Friday, July 29, 2005

Double Lost In Translation

o end the week, lets try something different, shall we? Ever got very early DVD copies of movies that won't be showing for months ahead? The kind that comes from the ever reliable source of piracy (big brother China)? Its a two-in-one. Whatever genre you got, append a comedy to it.

Love Story/Comedy
Drama/ get the drift.

Not in the content, but in the subtitles. English to Chinese characters, then back to English.

The original source was from a blog friend, (which is already down), to whom I am in awe in his effort....the captions are all mine.

Ladies and Gentlemen..the curtains now unfold.

Oddly, kahit nakasulat na sa logo wrong spelling pa rin.

at iniba pa ang grammar.

In Chinese, walang word na Sith. At oo nga naman, pag nag stroke ka pabalik
para kang gumaganti. Mahusay.

Anakin: This is where the fun begins

Obi Wan: "Let them pass between us" (kinaya mo ba ang dichotomy?)

Obi Wan, like, the battle strategist.

Pagalitan ba si R2?

Ayy!! Daks daw! ahaha.

At sabay sagot na gusto niya ng daks. Chancellor = Mr. Speaker, why not?

Hayop sa intimidation tactics no?

That's Chancellor Palpatine speaking, talking about Obi Wan. Again,
walang Obi Wan in Chinese, Good Elephant lang.

Ang cute niya sa pic na to, pero kaka turn off ang
sinabi niya (in the subtitle at least).

Astig sa retort e no?

What? Uhm, talking about his crowning glory siguro?
Alam mo na yan, punta na kay Mother Ricky!

Premonitions? Premonitions? (panalo ito!)

Hmm...sounds like something Yoda WOULD actually say.

cue song: These dreameses come true when I close my eyeses...

At pinatulan naman ng lolo mo ang pluralization.

Kanina pa tong dalawang to sa innuendo ha. Parang I smell something...

Napaisip ako ano yung Presbyterian Church. Actually in this scene
Anakin was referring to the Jedi Council. Panalo na naman!

Anakin: "Obi Wan, may the force be with you". Tambling.

Aha! Sabi na e. Puro na lang cuck ang nasa isip!

C3PO tells the couple to get a room. In Chinese.

Obi Wan is confused. So am I.

Yoda insists..

...and explains that the person he once knew noed longer is.

Geologic change. Tambling.

I'm not into strong and big, I can't walk with you evar!
least ang pagkakaintindi ko sa sinabi niya sa baba.


I have heard enough!

Darth Vader: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! (hindi ko na kinaya talaga
ang translation.


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