Saturday, September 03, 2005

Check Your (Hospital) Ref

One measure of the amount of love in your life?
Check your Ref everytime you get confined.

And so the 2 weeks that was. I had never, for the life of me, been confined to a hospital. It just...happened.

Its odd, but it seems I got the fad sickness out of the blue. Say it with me: Dengue.

I've always prided myself in never coming down with anything worse than a passing cold. But then someone up there had something in store for me.

I don't know if this is of any significance but the night before, I had a nightout to end all night outs. Well, it was something out of the ordinary. And yes, Pau and Xela, I do not blame your fabulous asses. I did it with full consent.

The next morning I felt unusually cold. The kind of cold that seeps through several articles of clothing. I tried to just think it away. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy.

Descent into Inferno
This whole affair of getting sick and getting banged up in a hospital bed isn't something worth recommending. It is however a glorious excuse (make that 2 whole weeks) to NOT go to the office. Scrumptious.

They say dengue comes from a full week of hibernation in your body. Not true, I must say. A week prior, we were gallivanting in the highlands of Tagaytay. I'm not really sure if I got it there, but I don't think its the curse of the Pink Sisters.*

Still 1 week later, bam! And I was down and out. The most irritating part was hearing from an ER doctor that you are just having a bad case of sore throat. Sore throat my ass. She had me buy these infernally expensive antibiotics. I'd sure love to shove those pills down her throat.

Five days into the ordeal, when I felt that the world is blowing chunks and that the sky is breaking up into little shards of glass, I screamed to be confined. Horror of horrors, they have all sorts of torture devices to make your stay a little more hellish than normal.

I've always been scared of needles. What scares me more than needles? Other types of needles! You know how those theraphies go? When you're claustrauphobic, they lock you up in a room, scared of heights? they make you go bunjie jumping. My case here? They had to take blood samples 4 freakin times a day!

I'm so numb of needles now, I'm actually looking for that's creepy.

No matter how I exaggerate here, I just can't deny the fact that I got the best Makati Medical has to offer. All thanks to my Maxicare Platinum Card (shameless plugging for the company-that-can-not-be-named). Being the brat that I am, I only settled for a suite. Hey! I deserve it! I got round-the-clock nurses/slaves who answer to my every matter how late at night I feel like having a pint of ice cream, they succumb. And I am just thankful I got the sweetest bunch of nurses on the planet. And it helps that the guy nurses are as cute as hell too.

Now this part of hospital confinement came as the best part of the experience. Everyone I care for came to visit. Officemates, schoolmates, family, friends, blogfriends, acquiantances, even people I hardly know...There was a point when my suite felt like the Pinoy Big Brother House. That was the part of confinement I'll always look back with a smile. Everyone came in with something special in tow. From fruits to Jamaican patties, to cinnamon rolls to pints of ice cream. At the end of the day, my refrigerator had no space left to hold any more foodstuff.

I don't need to list down the names of these people who cared enough to visit me in this time of dire need. You people are the best. Much love and appreciation to everyone. And mushy as this may sound, you actually made me better.

*when in pink sister territory, learn to keep them yappers shut. Believe you me, they have voodoo that can make you cry.

[Music of the Moment: Pinoy Big Brother Theme Song by Orange and Lemons ]
[Mood: brimming with love ]


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