Saturday, December 31, 2005

365 Days Of The Dog Wagging Its Tail

For all my fellow Dog's in the Chinese calendar, the oncoming year is supposedly our year, however them Fung Shui "experts" prefer to say otherwise. Next year we are supposedly a part of the unlucky bunch and that illness and discord will be our fate. Of course all that talk is followed by a segue into "But you can divert dire consequences by buying this buddha bead, windchime, chinese token, lucky money frog, bamboo shoot, lucky crystal, semi-precious stone, evil spirit charm, evil spirit repellant, evil spirit spray....." You get the drift.

Bah. Live and live like its the best year of your life. Thats all there is too it. And do stay away from Fung Shui "advisors" who'll be the only one getting lucky because you believe anything they say and dole out your moolah (although it won't hurt if you follow the minuscle hint of wisdom in their words).


[Music of the Moment: Written In The Sand - Regine Velasquez on top of the Manila Peninsula Fountain ]
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