Friday, August 12, 2005

Magical Feeling

I'm currently digging that new song by Juris and Chin (aka MYMP). Ang kulit ng lyrics ni Juris (if that's the girl's name, I'm not sure) and how she sang it in the album. Ironically delicious! Not applicable to me in any way right now, but hey, it has that really edgy, catchy feel to it..(definitely a must hear)

I'm happy you left me
I'm glad that you hurt me
It's a magical feeling
Knowing that you're not meant for me

People say you're crazy
But baby don't you worry
Life has been easier without you
We should have done this earlier.

I've been humming it on my way to lunch at RCBC just a while ago. Kapitbahay na nga pala namin ang building-that-Yuchengco-built. Yup, we've moved to our new office. We're the first call center in the Metro to have a building constructed from the ground up. And I must say, its really a semi-magnificent building. Semi- being the operative word since I abhor the blue motiff (or just blue in particular). Dati kasi ang motiff ng (company that cannot be named) e Pink and Orange. It kicked ass. What office has that color combination? Kaya lang after Feng Shui chorva ng CEO namin, they told him blue brings him luck. Kaya ayun. Ang kinalabasan, mukang motiff ng SM (at may Banco De Oro pa sa baba!). Kung hindi lang maganda ang architectural structure e...Nevertheless, it boosts the morale points of the company.

Just going to and out of the office elates me. Weird, I know. But its true. Maybe, I'm just a sucker for ambiance. Its always about the little things in life that makes the whole picture...grand.


11am, Lunch Break. A slight drizzle greeted me, but a welcome surprise made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Ian called me. He's dropping by to have lunch with little old me. Conscious attack. Biglang check ako kung ok ba itsura ko, if I have nose hairs peeking or god knows what kind of yet undiscovered embarassment possible. So far wala naman. I'm in my good shirt and my so called rhetorical* pants (used to describe any article of clothes of mine that show a little bit of something something, makes them go "whoa, thats deep"...if you know what I mean).

If not for that clueless waiter, it would have been a perfect lunch. Afterwhich, I wanted to have NY Fries for dessert. Odd choice, I know. Walang pakeelamanan. Sarap ng dip e.

On our way back to my office:

Ian: Ang lakas ng ulan.
Moi: Anong ulan? Hangin lang yan.
Ian: May bagyo o. Tignan mo nga nililpad na yung mga payong.
Moi: Hangin lang ya...
(gets drenched in a whole wall of water)
Moi: oo nga.

Since my lunchbreak was almost up, I had to rush it. I haven't told anyone this, but I love walking in the rain. No, not that sappy, histrionic MTV portrayal, but just plain walking in the rain. I've always thought that the rain is humbling because it can restrain you indoors. It can box you in. Walking in it, makes me

And even if its against his common sense, Ian walked with me.

[Music of the Moment: see above ]
[Mood: emancipated like Mimi ]


At 6:29 PM, Blogger slim whale said...

i never got to play in the rain when i was a kid. now, my greatest wish is just to strip naked and walk in the rain. i'm weird like that.

thanks for splashing in my bowl.

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Aggie said...

Hmmmm....hindi ko to nababalitaan ah :) We should talk soon (again)

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Loraine said...

about the lyrics of the song:

in psychology, nara-rationalize lang ung kumakanta nun...


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