Friday, August 12, 2005

Devils Don't Sleep

Shampoo lang is kulang.

Everytime I hear that line being uttered by the pambansang pacute, Heart Evangelista, I just wanna grab a shotgun and blow her mouth off. Seriously.

Bakit nga ba yan ang opening line ko? Wala lang. Yan na lang, kesa naman yung kay Mother Ricky (which I actually like). Alam mo na yan.

I'm in a chika mood today so walang aangal.

HSBC just called me up the other day saying that my Credit Card had been approved and will be delivered the next day (I didn't even fill up any form!). Ang weird kasi for the past few weeks, halos lahat na ng bangko tumatawag sa bahay para pag applyin ako sa kung ano anong chorva. From Credit Cards, to Auto Loans, to (ahem) House Loans. Siguro ang hindi na lang tumatawag sa bahay e ang Rural Bank of San Juan, saka ang Thrift Bank of Siquijor. Ganon pala pag nakikita nila na naka bayad ka na sa Credit Card loan mo.

Take note, NA ZERO ko na ang Citibank ko! FLYING KICK!

(Several hours after writing, author was caught charging a hefty night out bill to his CC)

Ok, so achievement na sa akin yung na ZERO ko siya...for a time. Can't help it e. Dadating at dadating ang bagong gastos. And now, I have two. Hmm...time to buy that Nokia 6680 that I've been eyeing for weeks now.


Speaking of gadgets, I'm going gaga over my (relatively)newfound baby. I've got a sleek, sexy, black thingamajig that would put other thingamajigs to shame.

World, meet PSPko. PSPko, world.

Courtesy of my ever-loving aunty from the land of Milk and Honey, I got it last July. (oo na, sabi ko na back logged ako ng mga entries e). And so far, it has been eating a huge chunk of my love and devotion.

Pano ba naman, its one hell of a music player (duh, Sony pa). Even my most worthless sounding MP3s sound fabulous with it. (insert infomercial sounding voice) BUT THATS NOT ALL... aside from music, its main function is a videogame machine. How cool is that? To techo geeks out there who could understand this mumbo jumbo: Its got nearly the same polygon crunching/pushing power of the PS2, Built-in stereo speakers, and a 4.3 inch 16:9 widescreen LCD to boot! In english, panalo siya! hehe.

It also has a 802.11b Wi-Fi Integrated Communications that transforms it to an uber chic web browser. Yep, web browser. Imagine, sitting down for a cup of coffee at Seattle's then riding on their free WiFi. Geek nirvana.

Oh and have I mentioned that it can play MOVIES, emulator games, and can store pictures? I haven't? Ok, it can play MOVIES, emulator games, and can store pictures! iPod what? Move over, Sony's gonna eat your babies!

(personal pictures/camwhoring ebidensya will fill these pages in the following days)

Surprisingly, I still got my social life in check. Fabulous lovers, Val and Paolo are my constant rendezvous-mates extraordinaire. The network of people we've met over the past dozen weeks are staggering. I've almost thought of myself as the reclusive hermit who only gets to see the world once every new moon.

But hooboy, the subplots we've had are (if I may coin) telenovel-ic.

I'm a bit worried about our Baguio trip this Saturday, though. I mean, its been raining a whole lot the past few days and I don't wanna climb up the Summer capital and get drenched. I'd rather do that here. But then, we already have a contigency plan. They have a friend up north who's willing to "share" his palatial home to us for the weekends. Bahay bahayan ang drama naming apat. I must suggest that we throw a house party.

Btw, Ian, just got promoted. Congratulations, Bobby. Tuloy tuloy lang para malapit na rin akong maging first lady. hehe.

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At 12:29 AM, Blogger Aggie said...

(ang drama eh!)

Don't be like moi, lubog sa credit card debt :)

But then, have fun shopping :)


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