Wednesday, September 14, 2005

KFC In My Blood

I've been spreading this text joke about a father and his son going to the toy section where in the boy asked for a toy sword. This made the father brim with joy because his son just showed a sign of "manliness". The elated boy picked up the sword, swished it in the air and then proclaimed:

"Ako si Reyna Amihan, tagapagtanggol ng Sepiro. Humanda ka Pirena!"

Lolz. Ok sige, translation for you non Encantadia freaks like me. Amihan is Iza Calzado (who is so stunningly beautiful, I must say), the current Queen of the fantasy land of Sapiro and Pirena (Sunshine Dizon, who miraculously lost all her body fat), Amihan's villainess sister.

I just remembered this piece of SMS spam when I saw (my growing favorite) Uma in Pinoy Big Brother act..well, like himself (read: screaming faggotina). One of the casts, Jayson was teasing Uma with a dead cockroach. It just so happened that Uma was chopping veggies for thier lunch. Treathened, he pointed the knife (in true baklita fashion) at Jayson while managing to bypass the censors in saying "Sige lumapit ka, puta ka! Chop chopin kita" Then when Jayson threw the roach at him, Uma flew like a graceful butterfly - with arms fluttering and all. Riot!


I've been gorging on KFC this whole week. (Well, except today coz I'm my wallet's so dry of moolah, I had to make chuk-chuk the plastic...pero chicken pa rin kinain ko.)

Why KFC? Because its just on the ground floor of our building, and in Makati, walking to any other restaurant DURING lunch hour (read: High noon) would turn you 3 shades darker per minute of walking or every 10 steps, whichever comes first.

Oh and I had a Colonel ephipany.
[Insert angelic choir here]
If you're itching for a 2-pc chicken meal, cease and desist you cow!

At P105 its a total rip off.

Get the 3 piece Crispy strip instead. Its P72, but its 3 whole strips of pure boneless goodness. In fact, I can defiantly say that it almost has the same meat content as the 2-pc meal.

Ok, public advisory over. (plucks sprouting feathers from underarm)

Week over for me!!!


KakaLONGKOT lang kasi iisang tao na nga lang ang kasabay ko sa restday (oo, kilala mo kung sino ka), naiba pa rest day niya. O diba? Ang saya saya.

Oh well. Thats life.


See you, guys and gals. Happy weekends, er, days, er...whatever!

[Music of the Moment: Fly Like A Bird - Mimi ]
[Mood: jonesing for the restdays ]


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