Sunday, September 18, 2005

Star Spangled Panties!


I'm so excited about this. I love the reruns! I love the lasso! I love the bracelets! I love the big hair! Uhm, for the humongous panty...just a little love for it will do. But still, I hope this makes it big. I wonder (ha! pun NOT intended) who they'll cast? Suggest suggest!

Joss Whedon - "Wonder Woman" Movie - Treating Wonder Like Batman
From - 2005-09-16

Joss Whedon, who is writing and will direct the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, told SCI FI Wire that he wants to give the venerable franchise the Batman Begins treatment, making sure fans get what they want: the costume, the bracelets, the lasso, maybe even the invisible jet.

"What’s exciting is, like, Batman Begins basically really did a wonderful job explaining exactly why he was a bat and why he had everything on his costume that he did," Whedon said in an interview. "That’s the joy of doing an origin story of Wonder Woman. Why does she wear the bracelets? Why does she use the lasso? Like, ... where does all that stuff come from? ... And I have answers for all of that, and it’s really fun. So it’s not a reinvention like, ’Oh, she’s going to dress like Trinity [from The Matrix].’"

Whedon is in the process of writing the script for the movie, which has yet to be cast. "I want to see Wonder Woman as I know her and see her, [and] not ... [just her] star-spangled panties. But she wears the Wonder Woman outfit, and she has the bracelets and all the accoutrements. ... The lasso and, if I can make it work for the plot, the invisible plane. I have a take on it that I think is cool. It’s just I’m structuring the plot, and I’ve got to find a place for it. But I think people want it, and I think I can do it without ... it being campy, believe it or not. And I respect those things. I, in fact, love them."

I just wish, liitan lang yung panty ng slight. Parang pampers e.


In other wonderous news, I spent my restdays (and my Saturday leave) sa Ulap Numero Siyam. Alam niyo yung feeling na suddenly there's a reason to wake up each day coz there's new meaning to your life? (dalawang kanta ata yun a). After Mr. Wonderwall (kanta na naman), I thought the hollow husk that is my heart will be forever shrouded by an enchanted forest. Someone took my hand ang took me out of the dark (oh may gawd, anong kabaduyan?) Saksakan ng corny, pero totoo. :)


I just have to announce this. I'm now an Honorary Thomasian.
Specifically, honorary member ako ng theater org nila - Mediartrix. Honorary siyempre kasi hindi naman ako alumnus. Berde ang dugo ko. Ngayon, berde at dilaw na.

Ang saya ng Wednesday kasi Ian invited me to watch a play/musical sa USTe. He used to be an officer for the org. Yeah, he's talented like that, y'all. And so is his troupe. I enjoyed their production Dizzizit, D'vizzit (which was a sequel to last year's Dizzizit). I really admired them because this play is purely their own. What I mean is that there is no outside influence. They made the props, they choreographed, they wrote the script, they mixed the sounds, everything. During the closing curtain call I was pleased to see that there was no 'adult' (you know the thundercats type) who came up on stage.

And the production was a showcase of talents. These guys not only act well, they have fantastic singing voices and they can also bust a move like nobody's business. Ian explained that they really have strict audition standards. I got to meet a handful of the guys. Grabe, para silang mga live wires. Everyone's unique, yet lahat may ibubuga. And they made the production great. Aliw talaga. So ganun pala ang theater. Looking forward.


I had to make like the Prince of Persia and steal this from Rej the Tan Goddess' blog.

Digital Electronic Replicant Responsible for Immediate Calculation and Killing


Btw, kinaya niyo ba to??...Britney and that Federline guy's relationship withstood two Hollywood fallouts: Brad & Jen and just recently Kenny & Renee.

Ang pangit din pala if divorce is just something you can get on a whim.

Imagine that on a Philippine setting....brrr.

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