Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Week Enders vol.9

Its been a LOOOONG while since I did this last. Anyway.

Moi: Bry, meron ka na nung Cosmo September edition? Paheram naman.
Bry: Di ko type masyadong...pang madre.

gasp!? que horror! Is it true?
I've seen the cover boy Richard Gutierrez, and I wouldn't mind having him deliver me his Sausage pizza, but the rest are...way too tame??

Had Cosmo lost its touch, or is it just a doldrum?

Kelangan malaman.

This week's enders revolves around things in pop culture I used to hate not have much love for, but now, I've a change of heart...or not.

Nina. Goawd, I just...have this utter distaste for her. She reminds me a lot of drag queens (the bad ones) everytime her mug appears on the boob tube, her music is at best mediocre what with all the covers and zero originality and the fact that she's lapping up those platinum awards. Arrg.

M.Y.M.P. Now on the other side of the coin, this band had endeared itself to me. They may be doing covers left and right, but (surprise surprise) they still write their own music, its just that nobody cares about original stuff nowadays. Juris' vocals are also top notch. I just learned recently that she used to be a Smokey Mountain member. So that explains it.

Shampoo commercials. What is it with this country's obsession with shampoo? Next to impeachment news, all I see on local TV would be these eye-roll inducing shampoo commercials. Ranging from the key celebrity endorsements to the horrible "theme songs" (ever experienced that bounce, bounce-shoot me dead now commercials?). Again I ask, Are we so in dire times that there is a collective need for people to focus their attention elsewhere? Uhm, say their hair!?

Filipino Reality Shows. Reality show my ass, when even the big budgeted ones gets the disapproving glare of the all too powerful MTRCB. Whats the sense of having a "reality" show when it gets cuts for "risque" topics (lets see here: public discussion of virginity, sexy dancing and insert some other mundane topic here). Ganun ba tayo ka-conservative? O sabi lang nila?

Its a dying trend but there are still sectors in the society that would go on rallies out on a whim. So your fangled Impeachment case had been shut down, now you'll be back on the streets? Gowd, I hope these desperate politicians just shrivel up and die. Let me say this one last time: "No saint will ever get to sit in the highest position in the land". That place is paved with blood and gold. Unless utter divine intervention happens on these God forsaken lands, nobody, I mean nobody will occupy that position and be the second coming. Its always the lesser evil. So just give it up already. And to the defeated parties, please go back and do what you are voted to do: legislate laws that will actually be beneficial for the land.

I have a lot more peeves, but I have to limit it to these for now. Baka sabihin ng mundo napaka bitter bitteran ko. But sometimes, these things actually leave that not-so-pleasant aftertaste in your mouth. Oh well, I'm off to my fabulous restdays. More time to not think about these stuff.

We'll be having our Sports Fest in the coming weeks and I intend to make my team win. Kahit parang naka Valium pa ko, fight lang ng fight. Para san pa at naging captain ball ako diba? (haha, kelangan talaga sabihin, diba?) Ultimate question lang: Matino ba ang gumastos ka ng 4th ++ para sa rubber shoes? Justified naman 'coz I'll be using it for the sports fest. Pero still.

Matino ba?

[Music Book of the Moment: Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet ]
[Mood: disappointed ]


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Paulo Dromilo Suello said...

hayyy.. im waiting for cosmo rin.. me bachelors bash daw? in greenbelt i think


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