Monday, December 19, 2005

Nightmare Before Christmas

Ok. Here I am in the office. Zombie mode na naman. Meaning, no sleep yet for 24 hours now. Haggard, grumpy, sleepy, deadbatt celfone, and wanting to get the hell outta here since 7am in the morning.

The Christmas party (for the company that can not be named, lest spiders pick up the threads online and lock me up) was in one word: Stupendous.

And by stupendous I mean kill me now, flat out terrible. It's like Ashlee Simpson doing Opera. Or better yet, Ashlee performing using a functioning microphone. With the volume turned up full blast. In a dingy theater. And you're sitting beside someone with a case of B.O. Who sings along with Ashlee and her equally stupendous songs. Off key. (but I didnt have to mention that, did I?)

And that leaves me with the question why did I even bother to attend? Listen to me now, ye office gods who are in their late 30's to early 50's, just stop trying to get the "young" vibe. Wall Climbing in a Christmas party isn't necessarily our definition of the term "cool". In fact I can't find anything more ridiculous. Onions and chocolate anyone?

I went because of the precedent set by the party at the Shangri-La, Makati year 2004. I was expecting, at least the same caliber, if surpassing it is not an option. This year they went for broke. And broke, as in suuuuper scrimping measures.

I was half expecting the CEO to come up on stage and blurt out "Got cha! Of course, it wouldn't be this bad. My personal jet plane is waiting at the airport ready to transport us all to Ibiza for a night of pure hedonism." But no. I can dream can I?

I stayed because of one thing. And that one thing is Roan-Paulo-Candy-Aleck-the whole NSI team-Chiqui-Aggie-JD-and last but most important of all- F.O.O.D. Yep, one reason.

The next year (assuming I'll still be here) I'll read the fine print of the invite before storming to the "party". I would look past the "Rockwell" label and check where exactly in Rockwell. And if I read another P3 (note: PARKING!) I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.


Punyetang party yan. Napa direchong english tuloy ako ng di oras. Kung meron lang mouth wash para sa utak para maalis ang "after taste" ng party siguro binili ko na. A basta. Humanda sila pag nirelease na ang mga Comments/Suggestions/Grading papers for the event. I cant wait to give them a big, fat FAIL or WHAT-WERE-YOU-THINKING? if its an option (I bet it is).

Pero siyempre papayag ba naman kami na umuwing lucinda andolor? (sabi nga ni Angelica sa RDL commercial niya) Of corz NO!

Nag KTV kaming lahat. Dun. Dun bumawi sa saya. Panalo kayo Roan at Joyce. Song and dance number pa talaga. At ang mga kalalakihan ng account. Hay ang saya saya. Kaboogan sa pagkanta. Sabi nga namin dapat next year merong segment na SEARCH FOR A DIVA. Lahat ng sasali puro Becky (and that's definitely not a tall order for P.S., where 38.754% -mag statistic daw ba talaga- of the population is pink). Now that is something to see.

[Music of the Moment: High Ka Diva Renditions ng mga ka account ko. ]
[Mood: 1/2 flabbergasted, 1/4 masaya, 1/4 naghihintay sa pagdating ]


At 3:23 PM, Blogger eliza said...

Hay naku, kainis talaga yung party n yun.

Yung picture, derek,send mo sa email, thanks!


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