilala kayong naniniwala na positive siya for HIV, anong gagawin mo? What if, due to curiosity (and concern for the person), you make your research and upon looking it up in related literature, you stumble upon something proving that HIV/AIDS is a fictional disease and its one of the biggest conspiracies of the 20th century? What if it proves that AZT (the supposed inhibitor of the viral strain) as well as the cocktail of drugs were the real killer of the person who's taking it, not the "sickness"?

My views on this issue are undergoing a paradigm shift. The truth may be further from what we really thought it to be.

More on this in the following days...


My aunties from the U S of A had a despedida last night. They're going back to the land of milk and horny white men today. I'm slightly sad, yet at the same time, liberated. The thing is, they don't know I'm, uhm, you So everytime they're around, it feels like they are expecting me to act in a specific kinda way. I know, I know. Nagpapakatotoo naman ako e. Yun nga lang I still have deep love and respect for their wishes. So ayun. Happy and sad.

Oh and chika ko lang. We ate at Singing Cooks and Waiters. Super kaka aliw ng nagperform. As the name implies, the same people who serve your food comes up to the stage and belt out a tune. In fernez, magaling sila ha. May magaling silang Buckley* na kasama sa ensemble. She, este, he has an amazing falsetto. Nag Regine - reginan ang buckley. With matching pasayaw sayaw pa. hahah. Binulungan ko nga siya na sana nag stand up comedy na lang siya. Pero totoo nga yung sabi ng mama ko. They perform to distract you from the fact that the food isn't good.

After the Singing Cooks and Waiters, we took our balikbayans to Baywalk at the Manila Bay. They found the place very nice. And thats saying a lot. Kasi naman tong mga to, mga medyo laitera. Nagulat sila na sobrang nag iba na ang lugar. Syempre naman no. Anong kala nila sa Pilipinas, basta basta lang? :) We decided to stop by Anthology kasi naaliw sila dun sa mga waiter na midgets. Ang cute!!! heheheh. Funny pa nga yung isang girl na midget kasi kayang kaya niya dalin yung tray na feeling namin mabigat pa sa kanya.

Buti na lang that night, buhay na buhay ang Baywalk. Ang daming performer saka masarap ang ihip ng hangin. May bago na namang pakulo si Atienza, may mga ferry na na nagbabaybay (o ha) malapit sa shore ng Baywalk. Ang romantic tignan. And a definite improvement, they now have pay-per-use Comfort Rooms. Now the only thing to wish for is to bring back the color of the water to blue and it would be perfect, but alas some dreams are near impossible.

Tita, I'll miss you.

*Buckley = baklita

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