Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ghost Stories In September

Before anything, ANG GALING NO?:


Since its almost the season for Ghouls and Ghosts, lemme write these down for posterity's sake. You know how ghost stories go. With stories that come from the grapevine, its elaborate, moody and exactly the right amount of creepiness. With personal stories however, they tend to be simpler, devoid of relish. Nevertheless, they tend to be more hair-raising. Personal ghost stories are also more "fun" to share because you were actually there. Like dreams, you tell it to a few people, it freaks you out for a few days, then you forget.

Hurried lang to. From memory. Wala nang mga rekado. Simpleng paglalahad lang.

Anyway, the first one happened in My Garci Cris' house...(insert flashback sequence here..ooooh. wave-y wave-y.)

It was our weekly sleep over at Cris' palatial abode. Ang saya sa kanila, we never run out of things to do. You can find us most of the time in the kitchen, whipping up our own recipes. And take note, they're really delish. Pwede nga namin gawing career to e.

The kitchen only beats Cris' bedroom by a tiny fraction when it comes to our time spent in it. Her room is humongous with a capital BIG. So big in fact, it has two princess size* beds.

One night, as we were dozing off I woke up all of a sudden. I don't know if I'm the only one who has this but sometimes, even if I'm sleeping like a log, my eyes would just open, my senses in full awareness. Like a light that just got switched on. I know, its really weird. But there are really nights when I go thru this. And in moments like this, something happens. Something unusual.

I had my back to one corner of the room, yet I felt this feeling that theres something or I don't know what, thats just there, sharing the room with us. At first I tried to reason it away. But it stayed. I felt the blanket covering me was not enough. I was cold.

This was what pulled on my nerves. I had the precognition that some sort of appendage (let say hands, I can't say for sure) were reaching out to my legs. Precognition, like when you are sharing an intimate moment with your lover, although you are not looking in his/her general direction, you know/feel where his/her (I should stop with the slashes) hands would fall and caress. Take that, and put it in a completely chilling context.

Reaching out to me.

I quickly got up. Walked over to Cris' bed (which was just straight across from mine) and tried to wake her up. What I remembered was that I said something like' "Garz, kinikilabutan ako, palit naman tayo ng kama". Cris of course, sleepyhead that she is, answered half-consciously that everythings ok and I should just go back to my bed, then she turned her back on me.

I hesitated yet I conceded. I lay on the farthest side of my bed as possible. However, I gave one last shot at asking Cris to change beds with me, I pleaded something like "Sige na Cris, palit na tayo." Alam niyo kung ano sinagot?

"Wala yan no. Ano ka ba. Mas dapat nga matakot ako dito sa kinalalagyan ko kasi ako nakatalikod sa inyo.."

Kaya niya e.

Any good ghost story has to have a background explaination for the "why". Just dont expect a "how".

It turns out that the bed I was sleeping in was exactly the same bed that her geriatric auntie died in. This auntie of Cris lived the three fourths of her life in the US and when she felt it was her time, she requested to come home to the Islas Filipinas to die here and be buried beside her long gone husband. So during the days they were waiting, the family gave her the other bed in Cris' room. They believe this would be for the best, as Cris can also act as her nanny (much to my girl's minor annoyance - she loves her tita, but she's no caregiver).

This auntie can not speak an ounce of Filipino at all and loves to hear stories about the family. There was a point where she was near her final day when she was asking for her sister (who died several years before). Most often, people at the brink of old age get flashbacks of the golden days in their lives; sometimes they no longer see the present. She had the habit of standing up in the wee hours of the night, walk over to Cris' bed, pinch her legs to wake her up and she would just say one thing:

"Tell me a story.."

This would of course annoy any sleeping individual, no matter how much that individual loves the other person. And that was what Cris felt. Imagine being shaken from sweet sleep only to tell a story to someone whom most probably won't even listen to a word you'll say.

A month or so later, the aunt passed away. After the burial, Cris, being the tough cookie that she is, slept alone in her room for the first time in several weeks. One night, she was sleeping soundly, she half-consciously felt something brush her shoulder. She of course, didn't mind it. But a few minutes later, maybe because of the fact that she ignored it, something/someone pinched her legs.

She got up, looked around.

No one was there.

My heart would stop then and there if something pinched my legs followed by a bodiless voice from beyond the grave say in a bone chilling manner: "Tell me a storyyy..."


I looked up and realized ang haba na pala ng nasulat ko. Abridged na yan ha. So for this next one, sige, paspasan na lang. Hindi naman siya talaga "ghost story". Pero parang ganun na rin.

Kagabi nanood kami ng Pasiyam. Its a local film, never mind the plot. But its a "horror" movie. In fernez, ok lang naman sobrang useless lang ng ending.

DVD marathon night namin kagabi kaya pagkatapos ng Pasiyam sobrang antok na ko. Nag sara na ko sa kwarto, pinatay ang ilaw, humiga tapos nag huling hirit sa pag tetext. Maya maya, pumipikit na mga mata ko.

Biglang may narinig ako na tunog. Sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko, "Peste naman tong kapitbahay, ang lakas lakas ng sound sa PC"...Teka. Wala pala kaming "kapitbahay" kasi nga, we live in my grandpa's building in Paranaque. Oh well...

Maya maya pa, [insert Windows XP welcome tune]. Napatayo ako sa kama. PC ko pala yun. Nakita ko pa bumukas ang CPU niya....


Ang weirdo talaga sobra. Biglang labas ako ng kwarto, punta sa sala tapos sabi ko lang "Ma, ang PC bumukas mag isa." Ayun, sunod sila sa kwarto ko. Umaandar na ang mga applications. Si mama pa nag patay. Ang dami dami niyang explanation kesyo nasangga daw ang power button, magkasabay daw nakasaksak sa isang socket ang PC at electric fan, etc etc, na kung isa kang may ari ng PC for several years now, you'll find no sense in it. Niloloko pa nga ako ni mama na sana hinintay ko mag bukas ang monitor para nakita ko daw ang mukha.

Wala namang automatic ON ang PC diba?

Pero in fernez. Ang high tech ng multong ito ha.


Halloween is still over a month away but these eerie occurences give me the shivers. O siya, Happy Halloween na lang. (advanced, duh!)

*I can't think of what you call the bed size smaller than a queen so I made this stuff up. Walang pake elamanan

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tagged By Divine Dea..How Can I Refuse?

Write 20 random things about you and tag as many people as the number of minutes you took in doing this.

1. Im falling in love. You know that Chicago song? I know better what to do...

2. I've had my position for 2 years and 7 months already. The appraisals are enough for me not to aspire for a higher position. Im living it.

3. My best friend; who has seen my soul; who is my constant companion; who is my doppelganger; who can summon the doves and make crows cry; is Criselda.

4. My birthday falls on the same date as Andres Bonifacio's. Hence the embarassing second name, Andrus. ew.

5. I named my dog: DOG. Why? All together now: "Because its a..." Profound, no?

6. I have one lace panty (that's right, I said panty. Uberly lace-y, I must say), given to me as a practical joke by an anonymous fag hag in the office last Christmas. Ar ar ar.

7. I eat a lot. You know, pig -like.

8. I've backpacked through Boracay for a full week. 1st class hotel c/o my newfound friends, food! food! food!, a tan, booze, pasalubong, everything. I managed to survive on a whopping 4th pesos only. Try to beat that.

9. I can be a real motor mouth sometimes. Energizer bunny powered bunganga.

10. Have I mentioned, I'm falling in love?

11. I have a crush on Angel Locsin. Yup. Of the female kind. She's the future egg cell donor of my future baby girl. Imagine what she'll look like. Showbiz, here we come! :)

12. I have only 30 DVD movies, but 215 Playstation CDs and DVD games at home.

13. Whenever I shop, a beam of light illuminates the object I just have to get. Or maybe its just my imagination. But still. Charge it!

14. I'm utterly digusted with cockroaches especially the crazy, flying, dive-bomber types. Disgust leads to fear, and fear leads to hate... Hate in turn leads to screaming and climbing any piece of furniture in the area while asking anyone to shoo it away.

15. I can not read just 1 book at one time. I have to have at least 3 books that I can alternate. I love conflicting streams of thought. Any conversation that has only one thread is uber boring, dont you think?

16. I'm saving up for my future backpacking thru the European countries. I'll be taking the Euro Metro, and who knows? I might meet an Ethan Hawke and we'll just talk for hours on end...till the closing credits, of course. Then, 9 years later a sequel will be made. Once is not enough.

17. I'm a sucker for campy, pop culture stuff. Encantadia is one guilty pleasure. Ok, I hear your collective groans. It just fulfills my childhood fantasies like living in a world, filled with fairies and demons and satyrs and whatever comes to mind. The show has it all. Intricate costumes, beasts, incest, telenovelic plots, fight scenes..well, maybe not the fight scences. Oh and yeah: "Ako si Reyna Amihan, tagapagtanggol ng Lireo. Humanda ka Pirena." Can anything be more campier than that?

18. I am a volleyball fanatic. For my height, I can clear the 1.85 meter net. Go check how high that is.

19. I'm a gadget freak. I almost got my PSP (playstation portable) confiscated at the office because I brought it in. Bringing PDA's, celpones, and other storage devices merits burning at the stake in my office. My defense? "Heck, I didnt even bring my USB, how can I download shit off the internet?" (well, actually, I was screaming, teary eyed, pleading and begging down on my knees for them to give it back. I jest. hehe)

20. I am. (said in a mysterious, pretentiously intellectual way)

Janjanjan. It took me a whopping 33 minutes and 20 seconds (I have a timer on my desktop) to finish this meme. Well, subtract the time Jenz made chicka, Paulo telling me to view LM's site and me being distracted by office banter, it would come down to 25 minutes.

Pero ang dami pa rin pala.
Oh well so here goes. I tag:

1. Susan Roces (rally ka ng rally, gawin mo na lang to. mag blog ka na lang, mas mabuti pa)
2. Cory Aquino (traffic tuloy today sa Ayala, isa ka pa.)
3. Kris Aquino (ayaw mo kasi kay Uma. Yun lang)
4. Xena, the Warrior Princess (insert Amazonic battle cry here)
5. Oscar, the neighborhood grouch (just because angry men have interesting things to say)
6. Pope Benedict XVI (bless our damnable souls)
7. Paulo, Darna.
8. Val, Valentina
9. Cris, you're not off the hook.
10. Czakey, hip mommy. Hugs
11. Jay dahil b-day mo.
12. Jodie, not Santa Maria. dahil bday mo rin.
13-20. Reyna Amihan, Pirena, Alena, Danaya, Mira, Lira, Ybarro, Cassiopeia
21-25. Spice Girls (pre break up era)

*edit: grammar
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Winding/Windang Wednesdays

Qoutable Queen:

"Uma makes a face at Sam and mutters under his breath, “ Kung nasa bahay lang (namin)tayo,kanina pa kita itinali!”


Off to my weekends. Again.
Yup. No update today. Too lazy. Looking forward to our cook off though.
Long restdays for me. Again. No work till Sunday. The best.


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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Madonna and Child

Eto funnay. No offense to the Queen, pero when your time is up, know it. Wag na magpumilit.

MADONNA's dreams of resurrecting her role as EVA PERON in a new stage version of EVITA have been dashed by the show's creator ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER.

The hugely successful British composer was delighted by Madonna's performance in the 1996 film adaptation of EVITA - but he considers the MUSIC singer to now be too old for the part.

Lord LLOYD-WEBBER says, "She's not right for the part. We are looking for people in their twenties for goodness sake."

This latest setback follows a string of bad fortune for the superstar singer, who recently broke several bones in a horse-riding accident on her 47th birthday.


Here's a band-aid for all you fanboys/fan-garcis out there:

Taray no? (just remove the word "hot". Got this from Trent.)


Some blurbs on Renee and Kenny's 4-month long marriage:

"Another poster on another site noted "this relationship began with a tsunami and ended with a hurricane". Yeah, that was prophetic eh?"

At nagdagdag pa:
"Since she has a penchant for it, who knows, maybe Renee can meet someone again in the Hurricane Katrina Fund Raisers?!"

At shall we say, incriminating testimonial?:

I have to say. My husband is this huge country music fan. Last year we saw Kenny in concert with several other artist. I have always told my husband that I thought he was gay. My man said, NO! After seeing him upclose at this concert I still was completely sure he was gay. Then he got married and my husband said SEE! I said, I don't care that he is married I still think he is gay. Then the reports of Renee filing FRAUD. I said last night FRAUD means he is not what she thought he was STRAIGHT! LOL Honestly it doesn't make a difference. I am not a country music fan anyway. I just need to know that I am right! And if other females have been with him in the past then they aren't with him for his masculinity . Now Tim McGraw that is masculine! lol Even though they all need to keep their hats on.


I'm feeling my camwhore-of-Babylon roots coming back. Its about time. Ang tagal na rin e. Sa wakas may MMS capable phone na rin ako and Cris was able to unload a whopper of pics to it. A whole year's collection..Well, almost. These pics had been long over due. It came from Cris's phone, hence the quality (hahaha, inaapi talaga ang ibang phone porque't 1 megapixel sakin. Peace, honey!)

emote sa soup

This is where goddesses usually hang out. Pizza Hut Park Square 2. Its cozy, spacious, renovated interiors, excellent customer service from the crew and good food. And the good thing about this venue? Only a few people go here. Tis very much "ours".

emote sa french fries
Contrary to popular belief, I did not lose weight. Almost everyone I know keeps on telling me this. Ok, here's proof. I've been on the light side eversince. (this was taken god know how long ago...2, 3 months?) But I still retain my trash compactor of a stomach.

laban ka sa height?

Greenbelt 3. Our oasis. And its just a few steps away from the office...Well, it is, if you consider 4 blocks a few steps.

ang background!

"Hi, I'm Derek and I'm a pizza-holic".

Ang dulas! Ang soft! Birds of the same feather, are beautiful birds! Ano daw? haha.

How do you know you've found a true gem of a friend? Theres no stock answer to that. It just happens.~advent

♥ you, Garz.

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Star Spangled Panties!


I'm so excited about this. I love the reruns! I love the lasso! I love the bracelets! I love the big hair! Uhm, for the humongous panty...just a little love for it will do. But still, I hope this makes it big. I wonder (ha! pun NOT intended) who they'll cast? Suggest suggest!

Joss Whedon - "Wonder Woman" Movie - Treating Wonder Like Batman
From - 2005-09-16

Joss Whedon, who is writing and will direct the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, told SCI FI Wire that he wants to give the venerable franchise the Batman Begins treatment, making sure fans get what they want: the costume, the bracelets, the lasso, maybe even the invisible jet.

"What’s exciting is, like, Batman Begins basically really did a wonderful job explaining exactly why he was a bat and why he had everything on his costume that he did," Whedon said in an interview. "That’s the joy of doing an origin story of Wonder Woman. Why does she wear the bracelets? Why does she use the lasso? Like, ... where does all that stuff come from? ... And I have answers for all of that, and it’s really fun. So it’s not a reinvention like, ’Oh, she’s going to dress like Trinity [from The Matrix].’"

Whedon is in the process of writing the script for the movie, which has yet to be cast. "I want to see Wonder Woman as I know her and see her, [and] not ... [just her] star-spangled panties. But she wears the Wonder Woman outfit, and she has the bracelets and all the accoutrements. ... The lasso and, if I can make it work for the plot, the invisible plane. I have a take on it that I think is cool. It’s just I’m structuring the plot, and I’ve got to find a place for it. But I think people want it, and I think I can do it without ... it being campy, believe it or not. And I respect those things. I, in fact, love them."

I just wish, liitan lang yung panty ng slight. Parang pampers e.


In other wonderous news, I spent my restdays (and my Saturday leave) sa Ulap Numero Siyam. Alam niyo yung feeling na suddenly there's a reason to wake up each day coz there's new meaning to your life? (dalawang kanta ata yun a). After Mr. Wonderwall (kanta na naman), I thought the hollow husk that is my heart will be forever shrouded by an enchanted forest. Someone took my hand ang took me out of the dark (oh may gawd, anong kabaduyan?) Saksakan ng corny, pero totoo. :)


I just have to announce this. I'm now an Honorary Thomasian.
Specifically, honorary member ako ng theater org nila - Mediartrix. Honorary siyempre kasi hindi naman ako alumnus. Berde ang dugo ko. Ngayon, berde at dilaw na.

Ang saya ng Wednesday kasi Ian invited me to watch a play/musical sa USTe. He used to be an officer for the org. Yeah, he's talented like that, y'all. And so is his troupe. I enjoyed their production Dizzizit, D'vizzit (which was a sequel to last year's Dizzizit). I really admired them because this play is purely their own. What I mean is that there is no outside influence. They made the props, they choreographed, they wrote the script, they mixed the sounds, everything. During the closing curtain call I was pleased to see that there was no 'adult' (you know the thundercats type) who came up on stage.

And the production was a showcase of talents. These guys not only act well, they have fantastic singing voices and they can also bust a move like nobody's business. Ian explained that they really have strict audition standards. I got to meet a handful of the guys. Grabe, para silang mga live wires. Everyone's unique, yet lahat may ibubuga. And they made the production great. Aliw talaga. So ganun pala ang theater. Looking forward.


I had to make like the Prince of Persia and steal this from Rej the Tan Goddess' blog.

Digital Electronic Replicant Responsible for Immediate Calculation and Killing


Btw, kinaya niyo ba to??...Britney and that Federline guy's relationship withstood two Hollywood fallouts: Brad & Jen and just recently Kenny & Renee.

Ang pangit din pala if divorce is just something you can get on a whim.

Imagine that on a Philippine setting....brrr.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

KFC In My Blood

I've been spreading this text joke about a father and his son going to the toy section where in the boy asked for a toy sword. This made the father brim with joy because his son just showed a sign of "manliness". The elated boy picked up the sword, swished it in the air and then proclaimed:

"Ako si Reyna Amihan, tagapagtanggol ng Sepiro. Humanda ka Pirena!"

Lolz. Ok sige, translation for you non Encantadia freaks like me. Amihan is Iza Calzado (who is so stunningly beautiful, I must say), the current Queen of the fantasy land of Sapiro and Pirena (Sunshine Dizon, who miraculously lost all her body fat), Amihan's villainess sister.

I just remembered this piece of SMS spam when I saw (my growing favorite) Uma in Pinoy Big Brother act..well, like himself (read: screaming faggotina). One of the casts, Jayson was teasing Uma with a dead cockroach. It just so happened that Uma was chopping veggies for thier lunch. Treathened, he pointed the knife (in true baklita fashion) at Jayson while managing to bypass the censors in saying "Sige lumapit ka, puta ka! Chop chopin kita" Then when Jayson threw the roach at him, Uma flew like a graceful butterfly - with arms fluttering and all. Riot!


I've been gorging on KFC this whole week. (Well, except today coz I'm my wallet's so dry of moolah, I had to make chuk-chuk the plastic...pero chicken pa rin kinain ko.)

Why KFC? Because its just on the ground floor of our building, and in Makati, walking to any other restaurant DURING lunch hour (read: High noon) would turn you 3 shades darker per minute of walking or every 10 steps, whichever comes first.

Oh and I had a Colonel ephipany.
[Insert angelic choir here]
If you're itching for a 2-pc chicken meal, cease and desist you cow!

At P105 its a total rip off.

Get the 3 piece Crispy strip instead. Its P72, but its 3 whole strips of pure boneless goodness. In fact, I can defiantly say that it almost has the same meat content as the 2-pc meal.

Ok, public advisory over. (plucks sprouting feathers from underarm)

Week over for me!!!


KakaLONGKOT lang kasi iisang tao na nga lang ang kasabay ko sa restday (oo, kilala mo kung sino ka), naiba pa rest day niya. O diba? Ang saya saya.

Oh well. Thats life.


See you, guys and gals. Happy weekends, er, days, er...whatever!

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Mid Week Meanderings

Yeah. Midweek ko na. Your first day is my third day.

2 days na lang restday ko na naman. Ang saya saya. Minsan feel ko pasaway na ko sa attendance kasi palagi na lang ako naka leave. I'm such a model employee.

Cris (Darkwinter) and I was just talking over cel (o diba sosyal? choz. Actually ang mama kong addict addict sa internet ay ayaw mag disconnect hence we had no choice but to talk on the celly) last night and she mentioned about this supposedly scandalous post of mine just a few entries back (too lazy to linkify). Pero it has something to do with me posting 2 truths and 1 lie. Wala lang naman, actually, kung saming dalawa lang, since bastos naman kami pareho, ok lang yung isiniwalat (o diba what a term?) ko. Totoo naman e. Pero sabi niya it was odd of me to post it. Its not me daw. (ang vague ng kwento no? ganyan lang dapat.) Naging defense ko na lang sa kanya:

"girl, you havent been following my blog. parang cycle lang naman ako e. every now and then I change how I write. the way I wrote yesterday, today seems...inappropriate. to the point of sometimes it feels like I'm reading someone else's work when I check back on it. Yun lang. Winds. Transparency lang naman gusto ko. Kahit anong gawin natin, our blogs could never ever capture our totality. But we can try.."

What I love about my girl, Cris, is that she's my doppelganger. Seriously. Dati pa namin napupuna yan e. Things happen in our lives that when you look at it in the bigger picture, its almost a mirror image of each other. The mischievous fates wove two threads, intertwining. Babae siya, straight, matalino, beautiful. While I'm a lucky bastard of a gay man. Yun lang nagpapaiba samin. Sabi nga namin, these events in our lives are so strikingly similar, its just the execution thats different.

Anyway, I'm purple prosing again. hehe.


Shift gear muna. Kung si Che poker master and could talk about the love of the game, (kala mo, che, di ko binabasa blog mo no?) I can do as well.

This is my game.

Kahapon was game 3 of our Volleyball Sportsfest. We're suddenly becoming a force to reckon with. Let me give you a picture: 6 lang kami. 3 babae, 3 lalaki (isa dun fabulous. Guess who?). Ang kalaban, isang batalyon ng mga lantarang faggotinas, at sandamakmak na babae. They had the luxury of substitutions pag may hiningal sa court. 6 ang required number of team member sa isang laro. Tignan niyo sila, tignan niyo kami.

But I was amazed. Suddenly, our plays were sticking. I wasn't required to go all over the place like before because, amazingly, everyone knows what their roles are. Its a very refreshing feeling. Nawala pagod ko. At joy of joys. Bumabalik na ang endurance ko.

Most of the time we were on defense. Its not yet rock solid, but I'm doing my best. Yun ang toka ko e. Admittedly, our offense is paltry. Iisa lang ang attacker namin. In fairness ang tankad niya. I feel insignificant beside him...choz. If only I can bring back my jump reach. And I got to work on my setting skills. The attacker may be the brawns of the team, pero ang setter ang strategist, ang brains, ang dyosa. haha. Kelangan ako na sa pusisyon na yan next week.

The scores for yesterday?
(the first ones being Team NSI-my account from the company that can not be named)
20-25, 25-23, 15-17

Almost had it! What happened was, we were leading 14 to 13, one point na lang. And we were on the offense. Kaya lang the setter threw the ball too low and our attacker had little time to adjust. What was supposed to be the game finisher ay nilamon ng net. Sobrang downer. Nakahabol tuloy ang mga maligno.
Pero it was a valiant effort.

And so the rest was history. Pero walang sisihan. We all did what we can do. Actually sabi nga namin last week, "sa susunod na game, mananalo na tayo ng isang set, tapos sa susunod pa dun, dalawa na!". Ayan. Nag self-prophecy kami. Nagkatotoo tuloy..

Manalo, matalo, theres that precious feeling there that is very pure and overwhelming. There are still 5 major games to go before the finals. May chance ba kami? Ang sagot ng iba? Who knows? Ang sagot ko? NAMAN!


At sumeguey na naman:
I'm really not into local shows, pero kasi naiingit ako pag ang family ay mag ha-huddle sa sala at manonood ng isang palabas. Togetherness ang drama, pero diba warm and fuzzy ang feeling? (fuzzy daw o! haha) Kagabi nanood ang familia zaragoza ko ng Pinoy Big Brother. Oo na, jologs. Pero wala akong paki. Go suck rotten cantaloupes. Maganda sana ang concept ng show na to, alisin lang Pilipino flair for histrionics. Mahilig kasi natin i-blow up ang walang katuturang bagay. Saka sana wag na kunan yung mga "nagdadasal". Oo na Catholic country tayo, kaya lang ultimo naman yung binubulong na dasal may SUBTITLE pa?

At ang sinasabi ko na, since nagsimula pa lang ang show na to: Bumigay na ang lola Uma mo. Sa mga nanood kagabi, (umamin na kayo) ang saya sayang makita ang bahay ay maging Big Parlor Ni Uma. Napa-triple backflip ako sa eksenang yun.

At tutal nagpaka jologs na ko, itodo ko na: panoorin niyo ang Star in A Million, if only for this one contestant Jimmy. Grabeh siya. At first I thought, just another flash in the pan, but no. Negrong negro ang boses. Nakaka-tindig balahibo. Filipino version ni Anwar Robinson. And he knows how to work it. What makes it more fun is the fact that he's one of the colorful tribe. Yup. Sariling amin siya. Sige na, plug ako ng plug ng kaibigan. Friend kasi siya ni Martin. At mabait naman siya. Kaya go sista. Iwagayway ang bandilang Pink!

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ang Pagkapanalo Ni Maximo Oliveros.. At Pagkatalo Namin

Dahil pina alala ni ThusSpakeCiriaco (astig ng name no?):
My P100 helped send it there. *wipes tears*
see linky here-y

If only it had a local release. But of course, lalangawin to sa general viewing public. Hindi ganito ang tipo nilang mga likhang sining.

It was an endearing creation. Isa sa mga tipong pinalakpakan ko lalo na for the closing shot. Para sa mga naka nood, don't we all wish we could do that "Walking down the avenue, the leaves of the acacia trees are blowing, falling in the wind, while the potential love of your life waits down the we get nearer..and nearer. Then we are that exact spot..we just....walk on...walk away with our head held high and no regrets?"


And in other personal news. WE. JUST. LOST. OUR. SECOND. GAME.

Yan, hindi panalo. KakaLONGKOT. I gave it my best shot. And the score (compared nung hindi ako nakapaglaro na 5-25, 5 being my team's score) this time was 20-25. Respectable naman diba? Naloka si Lee na malakas parin ang braso ko after all these time.

Ang hindi ko lang kinaya e akala ko, super power pa ako. After 5 years of non-activity, I guess my body is in Uma-Thurman-Kill-Bill-like atrophy. My endurance was down to a measly 30 minutes, compared to before where I can play 6 hours, tops. 30 minutes and hingal na hingal na ako parang aso. Gusto ko magpa sub kaya lang ayaw ako palabasin. Can you say rusty? Now its either that or the fact that I just came from a week of confinement at the Makati Med due to Dengue-us Achuchuchus.

Hm. Alin kaya?

Ngayon, ang sakit ng katawan ko. Pano ba naman, I was all over the place. Not in a bad way ha. Your friendly Libero, Blocker (kahit backline! ok lang, di naman nakita ng coach hahaha), Utility all in one. Now, kung may bibig lang ang katawan ko sumisigaw na to ng aray.

Pero may game mamaya. Gusto ko maglaro.

Pain is good.

postscript: Ian. Dahil nauna ka pa sakin sa RFM gym, na lubos kong ikinagulat at ikinagayak, kelangan sabuyan kita ng mga mahalimuyak na rosas at gantimpalaan ka ng "Ulirang Bob Award" na ibinibigay lamang sa mga taong tunay na naka tats sa aking buhay. Ang sweet. Kahit talo kami, panalo ka.

post postscript: Salamat din sa aking napaka maalindog na muse, Darkwinter at ang iyong consorte na si Archie. Dahil sa inyo, nagkaroon kaming dalawang AUDIEN. (walang CE, para singular) at CHEERER (wala ring S kahit dalawa kayo, out of a possible hundred). Ang saya saya.

post post postscript: Ang pagmamahal ko ay sa inyo. Bow.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Week Enders vol.9

Its been a LOOOONG while since I did this last. Anyway.

Moi: Bry, meron ka na nung Cosmo September edition? Paheram naman.
Bry: Di ko type masyadong...pang madre.

gasp!? que horror! Is it true?
I've seen the cover boy Richard Gutierrez, and I wouldn't mind having him deliver me his Sausage pizza, but the rest are...way too tame??

Had Cosmo lost its touch, or is it just a doldrum?

Kelangan malaman.

This week's enders revolves around things in pop culture I used to hate not have much love for, but now, I've a change of heart...or not.

Nina. Goawd, I just...have this utter distaste for her. She reminds me a lot of drag queens (the bad ones) everytime her mug appears on the boob tube, her music is at best mediocre what with all the covers and zero originality and the fact that she's lapping up those platinum awards. Arrg.

M.Y.M.P. Now on the other side of the coin, this band had endeared itself to me. They may be doing covers left and right, but (surprise surprise) they still write their own music, its just that nobody cares about original stuff nowadays. Juris' vocals are also top notch. I just learned recently that she used to be a Smokey Mountain member. So that explains it.

Shampoo commercials. What is it with this country's obsession with shampoo? Next to impeachment news, all I see on local TV would be these eye-roll inducing shampoo commercials. Ranging from the key celebrity endorsements to the horrible "theme songs" (ever experienced that bounce, bounce-shoot me dead now commercials?). Again I ask, Are we so in dire times that there is a collective need for people to focus their attention elsewhere? Uhm, say their hair!?

Filipino Reality Shows. Reality show my ass, when even the big budgeted ones gets the disapproving glare of the all too powerful MTRCB. Whats the sense of having a "reality" show when it gets cuts for "risque" topics (lets see here: public discussion of virginity, sexy dancing and insert some other mundane topic here). Ganun ba tayo ka-conservative? O sabi lang nila?

Its a dying trend but there are still sectors in the society that would go on rallies out on a whim. So your fangled Impeachment case had been shut down, now you'll be back on the streets? Gowd, I hope these desperate politicians just shrivel up and die. Let me say this one last time: "No saint will ever get to sit in the highest position in the land". That place is paved with blood and gold. Unless utter divine intervention happens on these God forsaken lands, nobody, I mean nobody will occupy that position and be the second coming. Its always the lesser evil. So just give it up already. And to the defeated parties, please go back and do what you are voted to do: legislate laws that will actually be beneficial for the land.

I have a lot more peeves, but I have to limit it to these for now. Baka sabihin ng mundo napaka bitter bitteran ko. But sometimes, these things actually leave that not-so-pleasant aftertaste in your mouth. Oh well, I'm off to my fabulous restdays. More time to not think about these stuff.

We'll be having our Sports Fest in the coming weeks and I intend to make my team win. Kahit parang naka Valium pa ko, fight lang ng fight. Para san pa at naging captain ball ako diba? (haha, kelangan talaga sabihin, diba?) Ultimate question lang: Matino ba ang gumastos ka ng 4th ++ para sa rubber shoes? Justified naman 'coz I'll be using it for the sports fest. Pero still.

Matino ba?

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Just Love Her To Pieces

What do you get when you match one eccentric woman with another eccentric interviewer? Gold. Pure gold.

Riff Raff Interviews Tori Amos

I'm not a bees-nessman, I'm a bees-ness, mannnn

Riff Raff Interviews TORI AMOS--Believe it!

This past February singer-songwriter Tori Amos released The Beekeeper, her eighth studio album and most apicultural effort to date. Bees this, bees that--except it's not really about bees. In conjunction with the record, Amos's autobiography Piece by Piece hit shelves around the same time. The book was co-written by ex-Village Voice music editor Ann Powers, who helped Amos explore the intricacies of her songwriting process. Only some of the book is about bees, but enough that it warrants mention. Amos performs Wednesday August 17 at Jones Beach and Friday August 19 at the PNC Center, but you know Riff Raff--we gets the pre-concert scoop. Exclusive.

You worked with Ann Powers on your book--she used to edit the music section here.

I approached Ann, and we began to decide, wow, a conversation between two women that have very different perspectives in the music business--[that] could give people a backstage pass into this world which would cover creativity, being a mom, the issues that women have to face when they're working and then want to be moms, and then when you become a mom, the responsibility and still trying to be 100% committed to your creativity, and then how do you survive the music business. She came out and hung out on the road with me for about three weeks, on Scarlet's Walk, and this is where we'd sit in the bus and talk.

Did Ann ever get sorta annoying?

Well the thing about Ann is that she's vicious but fair. And when I say that, when I say vicious, I mean with her pen. There is an elegance and a grace also with Ann that you also must have in the same statement, if you're gonna say 'vicious but fair.'


I wanted somebody who I felt could be tough and yet coming from the compassionate heart. Ann says to me, "Listen, you're writing this work, this album"--I hadn't entitled it yet--"How poignant if we could document the creative process to see an inception of a project and see the different stages and levels that it goes through to finally become what it will become."

Did Ann write any of the songs on your record?

Oh no, of course not. Oh no no no no no. As a songwriter, I'm sort of a seahorse. Don't they mate with themselves?

No I think they kill their mates.

Seahorses don't kill their mates! Do they? The men have babies.

The men have the babies, but the women always kill the men.

The men don't kill--the women don't kill the men!

I'm sorry, you're right. I get all these animals mixed up anymore.

Wait a minute. Seahorses I don't think--

It's a praying mantis.

It's a praying mantis. I'm a minister's daughter. I'm staying away from praying. As a songwriter, I join with the creative force. But I'm the sole songwriter.

Have you thought of doing a record called The Praying Mantis-keeper?

It's scary, because as a woman, number one, I don't see myself killing my mate, or chopping his head off after sex. You follow me?

I think so. You're basically saying you would never really kill anyone unless you sorta had to, as a songwriter.

As a lioness force. As a lioness who's protecting her cubs.

I'm glad we cleared that up.

But bees, we have to be clear. The drones do get pushed out of the hive. But it is a matriarchal society. But The Beekeeper wasn't about us being like bees in every aspect. It is about that the bee represented in the ancient feminine mysteries sacred sexuality. Because the worker bee, which is female, goes and joins with the organ of the flower, then of course takes the nectar, pollinates, goes back to the hive, they create honey by regurgitating.

I believe you.

To me, the creativity that comes out of the worker bee and the sexuality aspect in Christianity, as you know, sexuality became associated with Magdalene, who was thought of as the prostitute, not as a prophet, because it was not profitable. And I've been trying to corollate those three words--prostitute, prophet, profitable--from the early Fathers of the Church.

Have you heard about that mystery book The DaVinci Code?

Oh yeah yeah, I've read that.

When you were reading it, did you know what was going to happen at the end?


Personally I thought the ending was quite surprising.

I'd be curious to see what Ann would have to say about this. We had a chuckle about The DaVinci Code just because this information has been out there for a while. And yet it seems to not be able to penetrate to the masses. You have kinds of genealogists and historians who have been writing about this stuff for a long time. Dan Brown was able to collect these nuggets of information and put it into a story form that the masses could ingest.

Which is brilliant.

You have to commend that. You have to give Dan Brown his due.

Do you think your record is better than The DaVinci Code?

Well I would never get into that. That's like saying one piece of artwork from one artist is better than another. You're saying that a Matisse is better than a Chagall.

Really though your record is better than The DaVinci Code, right?

But they're such different works, you know what I mean?

Well you'll at least admit that your record is better than Angels & Demons, right?

I didn't read Angels & Demons, because I can't get into this. We should get into shoes. That's like saying that Louboutin is better than Sergio Rossi.

That's true though.

No I like Sergio Rossi shoes! Also I have both of them.

Either way, I think it's really fascinating how all this information was out there, and then it finally made its way into public consciousness via The DaVinci Code, and then ultimately better via The Beekeeper.

You're being very kind about it, but he doesn't write music, and I don't write these kinds of book narratives. I'm not a book writer, I'm a musician. This is my form. But I will say, if people were inspired by The DaVinci Code, they need to go read the Gnostic Gospels, they need to go read some of this information that inspired that book.

Would you consider doing some sort of collaboration with Dan Brown?

I know you seem very focused on the Dan Brown thing, but the point is he helped pave the way for the masses to be open to more artists that have been singing this tune for a long time.

I'm just saying his books would be better if you helped him write his books.

I can't do--that's not my job. You know what, maybe you should collaborate with Dan Brown.

Only under the condition that we always work while The Beekeeper, which is superior to The DaVinci Code, play in the background.

You know, Dan Brown has sent me a very warm message. He has sent messages through the publisher that he acknowledges and honors the music, and I received that with a smile.

It makes sense that he would respect your work--the work of a superior.

I can't go through with this anymore.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Wow, Heavy!

I don't know if its due to the megadosages I've had, pero I'm feeling a bit whoozy these past few days. That feeling. The kind where everything moves in real time, however you react all Keanu-Matrix-y like. You see things in "bullet time". Kinda like being on Valium and having these "slow trips".

It's all good. It's almost beautiful.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Check Your (Hospital) Ref

One measure of the amount of love in your life?
Check your Ref everytime you get confined.

And so the 2 weeks that was. I had never, for the life of me, been confined to a hospital. It just...happened.

Its odd, but it seems I got the fad sickness out of the blue. Say it with me: Dengue.

I've always prided myself in never coming down with anything worse than a passing cold. But then someone up there had something in store for me.

I don't know if this is of any significance but the night before, I had a nightout to end all night outs. Well, it was something out of the ordinary. And yes, Pau and Xela, I do not blame your fabulous asses. I did it with full consent.

The next morning I felt unusually cold. The kind of cold that seeps through several articles of clothing. I tried to just think it away. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy.

Descent into Inferno
This whole affair of getting sick and getting banged up in a hospital bed isn't something worth recommending. It is however a glorious excuse (make that 2 whole weeks) to NOT go to the office. Scrumptious.

They say dengue comes from a full week of hibernation in your body. Not true, I must say. A week prior, we were gallivanting in the highlands of Tagaytay. I'm not really sure if I got it there, but I don't think its the curse of the Pink Sisters.*

Still 1 week later, bam! And I was down and out. The most irritating part was hearing from an ER doctor that you are just having a bad case of sore throat. Sore throat my ass. She had me buy these infernally expensive antibiotics. I'd sure love to shove those pills down her throat.

Five days into the ordeal, when I felt that the world is blowing chunks and that the sky is breaking up into little shards of glass, I screamed to be confined. Horror of horrors, they have all sorts of torture devices to make your stay a little more hellish than normal.

I've always been scared of needles. What scares me more than needles? Other types of needles! You know how those theraphies go? When you're claustrauphobic, they lock you up in a room, scared of heights? they make you go bunjie jumping. My case here? They had to take blood samples 4 freakin times a day!

I'm so numb of needles now, I'm actually looking for that's creepy.

No matter how I exaggerate here, I just can't deny the fact that I got the best Makati Medical has to offer. All thanks to my Maxicare Platinum Card (shameless plugging for the company-that-can-not-be-named). Being the brat that I am, I only settled for a suite. Hey! I deserve it! I got round-the-clock nurses/slaves who answer to my every matter how late at night I feel like having a pint of ice cream, they succumb. And I am just thankful I got the sweetest bunch of nurses on the planet. And it helps that the guy nurses are as cute as hell too.

Now this part of hospital confinement came as the best part of the experience. Everyone I care for came to visit. Officemates, schoolmates, family, friends, blogfriends, acquiantances, even people I hardly know...There was a point when my suite felt like the Pinoy Big Brother House. That was the part of confinement I'll always look back with a smile. Everyone came in with something special in tow. From fruits to Jamaican patties, to cinnamon rolls to pints of ice cream. At the end of the day, my refrigerator had no space left to hold any more foodstuff.

I don't need to list down the names of these people who cared enough to visit me in this time of dire need. You people are the best. Much love and appreciation to everyone. And mushy as this may sound, you actually made me better.

*when in pink sister territory, learn to keep them yappers shut. Believe you me, they have voodoo that can make you cry.

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