Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tagged By Divine Dea..How Can I Refuse?

Write 20 random things about you and tag as many people as the number of minutes you took in doing this.

1. Im falling in love. You know that Chicago song? I know better what to do...

2. I've had my position for 2 years and 7 months already. The appraisals are enough for me not to aspire for a higher position. Im living it.

3. My best friend; who has seen my soul; who is my constant companion; who is my doppelganger; who can summon the doves and make crows cry; is Criselda.

4. My birthday falls on the same date as Andres Bonifacio's. Hence the embarassing second name, Andrus. ew.

5. I named my dog: DOG. Why? All together now: "Because its a..." Profound, no?

6. I have one lace panty (that's right, I said panty. Uberly lace-y, I must say), given to me as a practical joke by an anonymous fag hag in the office last Christmas. Ar ar ar.

7. I eat a lot. You know, pig -like.

8. I've backpacked through Boracay for a full week. 1st class hotel c/o my newfound friends, food! food! food!, a tan, booze, pasalubong, everything. I managed to survive on a whopping 4th pesos only. Try to beat that.

9. I can be a real motor mouth sometimes. Energizer bunny powered bunganga.

10. Have I mentioned, I'm falling in love?

11. I have a crush on Angel Locsin. Yup. Of the female kind. She's the future egg cell donor of my future baby girl. Imagine what she'll look like. Showbiz, here we come! :)

12. I have only 30 DVD movies, but 215 Playstation CDs and DVD games at home.

13. Whenever I shop, a beam of light illuminates the object I just have to get. Or maybe its just my imagination. But still. Charge it!

14. I'm utterly digusted with cockroaches especially the crazy, flying, dive-bomber types. Disgust leads to fear, and fear leads to hate... Hate in turn leads to screaming and climbing any piece of furniture in the area while asking anyone to shoo it away.

15. I can not read just 1 book at one time. I have to have at least 3 books that I can alternate. I love conflicting streams of thought. Any conversation that has only one thread is uber boring, dont you think?

16. I'm saving up for my future backpacking thru the European countries. I'll be taking the Euro Metro, and who knows? I might meet an Ethan Hawke and we'll just talk for hours on end...till the closing credits, of course. Then, 9 years later a sequel will be made. Once is not enough.

17. I'm a sucker for campy, pop culture stuff. Encantadia is one guilty pleasure. Ok, I hear your collective groans. It just fulfills my childhood fantasies like living in a world, filled with fairies and demons and satyrs and whatever comes to mind. The show has it all. Intricate costumes, beasts, incest, telenovelic plots, fight scenes..well, maybe not the fight scences. Oh and yeah: "Ako si Reyna Amihan, tagapagtanggol ng Lireo. Humanda ka Pirena." Can anything be more campier than that?

18. I am a volleyball fanatic. For my height, I can clear the 1.85 meter net. Go check how high that is.

19. I'm a gadget freak. I almost got my PSP (playstation portable) confiscated at the office because I brought it in. Bringing PDA's, celpones, and other storage devices merits burning at the stake in my office. My defense? "Heck, I didnt even bring my USB, how can I download shit off the internet?" (well, actually, I was screaming, teary eyed, pleading and begging down on my knees for them to give it back. I jest. hehe)

20. I am. (said in a mysterious, pretentiously intellectual way)

Janjanjan. It took me a whopping 33 minutes and 20 seconds (I have a timer on my desktop) to finish this meme. Well, subtract the time Jenz made chicka, Paulo telling me to view LM's site and me being distracted by office banter, it would come down to 25 minutes.

Pero ang dami pa rin pala.
Oh well so here goes. I tag:

1. Susan Roces (rally ka ng rally, gawin mo na lang to. mag blog ka na lang, mas mabuti pa)
2. Cory Aquino (traffic tuloy today sa Ayala, isa ka pa.)
3. Kris Aquino (ayaw mo kasi kay Uma. Yun lang)
4. Xena, the Warrior Princess (insert Amazonic battle cry here)
5. Oscar, the neighborhood grouch (just because angry men have interesting things to say)
6. Pope Benedict XVI (bless our damnable souls)
7. Paulo, Darna.
8. Val, Valentina
9. Cris, you're not off the hook.
10. Czakey, hip mommy. Hugs
11. Jay dahil b-day mo.
12. Jodie, not Santa Maria. dahil bday mo rin.
13-20. Reyna Amihan, Pirena, Alena, Danaya, Mira, Lira, Ybarro, Cassiopeia
21-25. Spice Girls (pre break up era)

*edit: grammar
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