Saturday, November 05, 2005

Drawing The Line


Empirical proof that supermodels can't "see" (relatively) ugly people. Tuloy lang ang hitad rumampa. No, wa siya nakita. Deadma.

Lesson for the day: Beauty is a candy. Sometimes its crap disguising as candy. Nonetheless, shallow people flock to it like buffoons and gobble it up till the sun sets on them. (and if you're not 7 foot 11, carrying a banner is the only way to get attention.)


No names. No details. Just a memoriam.

Another wake up call. A lovely couple I know, who have been dating for an eternity (well, 3 years in our world IS an eternity), is calling it quits. Its utterly unfortunate for the aggrieved party. I share my sympathies with you, my dear. You're young, definitely beautiful, and you have a mind that can cripple anyone. Maybe the Higher Power has other (read: better) plans for you.


Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.~Alighieri


Masaya ka nga, malungkot naman ang mga taong malapit sa puso mo. Buhay.

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