Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Return To Innocence

People's Court.
Anarchism rearing its ugly head yet once again. Mr. Guingona, please, give it a rest.


Sieyete...parang kahapon lang ng i-blog ko na Oktoberfest na, ngayon naman, Araw na ng mga Kaluluwa.

San napunta ang Oktubre? Bakit ang bilis? Naidlip ata ako...
O nagliwaliw ng husto. Alin kaya?


How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
How will the world end?
When did Famine become Pollution? (in parody to Delight turning into Delirium)
Is the Anti-christ living amongst us and he just doesn't know he is THE anti-christ?
Who wins in the battle between heaven and earth?
How would you feel if your parents named you Anathema?
Why can't I stiffle a smile at the thought that the world is about to meet its demise?

I've got to blame it on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I've never seen the Armageddon in such a light-hearted, humorous way. Good Omens is definitely a must read. (thanks, bob) I'm loving every minute of it. It tells the story of how it will all end in all its quirky, tongue in cheek, yet delightfully mischievous way. It does away with the overbearing melodrama other books tend to tackle regarding this topic. Its comparable to that little known movie Dogma (where Ben and Matt are angels of Death, and God is...Alanis Morisette). This has everything from Satanic Nuns, Angels and Demons with British humor, ridiculously named characters, the clueless Antichrist, a prophetic Nutter...the list goes on.

Have a Nice Doomsday, as Gaiman and Pratchett wants to put it.


On a serious note, I have this theory that the end of the world will come in a form that no one expects it to. No fiery rocks raining down from on high, no sulphuric emissions from the gates of hell, no pitchfork-weilding, goat-hooved henchment to herald the end...Rather I think it will be mutated virus strain. A strain so invulnerable to any cure known to man. The perfect killer strain.

It will come swiftly, devour mercilessly, leave silently.

It won't even allow us to blink. Then the world would just be a barren place once again. Cities to be overrun by forests. Nature taking over where it left off before the arrival of that bipedal beast with intelligience. The divine cycle.

But thats just me.


Sorry bout that.

Gusto ko lang takutin sarili ko. Siguro kasi napuna ko, masaya ako lately. Sobrang saya. Too good to be true ba? Hindi naman. It would just be wise not to be totally swept away by surging elation.

Anyway, I'm off to my restdays again. Updating is becoming a once a week thing now for me. But its still therapeutic. Have a good holiday everyone.

[Music of the Moment: To The Moon And Back - Savage Garden ]
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