Saturday, January 14, 2006

2 + 0 + 0 + 6 = ?

Making resolutions for the self is one of those oh-so-ardous tasks done every year. Its a waste of time, more often than not, as it never gets accomplished anyway.

So, I've decided, instead of making a New Year's resolution for me, I'm gonna make one for the year 2006. Listen up, year of the fire dog, I'm handing you your resolution:

1. Last year you treated Derek mighty fine (and he's very thankful for that). This time, you better top that. Here's how:

a promotion sure sounds nice. He's been eyeing this position. You better give
it to him. Or else.

give him his damn driver's license, lest that idle car at home serve as a rust collector for all eternity.

if his dad will keep on chasing anything in a skirt, at least make him filthy rich by striking oil or finding a humongous deposit of gold or something.

travel plans: HK Disneyland; Phuket,Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; and possibly China. Keep him safe. Give him enough funding for the expenditures. Nevermind the airfare, he gets it free anyway.

keep him young. You know what that means. ;)

2. Look kindly on that god forsaken country, the Philippines. She deserves a shot.

keep prices on tolerable levels. 72 pesos for an MRT ride from Taft to North? No
freakin' way! The only way I'd pay that amount would be if rabid chihuahuas were chasing me down Edsa, traffic had been a thing of the past and that matinee idol
(who has his hair longer than his leading lady in his latest film outing) is not
gay. Have compassion. (not that I ride the MRT a lot, just for, uhm you know,
the other people who do.)

keep the peso strong. 'nuff said.

stop the political mudslinging. Sometimes I tend to think that these buffoons are
intentionally creating these ruckus to get paid for doing absolutely nothing
(other than throwing simian feces at each other)

3. Just be fair to everyone.
rich, slutty heiresses shouldn't be allowed to sashay in the limelight. Keep
at bay and let them flaunt them insane trust funds to their own kind

Angelina + Brad = bouncing baby goddess/demi-god in the making. What were you thinking? Spread beauty around. Don't create future cam hoggers and $20 million earners who do absolutely nothing other than flash their interminable pouts on the silver screen.

geomancers said that those born the year of the dog (ahem ahem) will be unlucky in the year of the fire dog - ironic as it may sound. Stop it. Just stop it. And if you think that mugging that happened to me and my friends would make me flinch, think again. (no, I'm not challenging you, just telling you that,uhm....its not right).

4. Make my January a truly blessed one.

Oh and if you could be so kind enough (which I know you'll be), make my
February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
and December truly blessed as well.


I just have this love for Craig Armstrong . (and no, he's not that girl singing in the vid. duh.)

[Music of the Moment: This Love - Craig Armstrong ]
[Mood: choosy ]


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