Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas, Maxi and Me

I haven't been updating much lately. Maybe because things are picking up a whole lot faster than I expected.

From the top of my head, I'm thankful for a lot of things. A loving family, a gorgeous special someone, a demented yet highly loveable dog and everything in life that I can wish for.

Hay, ang boring no pag ganun lang ang isusulat no? Actually, I just wanted to let that out before anything else. Christmas is fast approaching and the nostalgia is there. It sure feels great that the winds are getting frosty.

Do you believe that medical quirk where a specific sensation like smell or touch could trigger a flashback on a certain event of your life that you hold dear?

I have so many of those. One of them would be coming out fresh from a shower and a light nippy December breeze would pass by. Brings me straigt back to a memory when I was 11 years old and vacationing in my grandpa's house. It was Christmas time as well, and there were carollers on the street. I don't know why I always remember that period, but all I know is, it surely makes me feel good.


Pinoy pride moment once again.

Our first ever entry to Sundance Film Festival:

Sundance. Wow.
Go Maxi. :)

To those who haven't seen this film, you're missing out on something good.

It will be showing tomorrow nationwide (I think). My 100 pesos helped send it to Montreal, Canada. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin.


I just spent a day in HEAVEN.

My best friend just gave me an overnight stay for 2 at NURTURE SPA in Tagaytay.

Ako pa naman ang dakilang laitero sa mga lugar. Lahat na ng resort na napuntahan namin I always find something to nitpick. Isa pa lang ang hindi ko nalalait, at yan yung Regency sa Bora. Akala ko wala na kong mahahanap na ganun. Yun pala, its just 2 hours away lang from Manila.

An overnight stay in one of the most beautiful places in Tagaytay, full course meals, a full body massage, foot spa, body polish, facial...you name it, we got it.

Everyone was so polite, so welcoming; the accomodation was a hybrid of old and new, modern ammenities hidden in vintage effects; complete privacy from the world (very conducive to...uhm, intimate matters. hehe) And to top it all off, the crisp climate of the highlands of Tagaytay. I really can't find fault in anything.

Maria Criselda, I lab yooo!!!! Panalo talaga ito.

Pictures in to come up in the (very near) future. (pinagdadamot ko pa, ang ganda kasi talaga e. hehe)


Wala lang. Bukas, izzz my Berddday. Im gonna party like izz my berddday.
And to those asking: in my previous post, I wrote I was turning 34. I was lying then. I'm really 38. . .ha!. :)

[Music of the Moment: Don't Forget About Us - Mimi ]
[Mood: anticipating ]


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