Saturday, January 28, 2006

Howie Day Love

From one of my all time faves

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

I'm quiet you know
You make a first impression
I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to ryhme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I collide

Howie Day


Ok posting lyrics just shows that I'm twitching in my office wanting to get the heck out for the restdays.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Movie Time!

In line with my resolution of watching more (quality) Filipino films, I went out with bobby to see this gem. Admittedly, I haven't heard of this film before. I only heard it from Ian. Well, mainly because I'm not that much of an enthusiast/connoisseur like he is. But nevertheless, if you want to see something fresh, go head out to the nearest SM mall and see this film (yup, SM malls only. I really don't know why, but maybe its CineMalaya's cinema of choice).

It starts out really fast. The editing is surprisingly reminiscent of Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (one of my all time faves). And thats not a bad thing, actually (check out the "beginning" credits at the middle of the screening--nice). And it doesn't fit any mold that you've been used to seeing in Filipino films. The genre is comedy, however the topic is more on the film noir type. Now try to figure that out. Somehow, it really works in the Philippine setting.

This movie came out around the same time of Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros. I have to admit, hands down, this movie does it so much better. I mean, no offense to the Maxi groupies, the plot was a bit too....stereotypical. Charming, yes, but highly stereotypical. I always dreamt of a time where in Filipino movies would veer away from such topics as Sex, Sex, More Sex, and homosexuality (in the oh-so-"made to fit the mold" type).

This time it does away with the grand schemes of salvation and happy endings. The two protagonists/antagonists in the film are highly corrupted, and interminably bumbling- in other words, very endearing. And I didn't know Dante Balboa (that uber macho boldy from 2 years or so ago, now known as Winston Elizalde) could act. Michael De Mesa blew me away. I know that he is good, but I never realized he is of this caliber. Props goes to Monique Wilson's brother. I guess its in their genes.

The story weaves in and out of the characters who were cleverly fleshed out. Almost everyone did a stellar performance. More worthy of an accolade than those from "award winning" entries. You can't help but feel that this is the real thing. And I hope Cinemalaya churns out more of these in the future.

Read more of it here

Good news to Alessandra-philes (ok so that isn't really a word, shutup). Good thing: something international for our waifish palengkera goddess. Bad thing: I really wanted to like this film, but its too...chinese for my taste. Maybe I can put it like this: The Maid is to Singaporeans as Shake, Rattle & Roll to the Filipinos. Meaning, you have to have at least a general understanding of their myths and superstitions to not get put off by the oftentimes ridiculous supernatural occurence.

Its starts with a monologue explaining that every seventh month on the Chinese calendar (meaning September), the gates of hell open and "hungry ghosts" escape to the world of the living to reap offerings and to exact revenge on those who've wronged them.

If you were like me, you would have stopped with the gates of hell part and had sashayed out of the theater. But the camp factor of Alessandra is just too strong for me to resist. And besides, my boy is Chinese. Nuff said. Sitting through the movie, however, was worth the price of admission. There were moments of real chills (but plenty of cheap ones as well), and the plot was kinda so-so. If there's one thing to give to it as a credit, The Maid is far from predictable. I was slightly delighted with the the twist in the end.

Now if they could just stop stereotyping our Filipinas from the Domestic Helper mold and stop being asses about it, then it would be peachy.

Watch it, if only for Alessandra de Rossi. (hindi naman halatang gusto ko siya no?)


O sige na nga: seeing 1 exceptional movie and one fair enough movie evens it out to very good, doesn't it? Now go, watch.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mais, non


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Monday, January 23, 2006

Oh So...Creepy

It started when he said hi to me in the lobby of my office (I didnt know him back then)...

Then one day he emailed me (turns out he got my log in information at the CMS (bundy clock, if you like) and I thought it was a missent item (he told me it was really for me)...

He told me he just fancies me and would just want to be a friend (it was kinda ok at first)....

But then he started sending me these emails (all about weird sex and stuff)...

I didn't want to mind it (I really didn't)...

Then he'd come up to my workstation, ask me how my day has been and why I haven't been replying (ok, now...) .....

But then for a week now, he's been texting me all his sexual fantasies (can you say whoa there? apparently he researched my phone # as well)...

Then just a while ago, he sent me an MMS of him and this other guy doing what their mother's wouldn't approve of (and he even asked me if it was hot)...

He even asked me if I dig doing it in front of the camera (to which I replied, 'please cut it out')....

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm getting, how shall I say this nicely,.....FREAKED out.

Siguro I'm just not used to this. I've never been on the recieving end of the stalking part before (not that I've stalked someone...duh)...

Ang weird lang talaga.


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Sunday, January 22, 2006

On Infidelity and Sibling Love

Just the other day, I was in a consoling mode. I played Mother Ignacia to a very dear friend of mine (itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang John Paul). Pano ba naman, his bobby (by that I mean boyfriend) broke up with him. And the reason? Say it with me...Infidelity.

Hay. Bat ba ganito ang mundo? Everyone's breaking up. Ang nakaka inis pa, yung pakshet niyang boyfriend ay may kalaguyo na ngayon (which, you guessed right, is the same person who caused the break up). At ang usual line ay "Its not you,its me" and "You deserve someone better" ay nag mega special appearance. At may gana pa ng loob to ask for his friendship ha.

Siyempre naman, kanino pa ba kakampi ang mga kaibigan? JP has one tough shell to crack. Nahirapan kami ni Candy to make him talk to us about it. You see, JP's that type who got it all kasi: beauty, to die for bod, brains. Yun nga lang when it comes to the affairs of the heart, he's very brittle. Its very difficult to see a very big man cry.

Alam mo what makes it all the more tragic? Paksyet exboylet told him that he wants a break up on the same day that JP got promoted. Ouch. Can you say heartless?

Ah basta, JP, if you're reading this, I know you'll get through this. The pain is temporary and inconsequential. You could go on for months and still be in "love" with the person. However, its only the idea you're holding on to now. Wala na. Basta, focus ka na lang sa promotion mo. Wishing pakshet boyfriend to just drop dead wouldn't take you anywhere. Let karma take its toll. I believe she does the job more efficiently than we can ever imagine. Basta, the world is one free soul happier. Love you, girl!


Akala ko tapos na eksena ko that day, pero hindi pa. Mga 12 am na rin ako natapos kila JP. I wanted to go home na pero eto namang dakila kong kapatid na si Roxanne ay nagtext sakin:

"De, sunduin mo naman ako sa work o. Takot ako umuwi magisa kasi late na. Si mama naman ayaw ko sunduin. Please."

Magkahalong inis at pag aalala siyempre ang nangibabaw sa kuya kuyahan. Pano ba naman, alam mo ba kung san siya nagpa part time?

Seattle's Best, Alabang Town Center.

At alam mo ba gano kalayo yan sa Makati? Buti na lang si mama, na guilty. Sunduin daw namin together. So mega punta pa siya sa office ko dis oras ng gabi. Inis din ako kay mama sa simula kasi she was nagging me to bits. Kaya lang when I saw her cab pull up on the lobby of my office, na bleeding heart na naman ako.

Pano ba naman, na-haggard siya at biglaan ang paglabas niya at this godforsaken hour. So anong tamang gawin? I paid for her taxi fare and (kahit masakit man sa loob ko) offered to shoulder the fare till Alabang.

Try mo lang mag-taxi hanggang Alabang. Hindi siya talaga masaya (sa wallet). Gusto ko talagang talakan ang sisterette ko pag dating namin sa ATC kaya lang pag lapag namin, kahabag habag ang bruha. Wala na ang mga katrabaho niya, umuwi na lahat. Siya na lang ang nag aabang samin, nakaupo sa labas ng SBC na sarado na. Nag flash back sakin yung time na naghihintay ako ng sundo ko (which happens to be my dad) way, way back in the short pants days of yore. Isa isa nang nagsi uwian yung mga kasama ko sa school, tapos ako na lang mag isa sa waiting shed with matching heavy bag and coleman and everythang. Shit feeling ko pinagsakluban na ko ng langit nun.

Kasi naman e. Ang layo layo ng pinag part time-an niya kaya delikado talaga mag commute mag isa. E decommissioned pa naman ang car ng boyfriend niya, kaya ayun. Wa talaga susundo sa kanya.

Seeing my loved ones safe and sound is one of those feelings I wouldn't trade for the world.

On the ride back home, tahimik lang kaming tatlo.


Next week, schedule rotation na. Sa wakas, Saturdays and Sundays are mine again.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Desperate Times Call For...

..I don't know..extreme grovelling?

It was so weird just the other day when I was in Alabang Town Center, this lady in her mid-thirties, sporting a jogging attire (read sporty clothes), expensive looking rubber shoes and a ton of make up comes up to me and utters the farthest thing I would have expected to come out from her mouth:

"Sir, kung pwede lang pong mamalimos, wala na kasi akong pamasahe pauwi kasi....blah, blah, blah (you know the rest of the monologue)"

It was very odd because aside from her get up, and her obviously healthy disposition, she was wearing around her neck a shiny new (and very sleek, i might add) MP3 player. I think it was one of those brands which, unsurprisingly, do not come dirt cheap at all.

Very odd indeed, but there was a follow up.

Just a while ago, I was on lunch break (I work on weekends) and decided to chow down junk food courtesy of ol' faithful McDonald's. What made me crave for artery clogging munchies? Well, aside from the fact that it's a Saturday and most restos around the Makati CBD are closed, it was such a lazy afternoon that my feet were concrete slabs. Luckily, there's a McDo on the ground floor of our building.

So here I was hungrily gorging on a Filet-o-Fish meal, insidiously people watching, texting anyone and everyone under the Sun, when lo and behold the guy, on the table just to the far right of me came up and told me in a no-nonsense tone:

"Boy, palimos naman o, hindi kasi ako makauwi...yada, yada, yada (again, you know the rest)"

The same guy who, a minute ago, was gulping down his Mega A meal. . .

Have you seen what a Mega Meal A includes?

Anyway, my only reaction was to give him the "are-you-kidding-me-sabay-blink-blink-eyes-of-death".

People nowadays.


Ironically, I might be doing a variation of the begging part a few days from now -specifically from my father. My officemates are planning a Cebu-Bohol-Palawan rendezvous over the weekends. I need to get those tickets ready. Initially, they wanted to book a ride on the Super Ferry. I'm really not a ship person (open seas and me do not mix very well). Fortunately, they changed their minds, thanks to that airline slashed rates by Cebu Pacific (everybody, insert a CF joke here like: fly to Cebu, land in the Pacific!).

I'm still on my dad's dependent list (read: free flights!) till next year so I better make use (abuse) the remaining time I have till then. Philippine Airlines, here I go again.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Fifth Season Cometh


Its that time of year again...

Let me just say, first two episodes pa lang, may (mga) crush na ko. hahaha. At wish ko lang this season naman, lalaki na ang winnar.

At let me just say this: oo na gwapo na yung nag West life; nakaka wet na yung nag Frank Sinatra; at hot din yung rocker rockeran na ulirang ama ang drama -

pero wala nang masku cute pa dun sa cowboy na....uhm, boy (bata siya e, ano pa ba?! haha). He's just 18, I know, mega twinkidoe. Pero shete pecados na malagkit, ang cute niya talaga. He's not gwapo, he's not hot, he's not even beautiful, pero ang personality niya daig pa ang kagwapuhan ni Brad Pitt. Sobrang down to earth at aminado na can't afford siya ng even simple things in life. He lives on a farm where they take care of livestock. The moment he came in the audition hall, he was shaking like a leaf. Muntik na ngang hindi siya nakakanta e. He said he'd never done this before. I liked him then and there. Tapos mega interview si Simon sa kanya. Ito namang si Paula, ambisiyosa, mang turn down ba ng tao na may boses, samantalang siya e wala? Buti na lang gustong gusto siya ni Randy. So mega tanong si Randy kung nakasakay na siya ng airplane before - DAHIL PASOK SIYA! Happiness. haha.

At siyempre ang bata umamin na hindi pa siya nakaka sakay ng plane ever. At ang nag iisang audience niya sa farm nila ay ang alaga niyang TURKEY!! ahahhahaa. Adorable talaga. Plus if you listened intently, he has such a rich tone to his voice. Hay....I'm in highschool girl crush mode again. hahahah. I know he's not Idol material, and he may not even make it past Hollywood, pero kiber. Winner siya.

The only thing tragic is... I didn't catch his name! Arrgh! Research research!


That moment of extremely embarrasing fanboyism is brought to you by the letter E - (for Ewan ko sa inyo, basta ako Idol fan!)

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Monday, January 16, 2006

One Geisha, Two Geisha, Three...

I'm sorry Elvin, pero I took this from you. I just had to.

Oh diva? Patayin ba ng pirata?
(in fernez, ang bilis ha)


Last Friday was a blast. I went out with the DR account. Supervisors, reps, QAs and all. And I'm the odd man out. Actually, Edward, Jason, and moi. Pero masaya pa rin. 25 hapless souls who have rumbling tummys. We went to that newly opened Dampa sa Manila Bay (or whatever its called). Its the new food trip place to be. Same concept as all Dampas out there. You buy from the palengke, choose the resto, have them cook it and voila.

The pictures could do the night more justice, however I haven't uploaded them yet to my +ahem, my hosting package, ahem+

That's it for now. Short and sweet muna.

Die Geisha. Must watch.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

2 + 0 + 0 + 6 = ?

Making resolutions for the self is one of those oh-so-ardous tasks done every year. Its a waste of time, more often than not, as it never gets accomplished anyway.

So, I've decided, instead of making a New Year's resolution for me, I'm gonna make one for the year 2006. Listen up, year of the fire dog, I'm handing you your resolution:

1. Last year you treated Derek mighty fine (and he's very thankful for that). This time, you better top that. Here's how:

a promotion sure sounds nice. He's been eyeing this position. You better give
it to him. Or else.

give him his damn driver's license, lest that idle car at home serve as a rust collector for all eternity.

if his dad will keep on chasing anything in a skirt, at least make him filthy rich by striking oil or finding a humongous deposit of gold or something.

travel plans: HK Disneyland; Phuket,Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; and possibly China. Keep him safe. Give him enough funding for the expenditures. Nevermind the airfare, he gets it free anyway.

keep him young. You know what that means. ;)

2. Look kindly on that god forsaken country, the Philippines. She deserves a shot.

keep prices on tolerable levels. 72 pesos for an MRT ride from Taft to North? No
freakin' way! The only way I'd pay that amount would be if rabid chihuahuas were chasing me down Edsa, traffic had been a thing of the past and that matinee idol
(who has his hair longer than his leading lady in his latest film outing) is not
gay. Have compassion. (not that I ride the MRT a lot, just for, uhm you know,
the other people who do.)

keep the peso strong. 'nuff said.

stop the political mudslinging. Sometimes I tend to think that these buffoons are
intentionally creating these ruckus to get paid for doing absolutely nothing
(other than throwing simian feces at each other)

3. Just be fair to everyone.
rich, slutty heiresses shouldn't be allowed to sashay in the limelight. Keep
at bay and let them flaunt them insane trust funds to their own kind

Angelina + Brad = bouncing baby goddess/demi-god in the making. What were you thinking? Spread beauty around. Don't create future cam hoggers and $20 million earners who do absolutely nothing other than flash their interminable pouts on the silver screen.

geomancers said that those born the year of the dog (ahem ahem) will be unlucky in the year of the fire dog - ironic as it may sound. Stop it. Just stop it. And if you think that mugging that happened to me and my friends would make me flinch, think again. (no, I'm not challenging you, just telling you that,uhm....its not right).

4. Make my January a truly blessed one.

Oh and if you could be so kind enough (which I know you'll be), make my
February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
and December truly blessed as well.


I just have this love for Craig Armstrong . (and no, he's not that girl singing in the vid. duh.)

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Monday, January 09, 2006

9 Days Into The Year, And It feels like 300

I just realized na wala pa kong update since Dec 31. Well here goes,

First order of business, ang matagal nang pinangako ko sa blog-anak ko. Panibagong damit:

its red, and its me.
Red, Oriental, Post Modern, Chaotic, Me.
(susunod ko na blurty ko dito)

Dec.31 and I got out of the office around 4pm expecting that it'd be a warzone on the streets. Surprise of all surprises, this year, I think people just got over the firecracker fad. Or maybe not. Wala lang sigurong budget.

Spent a lovely New Year's Eve at home. Funny pa 'coz we jumped up and down...a full 4 minutes before 12 midnight. Pano ba naman kasi, yung mga Chinese naming kapitbahay nagpaputok na (e ginagamit namin silang alarm clock). Ayun. Pag tingin namin sa T.V. sa pagka cheap cheap na countdown show ng Channel 7, 11:56 pa lang. hahahaha.

I think I'll never get enough of this. The food mom cooked was divine. Yun nga lang ang weird na tripan niyang magluto ng Kare-Kare sa Bagong Taon. Wala lang trip lang niya talaga. Ang saya no? With matching bagoong pa.


I saw 5 out of the 10 Metro Manila Film Fest Entries. Mulawin, Exodus, Kutob, Ako Legal Wife and Blue Moon. Actually, I liked the entries last year a whole lot more. Specifically because the offerings these year are more into the "we-can-do-it-too!" themes.

Mulawin and Exodus are into the Narnia/Lord Of The Rings vein. Its very surprising that the effects are in this level now (most notably in Exodus). I'd always thought that we'd be stuck with the "green-screen-of-death-with-matching-stupid-white-outline" effects, but I'm glad I'm wrong. Kutob is a bitter pill to swallow. It screams rip-off Psycho, Scream and whatever inane slasher flick out there. Blue Moon, although its beautifully shot and its cast offered a stellar performance, it gives me glimpses of Pearl Harbor and The Notebook. Only Legal Wife can stand as something purely Pinoy. Well, mainly because its a comedy. Who would rip off comedies?

Entries these year are noticably getting better, but only incrementally. But that is not to say I didn't enjoy them. A little drop of escapism never hurts.

Paulit ulit kong sasabihin to. Pag walang sumuporta sa industriya, walang pag-usad na magaganap. Oo, hamak na mahusay ang ibang bansa sa pinilakang tabing, at mahirap silang alisin sa panlasa natin, subalit marahil nakakalimutan natin na umabot sila sa tugatog na iyan dahil sa pagtangkilik ng mga kababayan nila.

Next year, if you haven't gone out to see a single Filipino film offering, try to swallow your pride. It won't hurt. Go watch. Its therapeutic. And it gives you one heck of a good grounding.

Wag na maging malansang isda.


And now for serious matters:

Nanakawan ako ng wallet. I would have fought my way out of it however they got my friend at gunpoint. I had to choose.

What a way to start the year. I think I'm gonna start putting a bit more faith in the "geomancers". These astrologers/Fungshui experts seem to know what they are talking about. Sabi nila, those born in the year of the Dog would be unlucky in the year of the Fire Dog (ironic as it may sound).

And here I was thinking I'm prepared for anything. I guess I'm not. I've never been responsible for somebody else's life before.

Yun na lang muna. The wound is still to fresh in my memory. Maybe a future entry.


On a happier tone:
Joy of joys. 3 months ago, me and my bob officially became "us".

10 months, technically (as we went the way of the heteros and dated for several months to see how it pans out).

So I guess this is what you call growing up emotionally..

Its that certain kind of happiness that is so pure - something entirely brand new - that it flows. It seeps thru my skin, my bones,

the very fiber of everything that is me.

It leaves me unable to utter a word. And yet I am aware. I understand everything now.

I. know.

Love is good. And I'm young again.

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