Monday, July 18, 2005

Starting Right

Do you smell the Monday air?

For some it reeks. For me, it just feels...right. It the complete antidote to a weekend of whorish fun.

The weekend that had past was for me a study of the colorful tribe.

I had two boys at the same time...Ha! I mean to meet up for the night. Martin texted me just a few hours before the end of my shift that he wants to drive around. I said yes...forgetting the fact that I said exactly the same thing to Jayzee, who texted me an hour earlier. Oh well, I thought this would be good. You could never find two people who are more situated on the opposite sides of the spectrum than these two. And I was not disappointed.

Jayzee was a former officemate of mine. He left (the company that must not be named, lest internet spiders pick it up and I get a subpoena for Insider Trading violations) on a sad note. I miss him a lot.

Martin (from a few entries back) is a highschool friend. He's a looker, alright, and currently he's trying to find his place in the (showbiz) sun. But the catch is, he's as pink as a fairy.

Jayzee believes that we are made to play around, Martin believes that we should pay to go forward. Jayzee likes 'em boys ruff and straight actin, Martin loves 'em..well, straight. Jayzee is the one who leaves 'em boys cryin, Martin does the drama special. Jayzee is butch, Martin is a queen.

Despite these contradictions, surprisingly, these two jived well. And Greenbelt 3 can not be more of a perfect setting for our midnight rendezvous. Looking forward to the next cup of coffee, ladies.

Saturdays are usually couch potato time for me. I just lounge around the house, catch up on DVDs, shows, my games and whatnots. But this Saturday was different. Val and Poy was celebrating their (gasp) 33rd month together. Do the math. They're just 3 months shy of 3 years. And this was an important event for them, hence they wanted to make the night special. Of course, I was honored to have an invitation from them. These two are the sweetest, most beautiful (gay) couple I've seen. And it can't get any more real than this. They've been through a lot in their lives. Ika nga, subok na matatag. Short background lang, their love affair blossomed while they were in their teens in Davao. They told me, gay men are different in Davao.

In Davao, gay men, in our point of view, have a more conservative view on life. I guess that's expected, however, looking at the big picture, its not actually a bad thing.

We went to Malate that Saturday night. No, not to mingle with the mindless superficial drones there, but to visit Synder (a bar where you can consider us stock owners by now. Ha!) These two have the same passion for singing. The place was packed to the rafters however, Ian and I was able to get a room. So the four of us spent a while doing renditions. I just have to note this here for posterity's sake: Val can do a fake-whistle (actually, its more like a real whistle, yet make it sound like its his voice) that no one I know can match. He can really hit that high a way. Its so convincing, some beautiful boy (whom I'll never name) in Malate fell for him. Head over heels. Yes, because he can sing. I can see those bewildered looks. Believe you me people, weirder things have happened in Malate that may never get to writing.

We then headed for a late night Comedy bar session. Fortunately, they took me to this place with really good performers. I'm not really a fan of Comedy bar humor (sorry, Val and Paolo, I just have to say this) because I don't dig the substitution of sexual innuendos and incredulous behaviour as funny. I've been scathed by a lot of these bars before, I held on to my seat expecting the same fate. However, Bassilica really brings it. I'm not saying that they don't have 'those' types of performers, however they have the right mix.

And I fell in love with one of the performers there. Well, not love-love, but love-in-an-admiring-kind-a-way love. He was lackluster in the funny department, but when he opened his mouth to sing, I almost fell to the ground. He can put Martin Nievera out of business. Having someone's voice isn't necessarily a good thing, but I don't care. He swept me off my feet. And technically, he's better than Mr. Nievera (comin from a Martin fan, thats VERY hard to say).

The show ended sometime around 3am, and 3am is still way too early for us vampires. We headed back to Synder, but had to wait for a room. Luckily the ever accomodating manager Aiko (unique name, and quite hot) told us that he'll personally reserve a room for us. Nice. While waiting, we lounged at the second floor Val looked out the window out to the crowd below. He asked this miss universe-lite question: In a place like these, where you could almost smell the raw sexual energy emanating from people who, although dressed differently, look exactly the same - in stance, in positioning, in the goal to get laid - how do you stand out?

Ha! Answer it yourself. However, while we're waiting, I noticed this guy who kept on flashing them beamers at little old me. So, instead of waiting for a room to be vacated, I had to do something. I approached him and asked if we can share the room. He was more than welcoming. With him in the room are 2 other, equally hot boys. Waiting over, room acquired, and potential hook ups laid before us. This is so much fun.

I however could not wait till they leave the room to us. haha.

The night/day ended on a (bad pun alert!) high note. Val and Poy headed home to rest them tushies, while Ian and I went to Pancake House in beautiful Greenbelt (its the only place thats open) and had a delectable breakfast.

Monday may be a bitter pill, but its a perfect anti-climax. I went to my office with a huge smile on my face.

[Music of the Moment: The Search Is Over - from Vital Signs by Survivor ]
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