Monday, October 03, 2005


Hundreds and hundreds of years from now, future students and even scholars would uncover this "low tech, almost primitive" way of record keeping called blogging in the same fashion of how we view documents from the medieval "Dark Ages".

They'd then uncover my blog and think: "This boy from the 21st century sure has a lot of issues."

Then they'd read a hidden message in between the lines that reads out: "Fucketh Ye".

(best Homer Simpson imitation) Hmmm...the future.


They'd also uncover these pictures and will scratch their heads. In the language of the time they'll mutter: "These folks from the 21st century has laid down for us a written guide to base our language on." English will then be the new Latin.

Did I say English? I meant Engrish:

"We serve 'em rare. Get 'em here ladies!"

This is where them 21st century cavemen buy their clothes. Where it located? Easy. Its just beside Bullshit.

(crick pictchar to view rarger pictchar!)
The way we eat will be immortalized with the line: "Who said, you do not like it?"

(crick pictchar to view rarger pictchar!)
And so will the laws of the land be remembered.

Things to look forward to.


Hundreds of years from now, I wonder what will be the standard of beauty? Having three eyes would probably be the next in thing. Or having twice the number of, ahem, appendages. Women would be going out in tree barks (tree barks would be the new black) and men...would still be men.


But for now.
Brent. Can a male model be any more beautiful than thou?

And no. Not the Javier iteration.

This is perfectly sculpted by a higher being. Ladies and Gentlewomen:

Brent Van Zant

Would you look at that?

Hubba, hubba.
You can start swooning now.

And if this is not enough for you gals and guys (of the curious kind), do yourselves a favor. Whet your appetite on this: his full glory

[Music of the Moment: Never (Past Tense) - The Roc Project ]
[Mood: going Japaneza! oh and drooling over Mr. Van Zant ]


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Myrrh said...

Brent is yummy... Tyanks for droppin' by.. I'll link you up ulit.. :) tight hugs...


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