Sunday, November 13, 2005

With Great Power....achuchuchu..

"Show them an oyster... There are two types of male oysters, and one of them can change genders at will... and before man crawled out of the muck, maybe he had the same option... maybe originally, we were supposed to be able to switch genders, and being born with just one sex is a mutation."
- Grissom


What does:

Image hosted by and MOI

Have in common? We have both been dangling from buildings saving innocent lives.


Kaninang umaga, magkahalong drama at action ang gumising sa bahay. I usually wake up at around 6am to get ready for work (which is at 7. Imagine mo how near the office I live.) Same old, same old lang naman, until Ate Perly (the housemaid) told me that Junjun (ang sosyal na Askal sa bahay) is already awake. It seemed kinda odd to me that he is no where to be found. I get a tongue bath everytime this adorable doggy gets a whiff of me. Hindi sa hinahanap ko ang tongue bath when I called out to Jun jun, pero all I heard were whimpers coming from upstairs.

Ate Perly told me that he went up (read 4th floor, we live on the 3rd) chasing after pussies (and by pussies, I mean cats on the roof). Our rooftop is a favorite cat casa. This dog always gets a kick out of surprising hapless felines in the heat of lovemaking. Maybe this day the evil kittens got their revenge on sweet old Junjun, because he was doing that pained dog cry. At first I didn't make a fuss out of it. I just thought he got nicked by some sharp claws or something. But then 10 minutes later, I got uneasy.

So for the heck of it, I thought it would be funny if I could sneak up on Junjun the same way he is doing the cats. To my surprise I didn't see him anywhere yet I could hear him still whimpering. This was when I got scared.

I ran over to the edge of the roof. Jun jun was hanging on. Figuratively and literally. The only thing keeping him from falling would be a tiny gutter. (see diagram, marvel at the hyper-realistic depiction)

the drama oh the drama.

At first I didn't know what to do. I woke up my mother (dad is no where. as always.) and my sisters telling them that Junjun was on the roof, hanging on to his dear life. My mom ( who loves this little rugrat like he was the fifth child) panicked and started screaming. My sisters soon followed. Everyone was shouting orders to the maids, telling them to get some guy to go up there and save our little doggie.

(Wait a minute, I'm the only "man" in this household!)

People outside soon turned into the usual usiyosero crowd. You know, those good for nothings who are just there to watch and just blurt out stupid remarks like "Ay, kasalanan yan ng may-ari" or "ang liit naman ng aso" to the "Ayyy!! mahuhulog na ang doggie!!". Why don't you just grab a popcorn while you're at it?!?

Ate Perly managed to call two guys (a father and son duo) to help us out. Unfortunately, these two were pansies. The younger one even blurted out, "Shit, ang taas pala. Takot ako sa heights." Kung di lang siya cute at yumminess ang katawan, nasapak ko na siya. Of course, its gonna be freakin high up...We are on a rooftop, Einstein!!

Mom was already crying. Seriously! She really loves this dog. Jun jun is her companion day by day. Since we're all grown up now and do not need any more caring for (and the fact that dad is virtually non-existent), my mom pours all of that love to this little mutt. I can't bear the sight of her welling up in tears.

So what would any red-blooded man (ahem) do? Do it yourself! (Ding! Ang Bato! -choz.)

I got this rope tied it to the end of a long rod, and did a Western. I lassoed little Junjun (like so)

to the rescue

It was so dang hard. Imagine, roping a squirming dog who keeps on whimpering and looking at you with desolate eyes. Imagine overcoming my own fear of heights and not minding the onlookers who think they know it all. Imagine pulling on the rope with the constant fear that it might break.

Nevertheless, we were able to do it. In fairness to them, the 2 guys did help in pulling the lasso, este rope. When I hesitated at the last minute at the fear that the rope might break, they heaved with all they've got and managed to pull Jun jun up in the nick of time.

So this is us after the harrowing experience. (again, gape in awe at the photorealism)

Image hosted by


I came in late because of this action/drama/comedy morning. Ok lang. At least one of my fears had been defeated. Bungie Jumping and Skydiving here I come.

Now if only I can get over my fear of going bald, it would be super.

* I would like to thank my left and right hand for a spankin use of the oldest Photoshop known to man (well, at least to me that is) Photoshop 5!! Its so old, its like MSPaint, only with airbrush. (Its a ripped version and its running on illegal resources in the office. I'm evil like that.)

[Music of the Moment: That's What It Feels Like - J.lo song streaming from my mahadera seatmate's workstation.]
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