Saturday, January 21, 2006

Desperate Times Call For...

..I don't know..extreme grovelling?

It was so weird just the other day when I was in Alabang Town Center, this lady in her mid-thirties, sporting a jogging attire (read sporty clothes), expensive looking rubber shoes and a ton of make up comes up to me and utters the farthest thing I would have expected to come out from her mouth:

"Sir, kung pwede lang pong mamalimos, wala na kasi akong pamasahe pauwi kasi....blah, blah, blah (you know the rest of the monologue)"

It was very odd because aside from her get up, and her obviously healthy disposition, she was wearing around her neck a shiny new (and very sleek, i might add) MP3 player. I think it was one of those brands which, unsurprisingly, do not come dirt cheap at all.

Very odd indeed, but there was a follow up.

Just a while ago, I was on lunch break (I work on weekends) and decided to chow down junk food courtesy of ol' faithful McDonald's. What made me crave for artery clogging munchies? Well, aside from the fact that it's a Saturday and most restos around the Makati CBD are closed, it was such a lazy afternoon that my feet were concrete slabs. Luckily, there's a McDo on the ground floor of our building.

So here I was hungrily gorging on a Filet-o-Fish meal, insidiously people watching, texting anyone and everyone under the Sun, when lo and behold the guy, on the table just to the far right of me came up and told me in a no-nonsense tone:

"Boy, palimos naman o, hindi kasi ako makauwi...yada, yada, yada (again, you know the rest)"

The same guy who, a minute ago, was gulping down his Mega A meal. . .

Have you seen what a Mega Meal A includes?

Anyway, my only reaction was to give him the "are-you-kidding-me-sabay-blink-blink-eyes-of-death".

People nowadays.


Ironically, I might be doing a variation of the begging part a few days from now -specifically from my father. My officemates are planning a Cebu-Bohol-Palawan rendezvous over the weekends. I need to get those tickets ready. Initially, they wanted to book a ride on the Super Ferry. I'm really not a ship person (open seas and me do not mix very well). Fortunately, they changed their minds, thanks to that airline slashed rates by Cebu Pacific (everybody, insert a CF joke here like: fly to Cebu, land in the Pacific!).

I'm still on my dad's dependent list (read: free flights!) till next year so I better make use (abuse) the remaining time I have till then. Philippine Airlines, here I go again.

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