Sunday, September 18, 2005

Madonna and Child

Eto funnay. No offense to the Queen, pero when your time is up, know it. Wag na magpumilit.

MADONNA's dreams of resurrecting her role as EVA PERON in a new stage version of EVITA have been dashed by the show's creator ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER.

The hugely successful British composer was delighted by Madonna's performance in the 1996 film adaptation of EVITA - but he considers the MUSIC singer to now be too old for the part.

Lord LLOYD-WEBBER says, "She's not right for the part. We are looking for people in their twenties for goodness sake."

This latest setback follows a string of bad fortune for the superstar singer, who recently broke several bones in a horse-riding accident on her 47th birthday.


Here's a band-aid for all you fanboys/fan-garcis out there:

Taray no? (just remove the word "hot". Got this from Trent.)


Some blurbs on Renee and Kenny's 4-month long marriage:

"Another poster on another site noted "this relationship began with a tsunami and ended with a hurricane". Yeah, that was prophetic eh?"

At nagdagdag pa:
"Since she has a penchant for it, who knows, maybe Renee can meet someone again in the Hurricane Katrina Fund Raisers?!"

At shall we say, incriminating testimonial?:

I have to say. My husband is this huge country music fan. Last year we saw Kenny in concert with several other artist. I have always told my husband that I thought he was gay. My man said, NO! After seeing him upclose at this concert I still was completely sure he was gay. Then he got married and my husband said SEE! I said, I don't care that he is married I still think he is gay. Then the reports of Renee filing FRAUD. I said last night FRAUD means he is not what she thought he was STRAIGHT! LOL Honestly it doesn't make a difference. I am not a country music fan anyway. I just need to know that I am right! And if other females have been with him in the past then they aren't with him for his masculinity . Now Tim McGraw that is masculine! lol Even though they all need to keep their hats on.


I'm feeling my camwhore-of-Babylon roots coming back. Its about time. Ang tagal na rin e. Sa wakas may MMS capable phone na rin ako and Cris was able to unload a whopper of pics to it. A whole year's collection..Well, almost. These pics had been long over due. It came from Cris's phone, hence the quality (hahaha, inaapi talaga ang ibang phone porque't 1 megapixel sakin. Peace, honey!)

emote sa soup

This is where goddesses usually hang out. Pizza Hut Park Square 2. Its cozy, spacious, renovated interiors, excellent customer service from the crew and good food. And the good thing about this venue? Only a few people go here. Tis very much "ours".

emote sa french fries
Contrary to popular belief, I did not lose weight. Almost everyone I know keeps on telling me this. Ok, here's proof. I've been on the light side eversince. (this was taken god know how long ago...2, 3 months?) But I still retain my trash compactor of a stomach.

laban ka sa height?

Greenbelt 3. Our oasis. And its just a few steps away from the office...Well, it is, if you consider 4 blocks a few steps.

ang background!

"Hi, I'm Derek and I'm a pizza-holic".

Ang dulas! Ang soft! Birds of the same feather, are beautiful birds! Ano daw? haha.

How do you know you've found a true gem of a friend? Theres no stock answer to that. It just happens.~advent

♥ you, Garz.

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