Saturday, October 01, 2005

Intimate ANimism

I'm on a 6 day workweek.

But I don't care.

He makes time fly so fast, I hardly even notice it.


7610 = love

can you believe how big the resolution can go? and its just my fone...

The first shot I took of the world as I stepped outside of the hospital. There was a cool breeze touching my face. A renewed view on my life. A renewed look on love.

In motion, it was magnificent, the shadow on the right was growing, then the light, then the shadow again. Like imps in a pond.

The plant display in front of our office building. The play of light and shadow. It could have been a magical shot. If only I had an SLR camera.

4pm person no longer. Welcome the sunshine

Metropolitan Business Park, Manila Bay. I was in a bus, just staring out the window. Waiting for my stop. This picture was taken at 4:10pm. It used to be my favorite hour.


(in the most jologs tone one can muster)
Mga dudes, dudettes, dudings* Octoberfest na naman!

(jologs off)
Actually, for the past two years, I've managed to attend the Festival. Palagi na lang ako nahahatak ng mga kabarkada. Palagi na lang din namin naaabutan ang huling hirit. I don't know why we even bother to go. Medyo (o sige, wala na palang medyo) kadirs pag naabutan mo yung paubos na ang beer. You'll be swimming in a soup of drunken adolescents, the smell too thick in the air for you to avoid. We go there for no apparent reason at all. Maybe this year, we'll break the trend.


I'm happy for my girl Cris because, like Carlo, may job na siya ulit!! Congrats sis! Sa unang paycheck mo, alam mo na kung san pupunta ha? Sa tiyan ko. Busugin mo ako! ahhaha.

My heart brims with your resplendent words.


The weekends used to be my playground. Now that my restdays are changed, that is now but a distant memory. Buti ka pa.


Messy Beautiful, Twisted Sunshine, the advent longs for your warmth. Like that Outkast song, you are the prototype. Looking forward to next time.


October na, ang bilis ng panahon no? Kahapon, September lang; kahapon (x30), August lang; kahapon (x200), kakasimula lang ng taon. Time is on the loose.

The world's hurrying us up to get a whole lot old-er.

*dude na BadingGarci. TM ko yan. hehe

[Music of the Moment: Wake Me Up When September Ends - Ang gising na na lead singer ng Greenday ]
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