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Ghost Stories In September

Before anything, ANG GALING NO?:


Since its almost the season for Ghouls and Ghosts, lemme write these down for posterity's sake. You know how ghost stories go. With stories that come from the grapevine, its elaborate, moody and exactly the right amount of creepiness. With personal stories however, they tend to be simpler, devoid of relish. Nevertheless, they tend to be more hair-raising. Personal ghost stories are also more "fun" to share because you were actually there. Like dreams, you tell it to a few people, it freaks you out for a few days, then you forget.

Hurried lang to. From memory. Wala nang mga rekado. Simpleng paglalahad lang.

Anyway, the first one happened in My Garci Cris' house...(insert flashback sequence here..ooooh. wave-y wave-y.)

It was our weekly sleep over at Cris' palatial abode. Ang saya sa kanila, we never run out of things to do. You can find us most of the time in the kitchen, whipping up our own recipes. And take note, they're really delish. Pwede nga namin gawing career to e.

The kitchen only beats Cris' bedroom by a tiny fraction when it comes to our time spent in it. Her room is humongous with a capital BIG. So big in fact, it has two princess size* beds.

One night, as we were dozing off I woke up all of a sudden. I don't know if I'm the only one who has this but sometimes, even if I'm sleeping like a log, my eyes would just open, my senses in full awareness. Like a light that just got switched on. I know, its really weird. But there are really nights when I go thru this. And in moments like this, something happens. Something unusual.

I had my back to one corner of the room, yet I felt this feeling that theres something or I don't know what, thats just there, sharing the room with us. At first I tried to reason it away. But it stayed. I felt the blanket covering me was not enough. I was cold.

This was what pulled on my nerves. I had the precognition that some sort of appendage (let say hands, I can't say for sure) were reaching out to my legs. Precognition, like when you are sharing an intimate moment with your lover, although you are not looking in his/her general direction, you know/feel where his/her (I should stop with the slashes) hands would fall and caress. Take that, and put it in a completely chilling context.

Reaching out to me.

I quickly got up. Walked over to Cris' bed (which was just straight across from mine) and tried to wake her up. What I remembered was that I said something like' "Garz, kinikilabutan ako, palit naman tayo ng kama". Cris of course, sleepyhead that she is, answered half-consciously that everythings ok and I should just go back to my bed, then she turned her back on me.

I hesitated yet I conceded. I lay on the farthest side of my bed as possible. However, I gave one last shot at asking Cris to change beds with me, I pleaded something like "Sige na Cris, palit na tayo." Alam niyo kung ano sinagot?

"Wala yan no. Ano ka ba. Mas dapat nga matakot ako dito sa kinalalagyan ko kasi ako nakatalikod sa inyo.."

Kaya niya e.

Any good ghost story has to have a background explaination for the "why". Just dont expect a "how".

It turns out that the bed I was sleeping in was exactly the same bed that her geriatric auntie died in. This auntie of Cris lived the three fourths of her life in the US and when she felt it was her time, she requested to come home to the Islas Filipinas to die here and be buried beside her long gone husband. So during the days they were waiting, the family gave her the other bed in Cris' room. They believe this would be for the best, as Cris can also act as her nanny (much to my girl's minor annoyance - she loves her tita, but she's no caregiver).

This auntie can not speak an ounce of Filipino at all and loves to hear stories about the family. There was a point where she was near her final day when she was asking for her sister (who died several years before). Most often, people at the brink of old age get flashbacks of the golden days in their lives; sometimes they no longer see the present. She had the habit of standing up in the wee hours of the night, walk over to Cris' bed, pinch her legs to wake her up and she would just say one thing:

"Tell me a story.."

This would of course annoy any sleeping individual, no matter how much that individual loves the other person. And that was what Cris felt. Imagine being shaken from sweet sleep only to tell a story to someone whom most probably won't even listen to a word you'll say.

A month or so later, the aunt passed away. After the burial, Cris, being the tough cookie that she is, slept alone in her room for the first time in several weeks. One night, she was sleeping soundly, she half-consciously felt something brush her shoulder. She of course, didn't mind it. But a few minutes later, maybe because of the fact that she ignored it, something/someone pinched her legs.

She got up, looked around.

No one was there.

My heart would stop then and there if something pinched my legs followed by a bodiless voice from beyond the grave say in a bone chilling manner: "Tell me a storyyy..."


I looked up and realized ang haba na pala ng nasulat ko. Abridged na yan ha. So for this next one, sige, paspasan na lang. Hindi naman siya talaga "ghost story". Pero parang ganun na rin.

Kagabi nanood kami ng Pasiyam. Its a local film, never mind the plot. But its a "horror" movie. In fernez, ok lang naman sobrang useless lang ng ending.

DVD marathon night namin kagabi kaya pagkatapos ng Pasiyam sobrang antok na ko. Nag sara na ko sa kwarto, pinatay ang ilaw, humiga tapos nag huling hirit sa pag tetext. Maya maya, pumipikit na mga mata ko.

Biglang may narinig ako na tunog. Sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko, "Peste naman tong kapitbahay, ang lakas lakas ng sound sa PC"...Teka. Wala pala kaming "kapitbahay" kasi nga, we live in my grandpa's building in Paranaque. Oh well...

Maya maya pa, [insert Windows XP welcome tune]. Napatayo ako sa kama. PC ko pala yun. Nakita ko pa bumukas ang CPU niya....


Ang weirdo talaga sobra. Biglang labas ako ng kwarto, punta sa sala tapos sabi ko lang "Ma, ang PC bumukas mag isa." Ayun, sunod sila sa kwarto ko. Umaandar na ang mga applications. Si mama pa nag patay. Ang dami dami niyang explanation kesyo nasangga daw ang power button, magkasabay daw nakasaksak sa isang socket ang PC at electric fan, etc etc, na kung isa kang may ari ng PC for several years now, you'll find no sense in it. Niloloko pa nga ako ni mama na sana hinintay ko mag bukas ang monitor para nakita ko daw ang mukha.

Wala namang automatic ON ang PC diba?

Pero in fernez. Ang high tech ng multong ito ha.


Halloween is still over a month away but these eerie occurences give me the shivers. O siya, Happy Halloween na lang. (advanced, duh!)

*I can't think of what you call the bed size smaller than a queen so I made this stuff up. Walang pake elamanan

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