Wednesday, July 20, 2005

D.G.O. (Dog Gone Ode)

When you first stepped into my life, I didn't like you. You were a hog for attention. Everyone kept on wooing you, kept on repeating how adorable you are. You responded with those big, black, button eyes. You left your mess about the house, yet no one seemed to notice. I abhored you. You weren't even well bred.

But then you got to me.

Little by little you warmed up to me. I mean, heck you still crap like crazy, you still hump our legs (ala Fockers), you still eat like a pig - but hey. You're one little ball of fuzz that can not be unloved.

I love you for the fact that you have a penchant for posing in front of the camera. (Sounds...familiar). I love you because my sisters love you. I love you because my mother loves you a whole lot (eventhough she gave you this name that you must bear in shame for the rest of your canine years).

Every time I come home, you're ugly mug greets me - no matter what time of night I walk up the stairs. You would even bring me my slippers (if only you can tell which slipper matches which).

The break of day would be the only time of rest for you. Understandably, this is the only time when the house seems empty. This is the only time when you could nuzzle up in some comfty spot somewhere in the house, never leaving your favorite blanky, of course.

You've got a construction worker's name, thank my mom for that, but who cares? I call you by a different one anyway. Often when I look at your mug, I see an askal. But sometimes when I squint good enough, I see a golden labrador. Labraskal. Why not? Pwede rin Askalador, juxtapose a letter and you get Alaskador. Cool, huh? At least you don't have existential issues (or at least, I hope you won't).

But for whatever reason you were shoved into my life, I care not.
Here's a cheery thought for you. I'd rather see your sneering, ugly mug than some person I know. And that's saying a lot.

I hate you. Yeah. I do. Really. ;P

ps: Its odd I know, I've been blogging about you for the longest time
yet this is the first time I'm showing the world your mugshot. I know you won't mind, you cam-whoredog, you.

[Music of the Moment: A little tinkling bell meant to signal something ]
[Mood: doggy-style]


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