Thursday, February 23, 2006

Make Me Over

I'm feeling a bit creative. As always, Aya Kato's art keeps me enthralled. Here's my take on her creations.


It pisses me off every time I get one of those asinine chain text messages. Complete with dire treaths to your life, your mom's, or heck even your pet's life if you "break" the chain.

Last night I was about to doze off when one of these random texters from G4M (its like Friendster, only devoid of the female kind) sent me something to this effect:

c0ncernd lng ak0!
"shinina akafai aeknog!"
dats an old african curse
pag hndi mo finorward to
sa 5 tao malibn sakn w/in
1 hr, ma3tay mothr mo.
d0nt break d chain.
tot00 to. may namtay na!

My response?

If I were in the mood
I would have told to you
to Fuck Off, but I'm
feeling mighty generous today.
You better not send me anything
as ridiculous as this ever
again. Or else.
People dying because
of a curse thru SMS?
How idiotic.
Tell you what, lets try this:
"I will grow more brain cells".
Help spread intelligence! Pass
this to the one who sent you the
chain text. Totoo to! Gumagana!

Syempre, I didn't care if it cost me more than a peso. If it helps solve idiocy, then why not? I found his text highly tasteless, especially in light of recent events (sumalangit nawa, Cliff), it caught me at an awkward time. At idamay ba ang pinakamamahal kong ina?


Speaking of make overs, we're doing one for the house.

As in extreme makeover. I have lots of plans for it. Ako pa.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

In Times Like This

________________________________________________ _

Keanna ay nagpa-fashion show sa harap ng mga housemates
habang nagpo-pose:

Keanna - "Dapat pala ay mag-pouch ako"
Housemates - "Pout hindi pouch( tapos halakhakan)"
Keanna - "Eh ano yung pouch, past tense?"

Please. Help make this woman stay.



This country is bleeding dry.

Amidst drastic efforts, everything after 48 hours seems in vain.

The mud is now excreting blood, not water according to a rescuer.

god, deliver us from all of this.

I join in St. Bernard's mourning.


Go See:

I saw Brokeback Mountain last Saturday with Ian.
So cute. Greenbelt 3 was actually filled with guy couples.
Not cute. I really can't connect with the movie.
Ang Lee is as gay as a wisteria yet
Its like seeing a lumberjack do bellydancing.
Rigid. Playing it safe on the account of the heterosexual audience.
I guess that's what you get when you expect so much of something.
Still, its a gem.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Taken Away Too Soon

In Memoriam

Valentines came and went. A red letter day that had a different meaning to us working in Pe0pl3 Supp0rt. One of our colleagues died. Murdered.

Cliff. Its ironic that only now that I know that that is your name. The many months that we've been working together...

He is...was a Peer trainer in the other account. I've seen glimpses of him every once in a while. He's very hard to miss. Or rather yet, its hard to not give him a second glance.

The first time I saw you was over a year ago, back when we were still located in Phil Am building. Remember me? I was that boy who made puppy dog eyes to you. The first time I saw you, I lost the word I was about to say to a customer. You looked real good, with your hair slicked back so neatly and your get up that begged to be respected. I used to call you Yellow 4. You know why? All the instances that I saw you come up to our floor, you were wearing the same plaid polo (which is of course colored yellow, duh). Oo naman, alam ko nagpapalit ka ng damit no, pero nagkakataon lang talaga.

Cliff was an office heartthrob. Que babae, que lalake. He seems oblivious to this fact, which makes him all the more "crushable" to the lot. Admittedly, I went thru a phase. But I got over that several moons ago when I found out he has a girlfriend. I don't do straight guys. :)

I have to tell you this: I secretly wished you were gay. hehe. I even told some of my closest confidants that you were. I'm sorry.

I didn't intend this to be a eulogy, but I just want to have this posted for posterity.

Your death was extremely senseless. I pray that the perpetrator be put to justice.

Cliff, I hardly knew you. I wish I did. But as far as I can tell, you were a good son, a hardworking employee, a dedicated man, and a good person.

You added a dash of color to my days at work. For that,
I Thank you.

You will be missed.


[Music of the Moment: Goodbye's Not Forever - Ella Mae Saison/ Erik Santos ]
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Friday, February 10, 2006

Numbers And Tyra

This is fun. Sorry Rej, I just had to take this.

She did not put the instructions, however it seems elementary. Just from the top of your head, list down 20 people. No need to think hard and deep. Just list them down in the order that they come in your mind. Then, answer the questions below. Here's mine.

1 Criselda
2 Ian
3 Becky Paolo
4 Paulo Suello
5 Mama Roan
6 Juhn Juhn
7 Macky
8 Martin
9 Roxanne
10 Mama
11 Joyce
12 Jackie
13 Jayzee
14 Celia
15 PsPko
16 Junville
17 Miko
18 Yneshca
19 Iza Calzado
20 god

1. How did you meet 13? (Jayzee) At the office. He used to be from Feople Suffort* (take that online spiders!) but he moved on to Citibank. He's my loloh.

2. What would you do if you have never met 5? (Mama Roan) She's a very wonderful woman. My days in the office would be a lot less colorful.

3. What do you honestly think of 10? (My mom) Mama ko? Well, I'm everything she is, and vice versa. We're so much alike, its eerie.

4. Would or did 19 and 8 date? (Martin and Iza) Hahaha. Hindi pwede! First of, si Iza Calzado ay ang dyosa ko (crush ko siya. Tipong I'd go definitely straight if given a girl like that). And secondly, Buckley si Martin! Through and through! He wouldn't touch a girl with a 10-foot pole. heheheh

5. Did you ever like 4? "like" in the romantic sense? (Paulo) Dati I like him, coz he fits the mold of my type. Pero not in the romantic way ha! Pagtingin lang. And since we're like the best of friends now, it can't be any better. (hoy pag nabasa mo to, wag ka na lang magreact! hahah).

6. Have you hooked up with anyone 1-20? #2 my bob. And I think, this may have been the very best thing I've done so far.

7. Would 2 and 11 make a good couple? (Joyce and Ian) No way. #2 is mine! hehehe. Sorry, Joyce!

8. Describe 7 in 3 words. (Macky) Sobrangfunny, sobrangmaitim, superfriendkosincewaywayback! ahahah.

9. Do you think 6 is hot? (aso ko) Oh my gaw! ahahha. Si Jhun Jhun? Ang sosyal na askal? ahahha. Definitely! He's sizzling hot!

10. would 1 and 16 make a lovely couple? (bex and JV) Criselda and Junville? oh, definitely. When pigs fly. hahaha. Junville wants bananas. :)

11. Tell me something humiliating about 16? (JV) He's the Hari/Reyna ng sablay. And just recently, JV, Pao and I had been held up - together. Now if that isn't humiliating, I don't know what is.

12. Do you know any of 3's family members? (Buckley Paolo) Good question. Actually, no. Well, I've heard about his older brother who was an ex-seminarian. Does that count?

13. Whats 20's favorite band? god? Its ME. And it plays angelically melodious on some dates and hellishly appalling on others. There are some meh days as well, but he always sticks around for the good ones.

14. On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 14? (celphone ko) Celia? She's a 9.6. However that rank fades over the months. Depreciation shit.. Pero definitely a 7610 is one of the cutest out right now.

15. What would you do if 15 just confessed his or her love to you? (Playstation Portable) I'd freak out, because inanimate objects can't profess love. Or maybe they can? (Psycho theme here)

16. What language does 19 speak? (Iza Calzado) Avisalla! Sheda! Pashneia! In short: Encantadian!

17.Who is 8 with? (Martin) Some beautiful boy I forgot the name of.

18. Does 9 get around? (sibling) Oh yes she does. My sister. From the same bark. 'nuff said.

19. Have 18 and 10 hooked up? (my mom and that dog) Hahah. This is getting funnieer and funnier. Of course not! He's Ian's dog!

20. How did you meet 15? (PSP) he arrived packed in a Balikbayan box. I asked for him from my Tita. Akala ko di siya kakagat e. Ayun, paguwi nila, spanking new electronics for yours truly.

21. When was the last time you talked to 12? (my girl, Jackie) Oh gawsh, like last century when men were still in camisa de chinos and ladies were in baro't saya!

22. What is 2's favorite band? (Ian) he has no favorite. Its all relative, he says. (or maybe a good answer to this would be me, on videoke night. hahaha)

23. Does 9 have any siblings? (Roxanne) Duh, diyosa kapatid niya. Ako. Choz. :)

24. Would you ever date 5? (Roan) No!!!!!!!!! Why? Kasi mamah ko siya sa office! hahaha.

25. Would you hook up with 13? (Jayzee) coincidentally, people had been asking us if we were ever together, coz it surely seems like it. But no. I'm not his type, he's not mine. But he's hot. :)

26. Is 11 single? (Joyce) Freshly.

27. What is 19's last name? (Amihan) Its not Calzado, malamang. I bet its something along the lines of Dimaano, Boborol, or something stinky.

28. Have you ever kissed 5? (Roan) Beso beso.

29. Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 3? (Paolo) haha. Ako ang official pimp niya, how can I have a relationship with him. On that note, he's 5'10, chinito, gwapo, muscular in all the right places and VERY available. Any takers?

30. How close are you to 18? (Yneshca) not at all. she, being a dog, who lives a hundred miles away and all.

31. What does 2 do for a living? (Ian) He's a supervisor in a callcenter in Makati, he's finishing up on his degree, and he's Derek's bobby.

32. Where does 17 live? (Miko) Ortigas? Pasig, I'm not sure. hehe.

33. Would you make out with 1? (Criselda) If I was drunk. Stranded on an island. Then drugged. Don't get me wrong, Criselda is definitely one hot package (beauty, brains, body to die for), but hey I don't swing that way. hehe. (I love you, bex!)

34. How close are 5 and 6? (Roan and my dog) Like the sun and moon.

35. Is 12 older than you? (Jackie) yes.

36. Is 5 the sexiest person alive? (Roan) Oh MAH GawD! hahahaha. Katabi ko lang siya, tapos tinanong ko sa kanya anong gusto niyang isasagot ko dito. Sabi niya ilaga ko, depende kung anong araw! ahahha.

37. How do you feel about 20? my personal god. He has no edifices, no hallowed walls to live in; he has no dogmas, other than to live your life as you are; he has no prejudice towards me or my beliefs; he is everywhere, he is everything. And he gives me what I need..

38. Are 5 and 2 special to you? (Roan and Ian) Wow! Parang sinadya tong question na to dito? #5 is Roan, the most cheerful hot mama I've ever met and she takes care of us like we're her real children, so yes she's special to me. And #2 is Ian. If I put down into words how very special he is to me...

39. Who's hotter 20 or 12? (Jackie and _) Jackie. god is fluid.

40. Who do you love more 1 or 2? (Criselda and Ian) Sabi nga ni Rej: "that's not fair. i love them with equal intensity, but in different ways". Best friend or bobby? Parang tinanong mo na rin ako ano ang mas importante, water to drink or air to breathe.

This meme rocks!


Cable TV is love.

My current addiction:

I do find her episodes somewhat...campy - quirky- charming. A day ago, I saw one about America's Next Top Model, only with a twist. All "contestants" are transexuals. How cool is that? Take note, these ladies are so hot, they could run circles around most female models out there.

Oh andI love the fact that Tyra is so true to herself. Nang ookray siya pero in moderation naman (and she's got a wicked sense of humor too! There goes the 'all models are dim witted' theory out the door). Kala ko she has this uber diva attitude, wrong model pala iniisip ko (*ahem Naomi Campbell ahem*).

I'm looking forward to that next episode.

*--my company is paranoid and all, we can't even type the name on any blog entries...

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Grammy's, A.I. and Other Matters

Having a day shift is a god send. Aside from having a normal life (and the perks of the industry), I get to see all the primetime shows to my hearts content.


Grammy's 2006

Quite predictable.

It was funny watching Mariah sing, though. She's not that great anymore but it was an admirable effort. If she could just stop flailing her arms like a mad monkey on uppers then she'd be less annoying to watch. And in fairness, she didn't lip synch this time. Don't miss Terri Hatcher's sarcastic retort after Mariah's performance. Bruha talaga tong Terri na to, pero natawa ako dun. Mad Mariah

Lola Madonna opened the show pero I'm really not digging the tanga look. Its like...seeing my mom gyrate in front of millions of a skimpy piece of her late 40's.. In short, its terrifying.

I was so pleased to see a live performance of one of my most favorite songs ever: One by U2. Mary J. Blige may not be a looker, but hey, she's very easy on the ears. I love her soulful voice.

My fave performance for the night was Kelly Clarkson's. I really felt her. see here

Kanye, btw, is hot.

Overall, I felt like this award giving body is not much different from what we have in the home turf. When somebody goes up on stage and the only reaction you can elicit is a WTF?, the only answer is...Its all in the politics. They spread the award around. Its like watching FAMAS or the Urian, only with caucasians and blacks and hispanics and whatnots in the audience (oh and one fabulous stage, of course).


Gulong ng Palad got my household hooked. Well, almost everyone at home except me and Junjun (the sosyal na askal). I really don't get whats to be fascinated about with this show. If there was any ideal flagbearer of the hodgepodge of all the cliches in Philippine drama (ie, rich boy loves poor girl but can't because it goes againsts his family's wish.. etc etc) this show would take the ball, drive it home and keep going 'til the credits roll.


Pasok lahat ng manok ko sa A.I.!!

Pasok si rocker na kalbo!
Pasok si long hair na balladeer!
at higit sa lahat, pasok ang cowboy ko! (walang kokontra!) ((now, I have to learn their names))

Nakaka irritation lang talaga yung negrong kambal na obese at may goatee na parang kay Nostradamus. NAPAKA feelingero na por que't sila na daw ang pinaka talented ever na tumuntong sa kasaysayan ng contest na to. At hindi pa tumigil dun, wala daw talent yung ibang nakapasa (ie my cowboy), pati na yung nanalo last year na si Carrie. Pweh talaga tong taong uling na to. Maganda lang boses niyo pero lose the diva attitudes.

Nevertheless, this looks like a very promising Idol season.


Hypothetical question lang: supposedly, may kilala kayong naniniwala na positive siya for HIV, anong gagawin mo? What if, due to curiosity (and concern for the person), you make your research and upon looking it up in related literature, you stumble upon something proving that HIV/AIDS is a fictional disease and its one of the biggest conspiracies of the 20th century? What if it proves that AZT (the supposed inhibitor of the viral strain) as well as the cocktail of drugs were the real killer of the person who's taking it, not the "sickness"?

My views on this issue are undergoing a paradigm shift. The truth may be further from what we really thought it to be.

More on this in the following days...


My aunties from the U S of A had a despedida last night. They're going back to the land of milk and horny white men today. I'm slightly sad, yet at the same time, liberated. The thing is, they don't know I'm, uhm, you So everytime they're around, it feels like they are expecting me to act in a specific kinda way. I know, I know. Nagpapakatotoo naman ako e. Yun nga lang I still have deep love and respect for their wishes. So ayun. Happy and sad.

Oh and chika ko lang. We ate at Singing Cooks and Waiters. Super kaka aliw ng nagperform. As the name implies, the same people who serve your food comes up to the stage and belt out a tune. In fernez, magaling sila ha. May magaling silang Buckley* na kasama sa ensemble. She, este, he has an amazing falsetto. Nag Regine - reginan ang buckley. With matching pasayaw sayaw pa. hahah. Binulungan ko nga siya na sana nag stand up comedy na lang siya. Pero totoo nga yung sabi ng mama ko. They perform to distract you from the fact that the food isn't good.

After the Singing Cooks and Waiters, we took our balikbayans to Baywalk at the Manila Bay. They found the place very nice. And thats saying a lot. Kasi naman tong mga to, mga medyo laitera. Nagulat sila na sobrang nag iba na ang lugar. Syempre naman no. Anong kala nila sa Pilipinas, basta basta lang? :) We decided to stop by Anthology kasi naaliw sila dun sa mga waiter na midgets. Ang cute!!! heheheh. Funny pa nga yung isang girl na midget kasi kayang kaya niya dalin yung tray na feeling namin mabigat pa sa kanya.

Buti na lang that night, buhay na buhay ang Baywalk. Ang daming performer saka masarap ang ihip ng hangin. May bago na namang pakulo si Atienza, may mga ferry na na nagbabaybay (o ha) malapit sa shore ng Baywalk. Ang romantic tignan. And a definite improvement, they now have pay-per-use Comfort Rooms. Now the only thing to wish for is to bring back the color of the water to blue and it would be perfect, but alas some dreams are near impossible.

Tita, I'll miss you.

*Buckley = baklita

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Monday, February 06, 2006

pop Culture


1. Budoy Marabiles - m16 ng samar (?)
2. Rudy Fernandez (not d actor)- iron man of asia (again another ?)
3. Keanna Reeves- kilabot ng senado (! oh lord, the freak show begineth!)
4. John Pratts- dance floor dynamite (kill me now)
5. Rustom Padilla - prodigal son of showbiz (syempre may token gay guy na naman. Uma deux)
6. Aleck Bovick - bombshell in distress (hay...)
7. Bianca Gonzales- y speaker of the hose (isang malaking CHECK!)
8. Christian Vasquez - hunk daddy (blech)
9. Angela Calina- wild flower (?)
10. Rico Robles - hearthrob dj (I think...nah, nevermind)
11. Gretchen Malalad- karate chick (?)
12. Roxanne Barcelo- divang kolehiyala (isang malaking YUCK)
13.Zanjoe Marudo- coverboy ng batangas (huh?)
14. Mich Dulce - lA FASHIONISTA (hmm...)

Pweh. I just puked in my mouth. Bat naman yang mga yan. Except for Bianca (coz intelligent girls rule), I don't give a a damn.


I would like to commend Channel 7 for having class in its treatment of the Ultra tragedy last Feb. 4. Less words, more sincerity.

Well, everyone except Joey de Leon (who, in his usual tactless nature, even had the guts to kid about those who met their untimely demise). Of course, I'm not surprised because I've half expected this of him. Oh well.


Bakit ba ang mga balikbayan, hindi maalis ang Achy Breaky Heart squaredance sa mga family gatherings?

Last Saturday was my lola's 80th b-day celebration (80!! can you imagine that?). And the theme was (hold your breath) Luau.

I had a blast though. And since I was in the "warm and fuzzy" family mood, I hopped in and joined the square dance. ahahah. Ang saya saya.

Ngayon ang mga paa ko ay na di L.D.S. (Last Dance Syndrome, kapatid ni L.S.S)


Can't wait for BareBrokeback Mountain! :)


Nag refresh na ang leave allotments namin. Happy days are here again!


Lemme just say this: I LOVE 6CYCLEMIND!!! Sige. Yun lang.


Last Friday I was at UST (bob's alma mater) to watch Mediartrix's (theater org) Les Miserables.

Props to the director and the rest of the ensemble. If anyone could unleash the inner faggot in me and make me sing in the audience all the timeless pieces (I've memorized them by heart) of this classic, then it must be something really good.

The young man playing Marius stole the show. Shet, baka nga magaling pa siya kay Michael Ball (I'm not exaggerating).

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Caption Me


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Subject: Beauty Contest
Best of the Best Beauty Pageant Boo Boos

Host: Saan ang dream vacation mo?
Girl Contestant : Amangpulo.


Host: What was the very first gift that you gave to
your girlfriend?
Male Contestant: Uhmm... taptoy.
Host: What taptoy?
Male Contestant: Taptoy na teddy bird.


Host: What's your ideal age for marriage?
Girl: Uhmm... I am not sure...
Host: Hindi... Kunwari ikaw, more or less...?
Girl: Uhmm... more.

(crowd booing...)

Sige, Sige... Less, less....


Host: Who's your favorite author?
Contestant: Danielle Steele.
Host: Why Danielle Steele?
Contestant: Because... because Danielle Steele, I
like best. Thank


Host: How would you like me to address you?
Contestant: My address is Project 8, Quezon City.

Host: What is your best feature?
Contestant: My graduation feature.


Host: So tell us, why did you join this contest?
Contestant: Me? Join this contest? Why did I...
That's all. Thank you!


Host: What do you want to be after you graduate?
Contestant: I want to be a successful Medicine.

Host: Hindi ito boob... hindi ito tube... Pero
tinatawag itong
boobtube. Ano ito?
Contestant: BRA!


Host: What would you like to say to foreigners?
Contestant: Please come back.


Host: What is your typical day?
Contestant: I think Saturday po!


(Gay Contest)

Host: Ano ang advantage mo sa ibang contestant?
Gay Contestant: I think and believe na bilang isang
...Ano nga po ulit yung question?


Host: Which part of your body is your best asset?
Contestant: ...Si
Melanie Marquez po!


Host: What is your favorite motto?
Contestant: (after a long pause) I don't have a
motto eh.

(so the crowd starts helping her out. the crowd
started saying, "Time is
gold! Time is gold!")
Contestant: I have na po. Chinese gold!


Host: If you were to describe the color blue to a
blind person, how
would you do it?
Contestant: That's a very good question. Keep it up.
(then the girl
turns and walks away.)


Host: Who is your favorite fictional character?
Girl: JOSE RIZAL! (crowd starts laughing.)
Host: Who is your favorite hero then?
Girl: Hulk Hogan.


Host: If you were to become a superhero, what would
your power be?
Girl Contestant: Uhmm... bumble bee!

Host: What is your edge over the other contestants?
Girl Contestant: My edge is 23 years old.

Host: What, in your opinion, is the ideal age for
Girl: Between 24 and 25!


Host: How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Girl: I'll be 28.

Host: Describe your special someone in three words.
Girl: Kahit nga po 1 word, kaya ko.
Host: Ok, sige...
Girl: In one word... MY LIFE!


Host: If you were given any special power, what
would it be?
Girl: Power of Attorney!


Host: So you like reading, who's your favorite
Girl: Uhmm, Shakespeare.
Host: What works of Shakespeare?
Girl: Hindi ko po alam eh.
Host: But he's your favorite...?
Girl: Eh... kasi patay na sya eh.


Host: What is the biggest problem facing the youth
Girl: Drugs.
Host: Why?
Girl: Mahal eh!


Host: Hey, I heard you almost didn't make it, how
did you get here?
Did you ride or did you walk?
Gay Contestant: Of course, did you ride. What do you
think of me, did
you walk?


(Little Miss Philippines)
Host: Ano'ng gusto mo maging pag-laki mo?
Girl: Maging lalaki po!


Went out with the Buckleys last Saturday (yes, I'm phasing out Becky from my vocabulary. Buckley...short for baklita...hahahaha).

We headed for Synder in Malate and had a concert (literally, as in, in front of other people..kaya namin e.) After which hindi pa nakuntento, we headed to Providence next. Initially, there were 5 of us, but Paulo invited his doctor/suitor. Kaya lang when he arrived may additional cargo.

He had with him 5 other Pamhins (as in Pa-lalake effect to the highest heavens). It was a motley group indeed. Ito talaga ang klase ng Buckley na hindi ko ma intindihan. I mean, year 2006 na. Bakit ba kelangan pa magpumilit, e obvious na obvious naman. If I know, underneath that facade, theres a butterfly waiting to burst forth. Oh well, to each his own.

Malate on a Saturday night is very...shall we say, vibrant. Lots of sights to see. :)

Over all, the night was a blast. Natapos na kami mga 7am na. We even played this interview portion ala Ricky Lo and MegaStar (nakaharbat kasi kami ng Philippine Inquirer sa Jollibee, asa Entertainment section). Wala lang, trip trip lang.


Walang relation, pero I'm jumping for joy 'coz


Slumber party na naman tayo Cris! Alam ko miss na miss mo na ko, gurl! Kaya wala ka na magagawa. Our cooking with chorva days will be alive and kicking once again! heheheh


Oh and to all my fellow fanatics, or whoever gives a damn:

And to all those naysayers: EAT Me.

[Music of the Moment: Sweet Love ]
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