Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Left Me Breathless part 2

File for Patent:

Bobby (bah-bee, bob-by, bub)

1. A common boy's name.

2. However in the context of same sex relationships, it can refer to the term of
endearment between a boy and his boy. Its used in place of that ultra gasgas term (which due to the nature of gasgas-ness, need not be mentioned here). Think about it, two boys calling each other affectionately in public induces cerebral spasms in the minds of those with bigotus fibriosisus (otherwise known as narrow-mindedness).

"Hey bob, check this shirt out. Is it me?"
"Nah, its a bit too big, bob, get the smaller size."
"But its already in small."
"Go for the usual. Try extra small, bob."

(across a room full of people)
"Bob! They're out of Mango X-Tea. What do you want instead?"

source: From the crypt that is my mind. Oh, and some Boracay faghags. ®


[Music of the Moment: Back To Bedlam (album) - James Blunt ]
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