Saturday, December 31, 2005

365 Days Of The Dog Wagging Its Tail

For all my fellow Dog's in the Chinese calendar, the oncoming year is supposedly our year, however them Fung Shui "experts" prefer to say otherwise. Next year we are supposedly a part of the unlucky bunch and that illness and discord will be our fate. Of course all that talk is followed by a segue into "But you can divert dire consequences by buying this buddha bead, windchime, chinese token, lucky money frog, bamboo shoot, lucky crystal, semi-precious stone, evil spirit charm, evil spirit repellant, evil spirit spray....." You get the drift.

Bah. Live and live like its the best year of your life. Thats all there is too it. And do stay away from Fung Shui "advisors" who'll be the only one getting lucky because you believe anything they say and dole out your moolah (although it won't hurt if you follow the minuscle hint of wisdom in their words).


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Christmas Left Me Breathless part 4

Let the camwhoring commence. Just this month, I got a bajillion images still pending. The effects look crappy because I had to do with the crappy effects of crappy Photoshop 5. Marvel at Bevel and Emboss!!

Anyway, the pictures do their talking.


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Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas Left Me Breathless part 3

Wherefore art thou, Father?
December 24 and I came home from work somewhere around 5 pm. Aba pag uwi ko ang mga loka sa bahay, prepared to the highest heavens na. Nakabihis na lahat na kulang na lang tanungin mo "san ang party?". Ewan ko ba, we just love Christmas that much. At dahil sobrang haggard ako from work I had to catch some shuteye kahit konti lang. And konti was what I got. Ginising ako ng aso (na feeling tao) si Jun-jun upang ipagmayabang ang kanyang bagong leash na binili nila mama. Aba, sosyal na aso ha. Sumampa pa sa kama para makipaglaro sakin.

Speaking of the devil dog, since bigay lang samin siya ng ever dearest friend ni mama, Jun-jun doesn't have an official birth date. So ang inisip nila, they'll set it as December 25 na rin. Wala lang feel lang nila. At tamang tama dahil J din naman daw ang name ni Jun so swak na swak. Baliw.

Anyway, mama was in a cooking mood, kaya ba naman sumsamborga ang pagkain sa mesa pagkagising ko. Kulang na lang magluto siya ng isang buong letson at sumayaw ang mga kapatid ko ng tinikling, barrio fiesta na ang bahay. haha.

The mass in our place is always set at 10:00pm on the dot. At syempre, pamilyang pasaway, dumating kami 15 minutes late. Pero josko, pagdating namin sa simbahan, they were just wrapping up this Pre-Mass song and dance presentation with matching glow in the dark mimes. I swear, ang creepy lalo na nung si Mama Mary e may buhat na glow in the dark na Jesus.

Dumating kami: Mama, J, Roc, Ana and fabulous little me, kaya lang parang may kulang sa picture no? Ang dakilang Ama! Hay text ng text. Kesyo ang hamon daw ay hinintay niya pa ideliver. Pweh. We were'nt born yesterday. Idamay pa ba ang hamon? There comes a point when the lies are too tiresome to refute especially when it comes from someone you love. Dad arrived 11:20pm. On the dot. And the mass goes up to 12:00am only.

However at the back of my mind, I was still looking forward to having him there at Church. When he arrived, ok na. Wala naman kaming pake elam kung galing siya sa haliparot niyang other woman. All that matters is that he was there. It sounds too unfair for us, pero I guess thats just the way love is.

We went home, had a filling Noche Buena, cracked some jokes, exchanged gifts, opened gifts, watched some shows on the telly...all under the blissful mist of togetherness. For that I'm thankful. I'd rather have brief dysfunction moments like this, than a broken household.


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Christmas Left Me Breathless part 2

File for Patent:

Bobby (bah-bee, bob-by, bub)

1. A common boy's name.

2. However in the context of same sex relationships, it can refer to the term of
endearment between a boy and his boy. Its used in place of that ultra gasgas term (which due to the nature of gasgas-ness, need not be mentioned here). Think about it, two boys calling each other affectionately in public induces cerebral spasms in the minds of those with bigotus fibriosisus (otherwise known as narrow-mindedness).

"Hey bob, check this shirt out. Is it me?"
"Nah, its a bit too big, bob, get the smaller size."
"But its already in small."
"Go for the usual. Try extra small, bob."

(across a room full of people)
"Bob! They're out of Mango X-Tea. What do you want instead?"

source: From the crypt that is my mind. Oh, and some Boracay faghags. ®


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Christmas Left Me Breathless part 1

This has got to be the BEST christmas ever.

Well, for me that is.

Kaya ba naman nawala ako ng ilang araw diba? At syempre, pinangakuan ko pa naman ang aking blog-anak na I'll be updating. Di bale, babawe naman e.

Ok last entry was about how horrible the Xmas Party was. What a bad omen for the coming eve. But fortune smiles. Dapat pala ganun talaga. Chaka first, ganda later (in a matching kulot voice ala Mother Ricky). hehe.

So with a few entries, I'll try to sum up as many memories as possible.

Market! Market!
Ian and I met up after my Tuesday shift (read: restday na kinabukasan). And since nagpaparinig siya na nasusuka na siya sa Glorietta and Greenbelt 3 (not that its bad, its just that parang pangalawang bahay na namin ang dalawang mall na to e - at ako rin naman medyo same old same old na ang feeling dito, so I decided to take him he's never been to. And ano pa bang ibang mall na malapit sa Makati?)

Market! Market!

In fairness to this mall ha, maganda ang facade niya. May dalawang side: the mall on the left and the outdoor tiangge and foodstalls on the right. We headed for the mall first.

Sa entrance pa lang, gigantic Christmas tree na ang katapat mo. Wow. Something new. /end sarcasm. Bakit ba palaging gigantic Christmas tree na lang? Marami pa naman diyan na symbol ng Filipino Xmas. Bat di na lang gigantic parol? O gigantic belen with gigantic kalabaws? In fact sa sobrang daming gigantic Xmas trees na naglipana, ang dami ko nang snapshots nila. At pinatulan ko talaga ang pagpipicture (hmm...posibleng future entry? why not?).

Gusto ko ang mall. Ayoko lang ng mga mall goers. hehe. Grabe, no offense to them pero super daming followers of Jolina. May mga naka jersey na 10 times bigger than their bodies. Sa African American, its a sense of fashion kasi ang lalaki ng frame nila. Sa mga Filipino wannabe gangsta, josko its a fashion emergency dahil parang kulang na lang hanapin mo kung nasan sila sa mga gabundok na damit. Ang dami ring naka Uma-look. I swear, may lalake, may babae, may combination of both. Ok lang sana kung bagay e. Hay, this fad has GOT TO die! But who am I to tell on them? E dun sila masaya e. Malay ko ba kung sa paningin nila ako ang baduy. Oh well, kanya kanyang kasiyahan na lang.

Inikot namin ang lahat ng boutiques. As in lahat. Walang pinatawad. Ultimo ang mga tiangge within the tiangge, este mall. hehe. And in fernez of all fernez, suuupper mura. And everything imaginable is here.

We came upon a booth that sells all these exotic looking necklaces. Although, I'm not really an accessory person, there was one that caught my eye. Ang ganda sobra. Its a normal leather strap but with a lock that has a native aboriginal design of a man with a spear. Kulang na lang makarinig ako ng bonggo in the background ala Jumanji (or that scene in Hot Chick, whichever is more familiar to you). Its a rare find talaga. Funny nga kasi I thought I can haggle. The price was a bit steep kasi. So I thought I'd just purchase the lock (kasi its a fraction of the price) and just scout for a leather strap elsewhere. Lumibot libot kami pero guess what? Sobrang taga (as in highway robbery) ang presyo sa iba for leather straps. Ang kinalabasan balik kami sa store na ito. The very kind lady however saw how much I want the necklace so she struck us a deal, she'll be slashing a part of the price and gave me some free stuff to personalize the design. Overall, I got my money's worth.

After a tiring shopping spree, we decided to eat out. Literally, kasi open air ang kainan e. Pero panalo naman ang lamon, este pagkain. We got 4 sticks of humongous barbeque from Aling Nene (tama ba spelling?), a todo todong platter of Pancit Lucban from Buddy's, a full bowl of Sinigang from that Filipino Delicacy stall that I forgot the name of, enchiladang mangga from the same, and 4 glasses of Iced tea from that other little booth. Hindi naman kami gutom diba? hahaha. Gusto ko pa nga mag Cheesecake kaya lang closed na.


On our way out of Market! Market! (damn name, breaking up my sentences no?) I decided to take the Fort Bus instead of a cab. Why? Because it takes the long route way out. Read: Scenic Route. And The Fort at night is very, very, ahem, romantic what with the lights, the long avenues and all. Wala pa akong lisensya kasi to drive the idle car at home kaya I have to resort to the next best thing.

Seeing the smile on his face. It was all worth it.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Nightmare Before Christmas

Ok. Here I am in the office. Zombie mode na naman. Meaning, no sleep yet for 24 hours now. Haggard, grumpy, sleepy, deadbatt celfone, and wanting to get the hell outta here since 7am in the morning.

The Christmas party (for the company that can not be named, lest spiders pick up the threads online and lock me up) was in one word: Stupendous.

And by stupendous I mean kill me now, flat out terrible. It's like Ashlee Simpson doing Opera. Or better yet, Ashlee performing using a functioning microphone. With the volume turned up full blast. In a dingy theater. And you're sitting beside someone with a case of B.O. Who sings along with Ashlee and her equally stupendous songs. Off key. (but I didnt have to mention that, did I?)

And that leaves me with the question why did I even bother to attend? Listen to me now, ye office gods who are in their late 30's to early 50's, just stop trying to get the "young" vibe. Wall Climbing in a Christmas party isn't necessarily our definition of the term "cool". In fact I can't find anything more ridiculous. Onions and chocolate anyone?

I went because of the precedent set by the party at the Shangri-La, Makati year 2004. I was expecting, at least the same caliber, if surpassing it is not an option. This year they went for broke. And broke, as in suuuuper scrimping measures.

I was half expecting the CEO to come up on stage and blurt out "Got cha! Of course, it wouldn't be this bad. My personal jet plane is waiting at the airport ready to transport us all to Ibiza for a night of pure hedonism." But no. I can dream can I?

I stayed because of one thing. And that one thing is Roan-Paulo-Candy-Aleck-the whole NSI team-Chiqui-Aggie-JD-and last but most important of all- F.O.O.D. Yep, one reason.

The next year (assuming I'll still be here) I'll read the fine print of the invite before storming to the "party". I would look past the "Rockwell" label and check where exactly in Rockwell. And if I read another P3 (note: PARKING!) I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.


Punyetang party yan. Napa direchong english tuloy ako ng di oras. Kung meron lang mouth wash para sa utak para maalis ang "after taste" ng party siguro binili ko na. A basta. Humanda sila pag nirelease na ang mga Comments/Suggestions/Grading papers for the event. I cant wait to give them a big, fat FAIL or WHAT-WERE-YOU-THINKING? if its an option (I bet it is).

Pero siyempre papayag ba naman kami na umuwing lucinda andolor? (sabi nga ni Angelica sa RDL commercial niya) Of corz NO!

Nag KTV kaming lahat. Dun. Dun bumawi sa saya. Panalo kayo Roan at Joyce. Song and dance number pa talaga. At ang mga kalalakihan ng account. Hay ang saya saya. Kaboogan sa pagkanta. Sabi nga namin dapat next year merong segment na SEARCH FOR A DIVA. Lahat ng sasali puro Becky (and that's definitely not a tall order for P.S., where 38.754% -mag statistic daw ba talaga- of the population is pink). Now that is something to see.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dear Blog kong Anak,

Kamusta ka naman jan? Ang daddy mo, ito, kelangan mag aksaya ng, tama na nga gets mo na. Alam ko nararamdaman mo na nakakaligtaan na kita. Hindi noh! (with an -h at the end for a more emphasis approach).

Alam ko, bihira na kita laruin. Bihira na tayo magkwentuhan. Bihira na rin kita butingtingin. Namimiss na rin kita sa totoo lang. Wag kang mag alala, may mga plano ako para sa iyo.

Una, ibibili kita ng bagong damit sa Pasko. Oo, bagong damit. Nahihiya na kasi ako sayo, anim na buwan mo na suot yang template na yan. Tang ina kasi yang Philippine Blog Awards na yan. Ino nominate tayong dalawa, tapos hindi naman pala tayo aabot man lang sa semi-finals. Pano, hindi nila maintindihan pano basahin ang isip mo. Hindi nila mapigura ang mga butones mo kung saan pumupunta. Ready na ready pa naman akong maging stage father. Nakahanda na ang mga kanta mo, ang make-up at mga props. Lugi tayo. Pero hayaan mo na. Hindi lang kasi sila marunong makakita ng talent, even if it hits them on the noggin. At tignan mo naman ang mga natirang mga nominees. Ang cha chaka. Pweh. Walang ka art art. Puro pretentiousnessessessss....(spoken ala Gollum na bitter bitteran na parang na overdose sa Abs Bitter Herbs)

Pangalawa, balak ko kwentuhan ka araw araw (o kung kelan may happening, whichever is more convenient). Maaaring hindi sila mala-nobela salaysay, maaaring payak na mga talata, pero at least andiyan ang mga kwentong yan kung dumating man ang araw na ako naman ang kelangan nang kwentuhan. Oo, dadating ang araw na yun. Yung tipong ulyanin na ang daddy mong ito.

Pero siguro, ito ang pinaka maganda kong surpresa sa iyo. Magkakaroon na tayo ng sarili nating bahay. Oo, bahay. In english, domain name (ang layo no? Walang pakeelamanan). Hindi na tayo makikitira ng libre. Sosyal na tayo anak. Ang bahay na ito, may sarili ring Hosting. Alam mo kung anong klase? Hindi basta basta. (kakayanin mo ba to?) E-Commerce Package! Ang gara no? Tothyalera na tayo anak. Hindi na tayo dukha. Pagkatapos kong magpa alila sa mga dayuhan (alila daw o? choz) sa ibang bansa, eto na ko ngayon nagbabalik at nakatamasa ng ganito. Produkto yan ng aking pagtatrabaho, pagliliwaliw, paglagok at pagtitiis ng pamumulubi sa aking pamilya (sabay hikbi). Ang hirap din maging OFW noh (Over-here Filipino Worker). Kaya wag mong sabihin na hindi ako naging mabuting ama at wala kang napala. Dahil Meron! Meron! Meron! (sampal! choz.) O, kaya tahan na, anak. Soon, we'll be moving. Oo naman, you'll still get to keep Blogger and Blurty, but now they will just be an annex to your room. Naks. Parang SM City. Didn't I tell you tothyal na tayo?

Merry Christmas anak. Sa susunod na kwentuhan.

Ang Magaling mong Ama.

P.S. lalabas lang ako sandali ha. Christmas Party ng companya ko mamaya. Masaya ito. Alam mo kung anong motiff? Sporty? At bakit sporty? Dahil may wall climbing! At sinong damuho ang nag isip nitong theme na ito? Abay malay ko, basta ang alam ko e lalamon lang ako at lalaklak like there's no tomorrow. Shempre hindi ako magji gym attire no. Pero it would be such an eye candy to see those office yummies in tights. Busog na tiyan, pati mata busog din. San ka pa.

P.S.S. Paheram ng magara mong rubber shoes ha.


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

In The Beginning There Was Etheria

For all of the Encantadia fanatics, like yours truly, we're getting an early treat:

Etheria 1
Etheria 2
Etheria 3
Etheria 4
Etheria 5

The rest of the cast:
Alessandra de Rossi bilang ANDORA - Mula sa Hera Sensa. Nababasa niya ang nakaraan ng lahat ng kanyang mahawakan. Mapapaibig kay Ybarro.

Francine Prieto bilang AVRIA - Reyna ng Etheria at ng pinuno ng Hera Andal. May kapangyarihang agawin ang lakas ng iba't ibang nilalang. Mahusay na mandirigma at may kakayahang manggamot at makapagbigay ng sakit sa kahit sinong ninanais. May 'access' kay Ether, ang diyosa ng Etheria.

Pauleen Luna bilang ODESSA - Mula sa Hera Aega. Tagapagbantay ng Olontre, ang makapangyarihang bulaklak na nagbibigay ng kakaibang lakas.

Jopay Paguia bilang JUVILA - Punong kawal ng Hera Volo. May kapangyarihang patigilin o pabilisin ang oras.

Alfred Vargas bilang AMARRO - Ama ni Aquil. Mahuhulog din ang loob kay Danaya.

Ping Medina bilang HAGORN - Prinsipe ng Hathoria. Kaibigan ni Raquim at karibal sa pagibig ni Minea.

Sid Lucero bilang ASVAL - Punong tagapamahala ng pangkat ng mga kawal ng Sapiro.

Rainier Castillo bilang NAKBA - Kaibigang matalik ni BANAK mula sa Sapiro. Magnanakaw, basagulero at nagkukunwaring mahusay sa mahika at pakikidigma.

Pekto Nacua bilang BANAK - Isang mandirigma at panday mulas sa Sapiro. Lilikha sa espada ni Raquim at ng Kalasag.

Aiza Marquez bilang GURNA - Dama at kaibigan ni Mine-a na maliligtas mula sa pagkaalipin.

Ella Guevarra bilang CASSANDRA - Ang susi upang maibalik sa kapangyarihan ang Etheria.

BJ Forbes bilang AQUIL - Ang makulit at mapaglarong anak ni Amarro. May kakaibang pagtingin na nararamdaman kay Danaya.

AEGEN - Ang ninuno ni Imaw at pinuno ng Adamya

*Alessandra de Rossi? Raise the Camp Factor a hundred fold!
*Francine is one HOT lady. Towering, uber sexy, at ayaw paawat na boobs, este body. Perfect!
*Ping Medina as Pen Medina when he was young. Ang cute diba? :)
*Alfred Vargas as Alfred Vargas, only his father...a basta...hay...he's drool worthy. hehe.
*Sid Lucero, isa pang eye candy
*Rainer "I-cant-act-to-save-my-life" Castillo? W..T..F?!? Re-cast!
*Aegen...hmm, sounds like some person I know. Imaw in fez, only more ancient! ninuninu. heheh.


And Monday can't come too soon. Open the doors of Etheria!

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Superficially Drunk On The Season

I maybe the only gay man I know who doesn't look up to Madonna like she's some kind of a diety. I just don't see it. Sure she's gone thru more reinventions than a chameleon in heat, but her value is waning. I'd always believed in quitting while you're on top. She can't even sing well. Ok, sure she's a performer, but spare me the rotten tomatoes and the burning at the stake. I believe this puts a nail in the coffin that is my dwindling admiration for her:

Madonna guilty of plagiarism, Belgian judge rules
Belgian judge has left Madonna out in the cold, freezing sales and forbidding air play of her 1998 hit single Frozen in that country, after a plagiarism suit.

Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva accused Madonna of plagiarizing his song, Ma vie fout l'camp (My Life's Getting Nowhere), which he wrote in 1993.
Acquaviva's lawyer announced on Friday that a judge in the Belgian town of Mons had ruled in his favour.

As a result, Frozen, from the album Ray of Light, has been banned from sale and broadcast in Belgium.

More here ->(link)

Tsk tsk. Madonna doing an Orange and Lemons.

Its just a pity the judge was a few years late in the decision...make that 7 FULL years late. Who would be playing that on the airwaves by now? I used to dig the music and vid for this one.

Add the fact that Hung UP (her latest single) relies heavily on an ABBA riff. (yeah, I hear the collective cry: ABBA who? My mom has so many of their albums, I can be considered an expert on their discography. They were pure gold, Madonna on the other hand...)


The other day, my best-er-est friend in the whole wide world, Criselda and I went out for a little rendezvous. Goawd, I missed this lovely woman. She's in a different company now, and eventhough, PBCom is just a stone's throw away from People Support Center, it feels like a great divide.

We went to that jewelry store in Robinson's Pioneer named Asian Finds to return and exchange the ring Ian and I gave her as a gift. Ian wanted to give Cris a special token for giving us heaven for a day (Nurture Spa Tagaytay, see last entry). He remembered that ring Cris was eyeing a couple of months before. Sweet idea, no? We were so excited at how beautiful it was, we forgot the little fact that women's fingers are relatively thinner. So ayun. We got an excuse to go out.

Syempre umulan na naman ng panlalait sa tao everywhere around us. (case in point: the Center for Pop students who had a mini concert sa mall that day. Sorta like their graduation excercise. Pero O.M.G. Sobrang nagkalat ang mga bata. As in nagkalat with a capital PWEH. Pati na yung twink division na sumunod. I think Center For Pop just shot themselves in the foot. There can be no other advertising suicide finer than this. Tsk tsk, may booth pa naman sila to accept applicants.) At hindi lang tao, pati mga merchandise na nananahimik. Haha. Wala talagang lumusot. Sabi nga nila, birds of the same plumage, nang o okray together.

Before getting the ring (oh what a ring it is), we pigged out on Takuyaki balls at Samurai. Ang sarap pala nito. Nung una akala ko parang fish ball lang e. Then, ikot ikot kami sa mall, tapos we pigged out on Hot Loops Donuts naman. Tapos nag dinner pa kami ha. haha. At after all this, on a whim, we headed to Glorietta naman for more shopping/window shopping. And then it rained panlalait na naman. Siguro nagtataka na samin ang mga tao, tawa kami ng tawa.

Hay Bex, I Missssss Youuuuu!


Grabe ha, siksikan na sa mga mall. Halos lahat ng stores may sale. May mga mura at may mga abusado rin. I tried buying a necklace (you know, those real nifty, vintage looking leather ones) and they were charging P250 for something I can get for P50 sa tiangge. Lelang niyo.

Kelan kaya ako makakabili ng mga regalo? Gustong kong shopping trip e yung time na hindi mala sardinas na sa sikip sa mga establishments. In short, Good Luck na lang sa akin.

Pero I really enjoy shopping for gifts. One thing nga lang about me is, I don't make lists. I just waltz in a mall, breeze thru the shops, then picture the person and think what would be perfect for him/her this year. And voila, they appear in front of me just like that. Minsan pasok sa budget, minsan, sorry. Pero I just revel in unpredictability. It just feels better that way. Kahit ako, nasu surprise on what I buy for everyone e, what more yung bibigyan ko. hehe.

Happy shopping, everyone!


Btw, whats a good gift to give a dog? Wala lang. :)

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