Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We Did It Again

ne of my officemates (from the company that cannot be named) - a true, red blooded screaming homosexual -and damn proud of it- had reached a new level of celebrity.

After the ChonaMae Banaag fame (c/o Francis, another P.S. luminary), someone had once again risen to the spotlight. Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Mel C., the domain master of is one proud daddy/mommy. What started out as a blog to vent out his frustrations, turned into a massive hit. He told his story - his loves, his sexual fantasies, his sexual escapades, his everything. Theres a ton of gay related sites out there (ahem, this being one, ahem) but he took on a new twist. Rather than shying away from using the gay lingo (gaysplook, if I may) at the fear of alienating straight people, he went for it. Half the fun is trying to decode what he's saying. (Yes, he authored the now infamous STARIRAY WARS that you might have recieved thru email) I, for one, who has a Summa Cum Laude in Gaysplookology could not reach his PHD level in the vernacular. Aside from his life stories, he took on movie scripts, and even political satire and added a dash of pink to it. And look where it got him.

He just landed a movie contract for his blog. Read: A freakin' MOVIE DEAL. Although, I'm not allowed to speak about which studio it is, nor what the details are, let me just say that this studio took a liking to his blog's universal appeal and they wanted to include it as a part of their family.

Ang galing mo, sister! Nung isang araw nagla-lunch lang tayo sa Kitaro sa RCBC at tinatarayan ang shonga shongang waitress (dahil nung sumenyas tayo ng bill, binigyan tayo ng tissue), ngayon celebrity ka na! If I may, please make sure you have a say in the casting department. Kunin mo si Dennis Trillo as the protagonist. Or Luis Alandy. Or some fresh new talent basta drop dead gorgeous to take a stab at the homophobic sector of the society. That would be

Hay. Ako kaya. Ang blog ko kelan? hahah. Dream on!


In other matters, lovely Aggie had just joined this contest. Please, please, please click on the banners below. (if they do not appear, click on them anyway. I assure you, its bug free.)

Themes & Motifs

Themes & Motifs / Wedding Expo Philippines

Prizes at stake. And if she wins this, there's a huge possibility that her wedding pix would be COVERED ON THE WEDDING MAGAZINE!
Love you, girl! Hope you bag this.


shet. eto pala feeling ng napapalibutan ng celebrity. kakainggit. hehe.



Isang tao lang yan. Tatlo for goodluck and more blessings in life. Carlo, you're one heck of a person, even if other people (ahem, Es...., ahem) think otherwise. A jewel in any person's friends list. You surely are in mine. Kahit na walang lakad natin ang natuloy ever, We love you, mother! :)

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Mother, I need to get the exact location of this post, kaloka magnavigate sa archives!!!


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