Tuesday, July 26, 2005

La Gloria Magnifica

You might be living under a rock if you haven't heard about GMA's latest SONA. It was concise, mataray and glaringly short. How apt. How becoming.

At dahil halos lahat na ng blogger sa kanayunan would ramble on about what part of the SONA irked them- whether the Cha-cha movement, or the apparent avoidance of the allegations- ako let me just blog about something more mundane. Something more profound...ng slight.

Let me talk about the baro't saya ni Gloria.

Its blue. Elegant blue, with sequins like theres no tomorrow. It provided a sharp contrast to her Filipina skin tone. Blue is a symbol of bravery and defiance. Its also the color of peace. It says "leave me be".

And did you notice her jewelry? Sources told me that these were in fact, family heirlooms. Specifically, prize possessions of Eva Macapagal (GMA's mother) who, in her illustrious tenure as the first lady, she was often billed as the Empress Dowager of the Philippines. A litten kitten projecting an image of a tiger. She roars.

However no matter what she says now would fall on brittle soil. The rot is seeping through. We see groups here and there sashaying their banners and chanting their battle cries. They refuse anything the government gives them, they find fault in everything the government does. That enthusiasm could have been used for more productive endeavors. They're dissatisfied that the government isn't giving them any livelihood? Why don't they just pool whatever they have and start helping themselves instead of relying on an institution that is useless to begin with?

When I open the T.V. and happen upon the news channel, my mind fires up its defense mechanism and automatically drowns out the garbage that is spewing from the frothy mouths of Pro- and Anti- organizations. Too much of which would contaminate my mind as well. This country is going to the rabid dogs. What Rizal referred to as social cancer is now a full blast debility and we are being eaten alive from within.

Just you wait. In 5 years, this country would be a wasteland (not that it isn't, at present, but I mean a REAL wasteland.)

I guess I'll never live to see the golden days.

Magnificently Macabre!

[Music of the Moment: I Love You, Goodbye -I might take this song literally, and just pack my bags and leave this hell hole. ]
[Mood: the dream is dead ]


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