Sunday, October 02, 2005

Halfway Up The Mount

Weekends. And I'm wasting away in the office...Wasting company resources, that is. *evil snicker.

What does these two have in common?

white and sexyand Braguda of Darna

(^^thats my newest baby) vs. (^^someone's baby decades ago)

They're both named CELIA!!
Yup. I just thought about it. A tribute to one of local queerdom's icons*.
(Naming inanimate objects rocks!)


Celia + = Time Blackhole

I've been browsing over this site yesterday and I got addicted! Pinakyaw ko na ata lahat ng Themes, Wallpapers, Logos, Games at kung ano anong ek ek sa site nila. But it seems like they keep on updating and adding new stuff on a daily basis.

Oh and since natuwa naman ako sa site nila (mostly because LIBRE ito) ipa plug ko na rin siya. It's the best place for your celphone kikay needs. Plus the site's quite handy if you need to compare phones. Who knows, you might even learn something new. Hurry! Clicky clicky! up the kikay on your fone


Blast the rain!
I came in the office half soaked. Buti na lang may payong ako.

Bat ba naman kasi delayed ang wet season this year e. Pweh.


A few days back, 5:44am, Sun to Sun call:

D: "I'm running late. Gawd, I hope this cab makes it in time. Where are you?"
I: "I'm waiting for the LRT, I'm going home. Hurry up, bob**. Don't want you getting late"
D: "Awfully quiet there. Must be the time."
I: "Yeah. Where are you now?"
D: "Manong driver is good, I'm coming round the bend. Pasok na sa office. You take care ok? Text me when you get home, bob."
(runs to the lobby of PSC..7 minutes remaining till the start of shift)
I: "Ang cute ng shirt mo, pero ang gulo ng buhok mo."
D: "Wha-?"
D: "Bob...I'm...I thought you were..." releases call. smiles.

And he brought me a bottle of my favorite iced tea, Sola Lemon and a box of Oreos.
Busog ang tiyan, mas busog ang puso.

*Celia Rodriguez in her campy villainess role, for those scratching their heads.
**Bob = Bobby, derivative of an overly used, severly rundown, ubiquitous petname. TM ko rin yan. :)

[Music of the Moment: Invisible Man - not really applicable, its just one line there talking about hearts skipping a beat...and the melody that I'm feelin' right now.]
[Mood: reborn ]


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