Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Changing Constants

Ok ba?

I figured she's a whole lot less sluttier like this. I still love her though.


This site is undergoing a Belo-like face lift. Been toying a lot with Photoshop CS and it'd be something like:

Para maiba naman, lets go futuristic!


Every move you make enthralls me.
Every word you say, even with that Visayan accent, is cute to me.
Your smoky eyes, your to-die-for bod.
Pinay beauty at its finest.
...Cass of PBB, why do I crush thee?
I'm confused. This shouldn't be. But it is!

Can it be....I'm a lesbian in a man's body? heheh.


For the news:
2 days ago, yesterday, and today, a suspicious character named Derek was found pigging out at KFC yet again. Embarassingly, he is professing his addiction to chicken on his page on the world wide web. His comments (in between frothing in the mouth paired with a malicious stare thinking that we'd take away his food) were: "KFC Chicken Steak good. Must. Try."


Ang sarap pala ng feeling na nagdadala ka ng pagkain para sa pamilya mo sa bahay. These past few days, I've been finding myself drawn to bakeshops, groceries, and specialty stores just to buy that little something for the folks. Pag nakita mo na ang mga ngiti ng mga kasambahay mo, specifically people you love the most, kahit hindi ka na makatikim, ok lang. Dati rati, ako yung excited pag may pasalubong na darating. Ngayon ako naman (spoken ala commercial ng Tide).


And to Senator Jamby Madrigal: Please stop your rhetorics. Your bodyguard was caught on camera bringing a high caliber gun to a public demonstration. What if that gun went off when your fumbling bodyguard let it slip through his hands? It could have injured one of the police men. Or worse. It could even injure one of your own. Then what would you do? Go on national TV and decry that the administration shot your people? Ok so he's a bodyguard. But what is he doing in your "peaceful" demonstration? Even a prelate is against your colleagues.

This is a sign of the end. Politics, Filipino style, would forever be stuck in this quagmire.


On a lighter note: I'm breaking loose. Rest days again! Hooozah. Spending time with the Bob. Blogging respite again. Until I get a new blog layout that is.

[Music of the Moment: Don't Lie - Black Eyed Peas ]
[Mood: dangerous, in a good way ]


At 5:05 PM, Blogger sky said...

I wish I can also make Blogger skins. Will be waiting for your makeover!

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