Monday, December 05, 2005

Superficially Drunk On The Season

I maybe the only gay man I know who doesn't look up to Madonna like she's some kind of a diety. I just don't see it. Sure she's gone thru more reinventions than a chameleon in heat, but her value is waning. I'd always believed in quitting while you're on top. She can't even sing well. Ok, sure she's a performer, but spare me the rotten tomatoes and the burning at the stake. I believe this puts a nail in the coffin that is my dwindling admiration for her:

Madonna guilty of plagiarism, Belgian judge rules
Belgian judge has left Madonna out in the cold, freezing sales and forbidding air play of her 1998 hit single Frozen in that country, after a plagiarism suit.

Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva accused Madonna of plagiarizing his song, Ma vie fout l'camp (My Life's Getting Nowhere), which he wrote in 1993.
Acquaviva's lawyer announced on Friday that a judge in the Belgian town of Mons had ruled in his favour.

As a result, Frozen, from the album Ray of Light, has been banned from sale and broadcast in Belgium.

More here ->(link)

Tsk tsk. Madonna doing an Orange and Lemons.

Its just a pity the judge was a few years late in the decision...make that 7 FULL years late. Who would be playing that on the airwaves by now? I used to dig the music and vid for this one.

Add the fact that Hung UP (her latest single) relies heavily on an ABBA riff. (yeah, I hear the collective cry: ABBA who? My mom has so many of their albums, I can be considered an expert on their discography. They were pure gold, Madonna on the other hand...)


The other day, my best-er-est friend in the whole wide world, Criselda and I went out for a little rendezvous. Goawd, I missed this lovely woman. She's in a different company now, and eventhough, PBCom is just a stone's throw away from People Support Center, it feels like a great divide.

We went to that jewelry store in Robinson's Pioneer named Asian Finds to return and exchange the ring Ian and I gave her as a gift. Ian wanted to give Cris a special token for giving us heaven for a day (Nurture Spa Tagaytay, see last entry). He remembered that ring Cris was eyeing a couple of months before. Sweet idea, no? We were so excited at how beautiful it was, we forgot the little fact that women's fingers are relatively thinner. So ayun. We got an excuse to go out.

Syempre umulan na naman ng panlalait sa tao everywhere around us. (case in point: the Center for Pop students who had a mini concert sa mall that day. Sorta like their graduation excercise. Pero O.M.G. Sobrang nagkalat ang mga bata. As in nagkalat with a capital PWEH. Pati na yung twink division na sumunod. I think Center For Pop just shot themselves in the foot. There can be no other advertising suicide finer than this. Tsk tsk, may booth pa naman sila to accept applicants.) At hindi lang tao, pati mga merchandise na nananahimik. Haha. Wala talagang lumusot. Sabi nga nila, birds of the same plumage, nang o okray together.

Before getting the ring (oh what a ring it is), we pigged out on Takuyaki balls at Samurai. Ang sarap pala nito. Nung una akala ko parang fish ball lang e. Then, ikot ikot kami sa mall, tapos we pigged out on Hot Loops Donuts naman. Tapos nag dinner pa kami ha. haha. At after all this, on a whim, we headed to Glorietta naman for more shopping/window shopping. And then it rained panlalait na naman. Siguro nagtataka na samin ang mga tao, tawa kami ng tawa.

Hay Bex, I Missssss Youuuuu!


Grabe ha, siksikan na sa mga mall. Halos lahat ng stores may sale. May mga mura at may mga abusado rin. I tried buying a necklace (you know, those real nifty, vintage looking leather ones) and they were charging P250 for something I can get for P50 sa tiangge. Lelang niyo.

Kelan kaya ako makakabili ng mga regalo? Gustong kong shopping trip e yung time na hindi mala sardinas na sa sikip sa mga establishments. In short, Good Luck na lang sa akin.

Pero I really enjoy shopping for gifts. One thing nga lang about me is, I don't make lists. I just waltz in a mall, breeze thru the shops, then picture the person and think what would be perfect for him/her this year. And voila, they appear in front of me just like that. Minsan pasok sa budget, minsan, sorry. Pero I just revel in unpredictability. It just feels better that way. Kahit ako, nasu surprise on what I buy for everyone e, what more yung bibigyan ko. hehe.

Happy shopping, everyone!


Btw, whats a good gift to give a dog? Wala lang. :)

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