Thursday, July 14, 2005

Going Back To Basics (part 2 of an undetermined number of parts)

Nasa kalahati na ng taon. When you think about it, walang pakundangan ang time no? It rushes past you in blazing speeds. Good luck na lang sayo kung maiwanan ka. Sige isa na namang cliche: Time is what you make of it. Haaay. True. And I'm so glad I've blazed the trail so far.

Here's a thought: I think my life is not just a silverscreen blockbuster, isa na rin itong best-seller na novel at the same time. Pano ba naman, I got a hefty budget from the Executive Producer e kaya may offshoot na. And since inuulanan ko naman ng cliche tong post na to, maka gawa naman ng sarili kong qoutable qoute: "Your life is the greatest movie that can never be filmed". Look about you, you'll be in such a fantastic set, under superb lighting, a very unpredictable and well written script and you'll be interacting with a stellar cast.

Speaking of stellar, may napupuna lang ako. As some characters get booted off my show, there is always that plot twist na may dadagdag na bago. A few entries back, I was dramatizing the fact that one of my eternal shebang girl friends (Cris) would be leaving the company (THAT can not be named!). Siguro, hindi na siya masyadong type ng mga producer at syempre the guys from the scriptwriting department had to write her off, of course without the histrionics like: car falling off a cliff; or acquiring and dying of some exotic disease that has no cure; or having to go to another country because her rich tita had just kicked the bucket and she was left with a hefty mana. Syempre no! Hindi chepangga ang mga writers ko! De calibre! Ayun, we still keep in touch naman. Every Sunday is considered our girl out session.


So a chapter closes, another season begins. Enter stage right dalawang nilalang: Val and Paulo (i-lilink ko sana mga blog nila kaya lang, they value their privacy...choz). Lovers extraordinaire and dalawang ito. My concept of forever is 6 months thanks to Mr. Wonderwall (uy, nagno nostalgic chenes!), but these two..these two have been together, ika nga ni Julie Andrews, as old as the hills (with matching vibrato like theres no tomorrow). In a few months, they'll be breaking the 3 year threshold. Grabe no? In our world, or as I happen to say to one of my shebang girls: in gay years (parang dog years) thats times 2! Imagine 6 years? Isa lang masasabi ko: ladies, you are made of sterner stuff.

When I first saw these two, natarayan ako sa kanila. Pano ba naman, they keep on talking in their native vernacular na -in all truth and fairness- nakaka-alienate. Oh, let me rephrase that. Para silang from another planet and they want to see our leaders! Sila ang alien! (Peace tayo, dalawang dilag!) However there was this one time that forged a friendship between the lovers and me. Alala mo yung mga commercial ng Chevron-Texaco (locally known as Caltex) sa Discovery Channel? Theres always that Defining Moment that changes the route of your journey. Rumampage kami. (more on that in future entries)


What's with all these rallies spewing absurdities left and right? People Power 3? Ayala People Power 1? Bakit may number? Ibig sabihin ba nila, they'll make sequels na kakaboog pa sa trilogy ng Lord of The Rings or six-ology ng StarWars? Baka naman gusto nilang gawing Roman Numerals para pormal? What's happening to our society? Mob rule?

Think about it, the rallyistas on the streets led by Rez Cortes (and the conniving politician in the background) number in the thousands. The mandate given to GMA in the electoral process was given to her by people numbering in the MILLIONS. Kahit sabihin nating nandaya siya, you could only move votes in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands if your a really efficient lowlife. Pero millions are millions. Kasama dyan ang collective voice ng Visayas at Mindanao. Bat napaka smug ng mga taga Manila that they are the "voice of the people"? If I can see a rally ng at least a million taxpayers, then siguro may substance pa yang kilusan na yan.

At speaking of the obvious lack of taxpayer representation, let me echo the question of Makati workers like me (our new building -company that can not be named- Center, is deadsmack at the head of Ayala Street): BAKIT ang mga nagwawalang mga rallyista ay mga mukhang nandun lang para manggulo? Worst yet, mga muka silang hinakot from somewhere, transported to the venue, and got paid for a day of "civic service"? To all the Trapo politicians out there hear this: there are people in this city who weren't born yesterday. We can smell your scum from a mile away. Ang cheap ng mga tactics niyo to make it appear na there are a number of people who support your ungodly cause! Nakaka perwisyo kayo sa trabaho namin. While we work our asses off to fill the coffers na kinukurakot niyo, ito igaganti niyo samin! And WHY AYALA, MAKATI? Hindi ko ba nabasa ang memo na may office pala dito si GMA? (sarcasm) Asan ba ang Malacanang? Diba MALAYO sa Makati? Bat dito kayo naghahasik ng mga idelohiyang bulok? Hindi si GMA ang pagreresignin niyo pag pinagpatuloy niyo pa to. Foreign Investors (which our country sorely needs)!

Hay! Tama na!

~and that rant was brought to you by the letters P and I. bow.

[Music of the Moment: Sobra Na! Tama Na! -chanting in my head ]
[Mood: nostalgic and looking forward at the same time]


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