Monday, January 09, 2006

9 Days Into The Year, And It feels like 300

I just realized na wala pa kong update since Dec 31. Well here goes,

First order of business, ang matagal nang pinangako ko sa blog-anak ko. Panibagong damit:

its red, and its me.
Red, Oriental, Post Modern, Chaotic, Me.
(susunod ko na blurty ko dito)

Dec.31 and I got out of the office around 4pm expecting that it'd be a warzone on the streets. Surprise of all surprises, this year, I think people just got over the firecracker fad. Or maybe not. Wala lang sigurong budget.

Spent a lovely New Year's Eve at home. Funny pa 'coz we jumped up and down...a full 4 minutes before 12 midnight. Pano ba naman kasi, yung mga Chinese naming kapitbahay nagpaputok na (e ginagamit namin silang alarm clock). Ayun. Pag tingin namin sa T.V. sa pagka cheap cheap na countdown show ng Channel 7, 11:56 pa lang. hahahaha.

I think I'll never get enough of this. The food mom cooked was divine. Yun nga lang ang weird na tripan niyang magluto ng Kare-Kare sa Bagong Taon. Wala lang trip lang niya talaga. Ang saya no? With matching bagoong pa.


I saw 5 out of the 10 Metro Manila Film Fest Entries. Mulawin, Exodus, Kutob, Ako Legal Wife and Blue Moon. Actually, I liked the entries last year a whole lot more. Specifically because the offerings these year are more into the "we-can-do-it-too!" themes.

Mulawin and Exodus are into the Narnia/Lord Of The Rings vein. Its very surprising that the effects are in this level now (most notably in Exodus). I'd always thought that we'd be stuck with the "green-screen-of-death-with-matching-stupid-white-outline" effects, but I'm glad I'm wrong. Kutob is a bitter pill to swallow. It screams rip-off Psycho, Scream and whatever inane slasher flick out there. Blue Moon, although its beautifully shot and its cast offered a stellar performance, it gives me glimpses of Pearl Harbor and The Notebook. Only Legal Wife can stand as something purely Pinoy. Well, mainly because its a comedy. Who would rip off comedies?

Entries these year are noticably getting better, but only incrementally. But that is not to say I didn't enjoy them. A little drop of escapism never hurts.

Paulit ulit kong sasabihin to. Pag walang sumuporta sa industriya, walang pag-usad na magaganap. Oo, hamak na mahusay ang ibang bansa sa pinilakang tabing, at mahirap silang alisin sa panlasa natin, subalit marahil nakakalimutan natin na umabot sila sa tugatog na iyan dahil sa pagtangkilik ng mga kababayan nila.

Next year, if you haven't gone out to see a single Filipino film offering, try to swallow your pride. It won't hurt. Go watch. Its therapeutic. And it gives you one heck of a good grounding.

Wag na maging malansang isda.


And now for serious matters:

Nanakawan ako ng wallet. I would have fought my way out of it however they got my friend at gunpoint. I had to choose.

What a way to start the year. I think I'm gonna start putting a bit more faith in the "geomancers". These astrologers/Fungshui experts seem to know what they are talking about. Sabi nila, those born in the year of the Dog would be unlucky in the year of the Fire Dog (ironic as it may sound).

And here I was thinking I'm prepared for anything. I guess I'm not. I've never been responsible for somebody else's life before.

Yun na lang muna. The wound is still to fresh in my memory. Maybe a future entry.


On a happier tone:
Joy of joys. 3 months ago, me and my bob officially became "us".

10 months, technically (as we went the way of the heteros and dated for several months to see how it pans out).

So I guess this is what you call growing up emotionally..

Its that certain kind of happiness that is so pure - something entirely brand new - that it flows. It seeps thru my skin, my bones,

the very fiber of everything that is me.

It leaves me unable to utter a word. And yet I am aware. I understand everything now.

I. know.

Love is good. And I'm young again.

[Music of the Moment: Beautiful - Darren Hayes ]
[Mood: coffee and cream ]


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